Patch 6.1 coming February 24 – That’s next week!

6 1 is near

I really hadn’t expect it to come so soon! Folks, this means that next Wednesday we will have Chi Explosion instant while Soothing, we will have several talents overhauls, Mana Tea will be based on your passive spirit and oh dear god I need a new spirit trinket.

We will have new twitter integration (which I will abuse to no end), Heirloom tabs, world bosses you can summon to your garrison, updated light graphics and anti-aliasing for the game, new blood elf models, continuation on the legendary quest line etc. etc.

I’m most scared about the Mana Tea change and most excited about Chi Explosion. I have to update my talent page to sync it with all the new talents changes. I think most changes are good, or so it seems, and we will have a lot of fun with the 6.1 changes. Though the Mana Tea is a little bit concerning since we rely on it so heavily. Mistweavers will really have to stack passive spirit to make it work, and if I get to speculate, there might be a bit higher pressure to open up in Crane stance and stack Mana Tea in every fight to counter the lower mana we get from each stack. Quantity over quality, I guess.

I’m not overly fond of spirit as a stat, since it just is there and gives you mana and you don’t have to do anything. It’s definitely more fun when you are responsible for your mana regen by stacking Mana Tea and make sure you don’t waste any stacks and use it before really heavy damage input. I’m definitely not a fan of having to go with Ascension instead of Chi Brew if my mana regen can’t cope. I’ll probably still go with Chi  Brew and rely more heavily on Crane stance for regen instead. But for those who don’t like Crane stance, Ascension might be the way to go.

Then Chi Torpedo will have increased healing, as Chi Explosion and Zen Sphere which will work a little different. Zen Sphere’s HoT will do less healing while the detonation will do more (and hopefully isn’t still bugged). I have to run the math and see how that changes our talent choices. I would speculate that Chi Torpedo will be a better choice than Xuen in many fights, unless you can go with Rushing Jade Wind which will still give the highest healing throughput. But if you struggle with mana, Chi Torpedo could definitely be the best choice. Zen Sphere might be a better choice than Chi Wave in some smaller encounters… But I’m speculating, we’ll see how it turns out.

Anyway, make it your mission to find trinkets with passive spirit this week! Maybe even pair it with a trinket with spirit proc if the Mana Tea won’t be enough. We shall see.

11 thoughts on “Patch 6.1 coming February 24 – That’s next week!”

  1. Mana tea change is definitely going to take some getting used to. Lucky for me I just picked up the spirit/multi strike trinket from blast furnace I think, even got lucky with a socket!

  2. That’s scary. I’ve got an Everburning Candle atm, I dont’ think it’s near enough mana gain though. Guess I’ll have to pug for a spir trink this week in H HM :(

    1. I think it’s fine, one just have to think a little bit more about mana and not just handling Mana Tea stacks. Otherwise it’s possible to go with Ascension or Crane stance until you get that spirit trinket~

    1. You would get higher base mana regen plus more mana from Mana Tea, which you then can convert to Chi. I haven’t done any math on it, but if you are mana starved, you can either try with Ascension or Crane stance for better regen. The 2-set and 4-set bonus also contributes to more Chi than you can have, and the 5th slot for Chi can be nice then.

      But as always, use the talents that suit your gameplay best!

  3. I have a question, you say go Crane stance my raid leader keeps telling me mistweavers are getting more targeted as range and won’t ever let me go crane to build up my tea, he keeps me with the range all the time. Is this true for 6.1 at all or is he just misinformed?

    I found you blog about a month ago and have been following it and getting better from reading it and playing with my talents but I still find myself with a lack of mana tea stacked at the start because of this.

    1. Mistweavers can safely stand in melee since the class is designed to be a melee healer. If a boss has a mechanic that only targets ranged classes, Mistweavers will not be targeted.

      (There are also mechanics that targets players at a certain distance, which will not differentiate between ranged and melee classes. Any player can be hit by those mechanics.)

      If you hesitate to switch between the ranged and the melee group, you could either stay in melee the whole fight or simply put a Transcendence in the ranged group to quickly get back to them. I have been doing both tactics in Blackrock Foundry, quite successfully. :)

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