Teahouse Dungeon Guide Preview

With my very own alpha access, I can now test the new features whenever I get the urge. One of the most fun experiences is testing dungeons and since the dawn of Mythic+, knowing your ins and outs of the dungeons have never been more relevant. That’s why I have been writing new and fresh guides!

I actually have had Dungeons guides on the blog before, way back in Warlords of Draenor. My old guides looked something like this:


OLD guide – Click to embiggen

They took forever to make and I remember feeling very burnt out after creating those. Not to mention that there were several other guides that were much better and came out a faster pace. Lastly, it was Warlords of Draenor which didn’t have Mythic+, so they became obsolete very fast (unless you did Challenge Mode, which wasn’t very popular, especially for Mistweavers back then).

Then came Legion and I decided to not make any dungeon guides this time around. I quickly realized that even after healing the same dungeons hundred times over, I really didn’t know the ins and outs of them despite that. Healing made me more reactive than proactive. When I got thrown in a Mythic+ dungeon as a tank , I was incredibly lost (“what am I supposed to interrupt!?”).

This time around, I won’t be making those mistakes! I will make guides, but in a much smarter format that’s easier to create. With Wowhead’s (praise be unto thee) built-in script, I can easily link to abilities that will show a dynamic tooltip. This is a small preview of Priestess Alun’za in Atal’Dazar:

Dungeon Guide Preview – Priestess Alun’za (Atal’Dazar)

All the links show the abilities’ tooltips, thanks to Wowhead (praise be unto thee). It’s so much easier than having to type each ability, including adding the icon manually (urgh!).

The result is that while creating these guides, I will learn them all by heart. And I’ll feel much better knowing that they’ll stay relevant for longer due to Mythic+! I’ll also focus more on what you should think about as a Mistweaver rather than how you coordinate your group. There are thousand guides on how the dungeon work in general, but my guides will focus on how you tackle it as a Mistweaver (with a few notes on Windwalker and Brewmaster).

I usually start by adding the Dungeon Journal’s tips for healers, and I’ll build it from there (the preview image above shows only the notes from DJ). Since the gameplay and feel of Mistweavers are in flux right now, I’ll probably have to test the dungeons quite often to get a good grip of what Mistweaver tactics are best.

Right now there are only 4 out of 10 dungeons available: Atal’Dazar, Freehold, Tol Dagor and The MOTHERLODE!! (yes, the dungeon’s name is actually in all caps, with the exclamation marks). I’ve enjoyed them so far and I’m eager to test the others as well, whenever Blizzard will let us have them (yesterday, preferably).

I’ll be going back to alpha now and see if the leveling zones have stopped lagging (some random rare apparently broke the game by summoning endless mobs). Until next time!

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