Hellfire Citadel – BiS List, Boss and Loot Progression

pits of mannorothMy raid-loving readers have all probably taking a sample of the new raid Hellfire Citadel. If you feel anything like me at this point, you’re quite elated with new content and very curious and interested in the new bosses and boss mechanics. As with any new raid, there’s always some standard questions, that I will try to answer in this post.

  • In which order can you progress bosses?
  • What is the Best in Slot list?
  • What’s up with new wonky item level progression?

Okay, the last question is maybe not-so-standard. Blizzard has recently decided that the deeper you go in a raid, the higher item level will the loot have. The reason is that players should always feel rewarded when they down a progression boss – no matter how geared they are. It’s a bit of a headache to make a BiS list but otherwise than that, it’s a good change in my opinion. But let’s start, shall we?

Boss Order Progression


Hellfire Citadel is quite linear compared to BRF. However, there are some choices to be made.

When you’ve downed Hellfire Assault and the Iron Reaver, you can choose to go to Hellfire High Council (followed by Kilrogg Deadeye) or take down Kormrok. I’m not 100% sure if you can ascend to the next wing without killing Kormrok, but either way you don’t want to. Kormrok is the first boss to drop tier set.

When you have killed Gorefiend you get a portal to the second floor of the Citadel. Here you can choose any of the bosses to progress on. However, you must kill Socrethar to unlock Tyrant Velhari. Otherwise, it’s a free for all.

Mannoroth won’t unlock until you have killed all five bosses between Gorefiend and Mannoroth! Archimonde is of course saved till last, when you’ve fought the whole way through the Citadel.

Item Level Progression

Ilvl progression

As you can see, the item level of the boss loot is divided into 4 brackets. Each branket transition adds 5 ilvls to the loot. The first bracket is Hellfire Assault, Iron Reaver, Kormrok and Hellfire High Council. The second is Kilrogg Deadeye, Gorefiend, Shadow-Lord Iskar and Socrethar the Eternal.

The third bracket is Fel-Lord Zakuun, Xhul’Horac, Tyrant Velhari and Mannoroth. The final bracket is obviously Archimonde himself. Notice that Archimonde’s loot share the same item level as the first bracket within the next difficulty (eg. Archimonde normal and first bracket of Heroic have the same ilvl).

Best in Slot – Mistweaver 6.2

With the new ilvl progression system, the BiS list looks quite strange at first glance. Remember that in many cases, the intellect boost you can get from higher ilvl often trumps secondary stat choice!

To figure out the BiS list, let’s make things a bit easy. We take Geodew’s stat weights and plug them into AskMrRobot to generate the BiS list. These are my stat weights, simplified;

Spirit; 1,84
Intellect; 1,59
Spellpower; 1,43
Multistrike; 1,10
Crit: 0,99
Versatility; 0,92
Haste: 0,61
Mastery; 0,34

Notice that these stats apply if you aren’t mana capped (a.k.a. being able to spam without going completely OoM). Since the HFC trinkets have less spirit than the BRF ones, I’m going to make a preliminary assumption that it’ll be awhile until I’m at that point (if ever, that is. RJW till no tomorrow!)

If we edit the stat weights in AMR to these, the BiS list will look like the following (with a slight modification on legendary ring);

Weapon – Gavel of the Eredar – Archimonde (735) Haste/Multistrike
Offhand – Gibbering Madness – Gorefiend (725) Crit/Multistrike

Head – Mask of the Hurricane’s Eye – Kormrok (725) Crit/Haste
Shoulders – Mantle of the Hurricane’s Eye – Xhul’Horac (725) Haste/Mastery
Chest – Tunic of the Soulbinder – Socrethar (725) Crit/Multistrike
Wrist – Bloodcult Bracers – Kilrogg Deadeye (725) Crit/Multistrike
Hands – Fistwraps of the Hurricane’s Eye – Socrethar (725) Haste/Multistrike
Waist – Waistwrap of Banishment – Archimonde (735) Mastery/Multistrike
Legs – Legwraps of the Hurricane’s Eye – Gorefiend (725) Crit/Multistrike

Feet – Spiked Irontoe Slippers – Iron Reaver (720) Crit/Multistrike

Neck – Locket of Unholy Reconstitution – Mannoroth (730) Multistrike/Spirit
Cloak – Drape of Beckoned Souls – Socrethar (725) Haste/Spirit
Ring 1 – Etheralus, the Eternal Reward – Legendary Questline (735+) Haste/Spirit
Ring 2 – Ring of Foul Temptation – Shadow-Lord Iskar (725) Multistrike/Spirit
Trinket 1 – Unstable Felshadow Emulsion – Xhul’Horac (730) Spirit + Leech Buff
Trinket 2 – Demonic Phylactery – Socrethar (725) Intellect/Haste + Mana Reduction

Summary of stat weights from BiS gear;

Intellect; 4412
Spirit; 1345
Spellpower; 2544
Multistrike; 2066 (31,3%)
Crit; 1153 (10,5%)
Versatility; —
Haste; 1403 (15,6%)
Mastery; 296 (3,4%)

Remember, this list does not include anything that adds stats to your character except gear. In addition to gear, you will also get raid buffs, food buffs, coefficient like Leather Armor Skills, Jade Mist 5% to Multistrike etc. It can get a bit complicated if I should calculate it all.

Either way, maybe you’ve noticed there’s a lot of haste in there. That’s because our BiS tier pieces, legendary ring and trinket (Demonic Phylactery) all have haste, but we value them for other reasons than the haste. Tiers have set bonuses, legendary have a strong cooldown and we value the trinket for its intellect and mana reduction bonus. The weapon and cloak also have haste, but that’s because its item level is higher than its counterparts, resulting in higher intellect (which so far, have higher priority than secondaries).

We will end up with more haste than our primary stats would dictate, but it’s far balanced out with all the other bonuses. The haste is an accidental side bonus, but it may come in handy if HFC mythic turns out to be very bursty. Crane stance does also become healthier with a little haste.

But if you want to, there are pieces that can be swapped out. Intuition’s Gift (Intellect/Spirit with Crit use) could be used instead of the Demonic Phylactery. The upside is more passive spirit, the downside is that the Crit use effect can be really, really hard to maximize in every fight. It’s good burst though. Question is when to use it!

The cloak could be swapped out for Polymorphic Cloak of Absorption (Crit/Spirit) instead of the haste cloak. It does however have 5 ilvl lower, which results in less intellect. But if you get it before the haste cloak, there’s no loss just icing on the cake.

There are some other pieces with good stats you can go with before you get BiS geared. I’m not going to mention them here (but possibly go through them in a future post). I could probably rant on about Hellfire Citadel till no tomorrow, but I’ll leave it here for now. See you in the next post, though!

Thanks for reading!

22 thoughts on “Hellfire Citadel – BiS List, Boss and Loot Progression”

  1. Very awesome website mate,
    Seeing u putt so much effort in it i dont dare to ask,,,,,but

    Would u ever mind making guides for hellfire citadel best sec per boss ?

    Many thnx for website and your efforts

    1. I have already planned to make HFC guides, but I’m going to make them a bit more video-based this time. Will need more footage and some work before they’re done :)
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. I was wondering if you knew how good the bonus of Demonic Phylactery is for us Mistweavers since we have a second resource.

  3. Although geodew may be right on some of the trinkets, and the math behind it seems legit as far as i’ve checked, i don’t feel like you will be able to maximize your HPS with these trinkets. I’m using reavers piston and i’m still trying to get Intutions Gift. It sure has lower spirit than the rest of the trinkets ( BRF ), but the crit it gives ( and mana tea coming from those crits ) should be enough to satisfy you mana regen. Also, in HFC, fights are usually made so that you can fistweave in the beginning of the fight, which is with poping the trinket + crane stance buff + chi brew going to make you mana flourish :)

    Again, i’m only talking about maximizing your hps. I’m kind of a try-hard guy, and when i do try hard i usually pull around 96+%. My monks name is Darnys ( i feel like i should post my ign so you can actually check what i’m saying ).

  4. Ashleah, nice post.

    Have been a follower of the blog for some time… really helped me learn the class. Went from a returning vanilla player with no clue to a 6/10 Mythic BRF guild; we are now 8/10 Heroic HFC and I’m topping metres on nearly every fight.

    Mistweavers are so powerful, but complex and hard to play… It does feel like the new tier clearly shifts us in the direction of raid healers though which simplifies the rotation somewhat.

    Having said that, I don’t think I’m even close to mastering the class yet and would really appreciate others insights.

    Keep up the good work!!

    1. I wouldn’t say mistweavers are too powerful compared to other classes. I’ve been playing MW from the start of MoP and all they’ve seen are nerfs, nerfs and nerfs. They are clearly making shamans more and more wanted in the mythic raid group. MW were always raid healers, can’t say i’ve ever bothered to tank heal. With new 4p you will get some healing on tanks if you use it properly. MWs rotation has never been ‘hard’ but it requires knowledge of the fight, when the dmg is coming and being able to precast and prestore chi without wasting any. It all comes down to managing your mana while trying to maximize you HPS.

  5. It seems we have to use two weapons now (mh, oh) instead of a staff. I’ve been following some top players including you and you all are using this at the moment. Is it better now or just lack of options? I’d like to have a real explanation about it…. I’ve never found anything about which is better for mistweavers pve.

    And let me say that you have one of the best (if not the best) mistweaver site. I really enjoy spending some time and reading your posts. Keep it up… ^^

    1. Hello Mayllong!
      The Gavel of the Eredar is the BiS main hand, part because of its stats and part because of its ilvl (since it drops from Archimonde, it has a naturally higher ilvl). It boosts the overall stats, but most importantly intellect, which is still the stat gives the highest boost to our hps. The Voidcore Greatstaff is a good second choice though, and it’s not too far off stat-wise.
      Thank you for commenting, its nice to have such lovely readers :)

  6. Hey,

    first time posting and loving the site!

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned but you have Tier hands listed from Kilrogg Deadeye but they actually drop from Socrethar the Eternal : )

    keep up the good work :)

    1. *waves fingers* This is not the typo you’re looking for.
      Jokes aside, thank you for catching that and it’s duly updated now. :)
      Welcome to my little corner of the MW society!

  7. hey there i have commented in the past on other stuff but this time i have a question, im a casual raider and while i have a touch of min maxer in me i also know im never going to achieve a BIS set…that being said with the amount of possible multistrike achievable on the “of the relentless” gear how much multistrike is too much im ilvl 695 with 45% multistrike fully raid buffed with good food(the +50 gems though) is there a point where too much multistrike is a thing? i was messing around on AMR and made a set its possible to get almost 75% multistrike i was just wondering if doing that would screw with my crit too much or whatever the set still ended up with 1900 spirit so that would be more than comfortable for me . so do you think i would be throwing away too much crit?

  8. Hi I just started healing for my Raid team on my MW Monk and I really do enjoy it, but I do have two questions. 1. Would these BiS work not being Mythic.. I know my guild will never reach Mythic were just not that Hardcore. 2. My good friend just told me to get Elv Ui and I was wondering if this is a nice thing to have, and if so can you point me to/ or help me too set up a MW Monk Ui. and Good luck with the rest of Heroic HFC. :)

    1. The BiS list is the same for Heroic, if that’s your target goal. And as for Elvui, I use it myself and it looks awesome. It can be vert time-consuming to set up though, and I don’t know any easy guides for it. My advice is to just try fiddle and experiment with everything until you get the right look.
      Thank you and good luck yourself! :)

  9. Hi Ashleah. I am back with a question! I have the 4pc T18. I was unable to get a 2pc T17 to maximize my output. My question is: Which talent is best from Tier 3 – Chi? Does Ascension come into play with this set. It seems like it does, but I am not sure. Should I stick with Chi Brew or switch to Power Strikes? Could you explain the whys and why nots please?

    Also, I recently dropped some spirit pieces for higher ilvls and stats. I feel either my mana tea consumption isn’t optimum or dropping spirit was a huge no-no. I was OOM most of the fights and the mana I was getting wasn’t sufficient. I pretty much stayed in a perpetual state of OOM. Extremely stressful when attempting to progress and you’re that healer who at the most crucial of moments can’t deliver a needed Revival or even a LC because you are OOM. Help please and thank you.

    1. The short version is:
      Chi Brew – Gives the best mana regen of the whole talent tier and controllable Chi. It is very good for encounters with very spiky damage, and if you have mana problems.
      Power Strikes – Gives most Chi of the whole tier at regular intervals. Good for fights with sustained damage, and if you have no problems with mana.

      I went Power Strikes in BRF when we had the insane spirit trinkets, but now I go with Chi Brew because I often need the extra mana. If you have mana problems, you should go with Chi Brew and spirit items. Also, try to make it a habit to open up in Crane stance to stack mana tea in the beginning! :)

  10. I will try to open with Crane more often. I was always opening up before, but it seemed the other healers couldn’t keep up while I was busy kicking butt. I would often have to switch back to Serpent Stance before getting 4 stacks. Granted, we’re on progression. Our only farm are the bosses up to Kil’rogg.

    Thank you for your quick reply as always. I will switch back to Chi Brew. I put my spirit items in place of the upgrades. It seems my sweet spot is 1500 Spirit. Anything less and I’m not going to be healing for long. ;)

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