WoD Healing Philosophy

A new expansion is at the horizon and of course, many changes are about to happen. To healers this will mean a start at something new, because healing will not be the same as in Mists. Warlords healing philosophy has been a hot topic to cover, and there are many posts and discussions revolving around the new changes. In this post I’ll will discuss parts of it and how it affect mistweavers.

Single Target Healing - here we come!
Single Target Healing – here we come!

Taepsilum did an extensive post in the forums about Blizzard’s goals with Warlords healing. And it looks like Warlords will be much more fun than Mists regarding healing. First off, at the end of Mists, we had too much regen and the only viable strategy was to spam AoE heals. Since our health pool was small compared to our heals, we could top everyone off pretty quickly. This also meant that single target heals were less useful since AoE did the same job, faster, and raid-wide. On top of that we had a plethora of smart heals that always healed the most injured raid member, making strategic choices redundant.

This will all change in Warlords. First off, heals will be dumber (though Renewing Mist is an exception since the ReM-Uplift engine is so important to MWs). Instead of healing the most injured target they will a random injured target. With dumber heals it is up to the healer to make more strategic choices. This will be further enforced by making AoE healing less strong.

The goal is that single-target spells should be a better option than AoE unless you want to heal more than three targets. AoE will be weaker, and your raid won’t be on full health all the time. This is called triage healing – you can’t top them all off so you must make strategic choices and heal the people that need it most (this will also counter the overpowered strength of absorbs which we saw in MoP). But how does AoE heals become weaker?

Say hello to AoE capping! This hit a number of AoE spells across the board. The cap is at 6 targets and beyond that the heal become weaker. Let me explain with an example.

On beta, my Mistweaver’s Uplift heals all targets for 4090. If you have Renewing Mist on 6 targets this is how your combat log will look like;

 Beta uplift

But when you exceed 6 targets and hits 8, for example, this is how it will look like;

Beta uplift cap

So what happened here? Well basically, your Uplift will not heal more than 6 times its heal, which in this instance is 6 x 4090 = 24 540. When Uplift hits more targets than 8, the amount of healing you would have done at 6 targets will instead spread equally between all targets. That is (6 x 4090) / 8 = 3 067,5, before crit and multistrike.

The base equation looks like this;

(6 x heal) / number of targets = new heal

This is a good thing because frankly, AoE healing was way out of hand in MoP. Every healer is now required to do more strategic and targeted choices rather than just spamming one button.

To accommodate this new playstyle, our healing pools are much larger compared to our heals now. We will see less bursty damage patterns that were so frequent in Mists. We will also need to prioritize spirit more than we did in Mists. Spirit will only be present on weapons, backs, necks, rings and trinkets, but it will be stronger for each point.

But the bottom line is, healing will require a much more strategic approach and less mindless AoE spamming. Aka, we will have a lot of fun!

You can find the original post on the subject here. Have a read for more information!

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