Mythic SoO – First Impression

Starting the Mythic Raid
Starting the Mythic Raid

Yesterday my guild and I had a go at Mythic SoO. We scraped up 20 players (we’re originally a 10-man guild), our pots and flasks and threw ourselves into the new raid design without having any idea what to expect. Turns out, it was incredibly easy. I don’t know if it was an effect of the tuning, or the transition to 20-man from 10-man that did it, but we’ve never had it so easy! Encounter wise, that is. Class wise? Crap. Crap on toast.

In all its essence though, SoO still is a Mists healing encounter. Absorbs are still overpowered and the fights are designed for people who can run and cast amazing AoE heals at the same time. It was bound to be a bit awkward. But I hadn’t expected that much awkwardness though.

First off, I was at a disadvantage compared to the other healers since I couldn’t get my Attunement stat. We had the multistrike raid buff and afterwards I finally got my Nazgrim trinket, so it’s not at 0%. But it was sorely lacking, and it showed! Since TFT only gives you a max spread of 10 targets on ReM, no attunement and no 100-talents meant that I had very poor spread. Sad llama.

Secondly, all my previous knowledge of different rotations and knee-jerk saves were redundant, since everything have changed. This is of course something I need to learn and experiment with before I can get comfortable with the spec. Yesterday was Day One of live test phase, and I tried several different spell rotations to see what worked. It ended up with a ReM – SuM for chi generation then Uplift to spend it, sometimes Enveloping Mist. It was strange to spam Surging Mist, it felt a bit clunky. Mostly because there still are burst damage in SoO and you want to respond to as quick as possible, but you really can’t. WoD healing applied to Mists encounter feels clunky overall. Thank god that won’t be the case at level 100.

I think the lesson from yesterday was that the healing right now says nothing of how it will feel in endgame WoD. I can come up with several different weird rotation that might work in SoO, but they will probably change drastically in WoD. Blizzard have a month to tweak all the classes and their goal is to make them balanced at 100, where 90 is less of a priority. As such, MWs will be lacking until then. But it’s okay, because nothing really matters before then anyway!

On the upside, mana regen was explosive! Just as we we’re promised for level 90 (remember that at 100 that won’t be the case). No healer had problems with mana, only problems with actually spending it. No instants, no spamming. Except Discs Holy Nova (what is up with that? Wasn’t AoE heals supposed to be expensive?). And I looted 5 upgrades! Consider that I restarted my account somewhere halfway in SoO, from scratch. And my loot rate has been an upgrade every 21th HC boss. I kid you not. My gear was horrendous. But no more! Happy days.

Now we only have to wait patiently for WoD. I can’t tell if the pre-patch makes it easier or harder to wait for it. Probably harder. I will think about that will I bash around in Crane Stance.

But the conclusion is that for now, even if you’re the lowest healer on the meter, don’t worry! It will all change for WoD, so set your sights for that!

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