Perfecting Your Opener

Crane stance openerThe beauty of Crane stance is the ability to easily stack some Mana Tea at the beginning of every fight. This extra mana is very valuable for later parts of the fight and if you want to play a hundred percent optimal, you should always try to do it. There might be some fights where the mechanics are a bit antagonistic to switching between melee and ranged positions, but usually you can find a way to jump back and forward.

If you want to perfect your opener, there are several things you should think about. The first one I think is mandatory for anyone who want to optimise themselves; always use the best food and flasks in any raid encounter. That means the +100 multistrike rating food either from Savage Feast or a Fiery Calamari, and +250 intellect from Greater Draenic Intellect Flask. Don’t be cheap on this!

Before the pull you should already have placed your Jade Statue properly and don’t have any spells on cooldown. Start by stacking up some Chi with Surging Mist. Chi degrades one per ten seconds out of combat, so keep stacking it until you are ten seconds from a pull. You should always have 4 chi when you enter a fight and a full mana pool. Remember not to use Chi Brew before the pull, all Mana Tea stacks it generates will be wiped as soon as the boss is pulled.

Just before pull you should prepot a Draenic Intellect Potion! That’s a 1000 extra intellect for 25 seconds, which should compensate for the lesser healing you do in Crane stance. You will still be able to use a Mana potion later in the encounter. Remember to always place yourself behind the boss to bypass the 3% parry chance it has from the front, then aim for at least 6-8 stacks of Mana Tea before you re-enter Serpent stance. Some bosses may allow less stacking and others allow more. Keep the 6-8 stacks as a general goal.

Once you’re in the fray, deplete your Chi Brew and Expel Harm for cheap Chi (without wasting any). Keep up the Rising Sun Kick debuff, the Tiger Power buff and the Crane’s Zeal buff while you are in Crane stance. You must keep up the healing so your healing team doesn’t have to spend too much mana to compensate!

Checklist before pull

  • Place the Jade Serpent Statue properly
  • Have +100 multistrike rating from food buff
  • And +250 intellect from Greater Draenic Intellect Flask
  • 4 chi ready
  • Full mana pool
  • 2 stacks of Chi Brew ready

Checklist on pull

  • Prepot a Draenic Intellect Potion
  • Position yourself behind the boss
  • Use Chi Brew and Expel Harm for cheap Chi
  • Keep these up at all times in Crane stance;
    • Rising Sun Kick debuff
    • Tiger Power buff
    • Crane’s Zeal buff
  • Aim for at least 6-8 stacks of Mana Tea

I hope this helps and good luck with your openers now, everyone!

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  1. Thank you Ashleah. This was very helpful. And it was cool to see you apply this at the beginning of your new BRF YouTube videos.

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