PTR and Mistweaver Crash Course

The PTR for the Legion pre-patch is up and running! Everyone can try the new Mistweaver Monk and check out all the new features. I recommend you to do it! Are you confused about all the new abilities and changes? Don’t worry, I have you covered.

This is actually a small project I started months ago, though I thought I wouldn’t finish it for quite a while. But this morning I jumped into the PTR and felt “crap, I really need to finish this guide”. So I’ve been working all day to finish it for you guys.

It’s a small introduction to Mistweaver Monks in Legion, tuned for patch 7.0 currently. Changes may occur between now and launch, so keep that in mind. I share it now so that new and old players can easily be introduced to the Legion version of Mistweaver Monks as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that it only covers the base toolkit and the most important cooldowns. Talents, artifact traits, legendaries and set bonuses are not included, though I might make a guide for those too in the future. If the interest is there, of course.

Remember that all healers’ toolkits have been simplified in Legion; the depth and complexity of a spec become apparent when doing real content, tuned for you level and gear with talents, artifact traits and possibly legendaries and set bonuses active.

Mistweaver Monks Legion
Click and save image for a larger view!

Save it and share it around! The more that are introduced to Mistweavers, the better! I hope my passion for Mistweavers combined with some of my artistic skill can make people curious about the spec. Aiming for Monk world domination here, guys.

Now go and have fun on the PTR!

24 thoughts on “PTR and Mistweaver Crash Course”

  1. This is lovely! That said, I would love to also see it in a regular text format for easier readability.

    1. I will make a more web-friendly version as my new Mistweaver Basic Guide for Legion in the future! The crash course is in image-format so that it is easier to share, but I will have a slightly more detailed guide on the blog as well.

  2. Thank you although difficult to read very informative. I’m in the UK and I didn’t see the ptr option in my log in will recheck today. I can’t wait for your rotation summary as in healing it changes so much depending on the fight as we all know. What about the levelling side of things as healers it’s always been a pain and levelling as a WW will mean trying to get 2 legendary weapons? Thank you

    1. Leveling as mw is doable albeit slow. You get your second legendary weapon at level 101 though so it’s no big deal. Hell I leveled using 680 weapons in ww just fine until 101. :D leveling seems really easy and nice in legion and the changes to artifact power being a consumable means less punishment on healers.

  3. I have leveled to 110 in beta as MW to try if is possible. YES it was!
    In dungeon it was a nice healer and mana change is not a real problem.
    The continuous healing while moving is THE BEST for follow who must healed.

    I love your blog & guide, I change my raiding Resto druid to MW in Legion becouse I have undertand how it work only reading your info. :)

  4. I’ve seen a lot of info going into the new spells and talents, but I have not seen much on Stat priority. With the PTR now up that means we’ll be having the new changes in the next month or so… (end of next month at the latest).

    With the removal of Multistrike (which I’ve heard from friends who are on the PTR it’s all being turned to haste) what would the stat priority be for MW? Will the changes to Mastery make it important now? Or should we keep going for Crit with haste now rather than Multi? No one seems to have any information on that yet.

    I’d love to be able to get a set of gear ready for when the 7.0 patch drops so that if I need to change my stat priority I’m not dead in the water / a hindrance to my raid group like my priest was at the end of MoP when they took reforging out and all her gear was basically useless…

    1. Yes mastery will most likely be our best state by a landslide. Atleast from beta info most multi strike leather gear is changing to mastery. Spirit going to vers. I wouldn’t worry too much. :)

      1. Thanks for the info ^ ^ I know things always change, and the numbers I’m looking at now won’t be the same as when we hit 110… but just want to make sure I set aside some things in the bank for when the pre-xpac patch hits and my Multi strike gear goes haywire lol I always like to be prepared… since I’m the only consistent healer we’ve had since ICC … I like to be able to judge ahead of time if the stat weight changes are going to negatively impact my gear so that I can plan ahead so as not to be a burden on the raid group. Not like last xpac on my Disc priest who had every thing reforged for Mastery… patch changes hit and has like no actual mastery on anything but trinkets … it was so bad I don’t want to be caught holding the bag again, so to speak.

  5. I got to try it out a little bit on the PTR (it was still downloading and I was impatient)!!! I can’t wait to go home and try out some more of it!!! So far it looks really fun, lots to get used to though. :)

    1. How do you get the ptr never had the option or inclination to try it out before but I’m in full mythic gear as a WW at the moment and was hoping to level upto 11o in that before having to change gear?

      1. ptr is not beta, you can’t level up. It’s to test out the spec changes and possibly the intro event to make sure there are no major bugs before they hit live.

      2. To get the PTR, go to your account page. Select the WoW account you want to use. At the bottom (where they have the faction change, appearance change, etc.) click on Additional Services and you can download the PTR from there. Open the program once it downloads and you can create your PTR account. Unfortunately you can not level to 110. You can only run around as lvl 100 and try out the new spells and transmog changes. You can run dungeons (heroic and mythic). I am not sure about raids though.

  6. The new fistweaving feels like old fistweaving. I could elaborate in detail, but in summary using thunder focus tea to spread out a couple renewing mists and then resetting it’s cd with tiger palm/rising sun kick to get 2 more out makes the overall usage feel like old school jab jab uplift only more versatile because thunder focus tea doesn’t only effect one spell. Interestingly enough, I actually felt like Brewmasters changes were more dramatic and weird and have enjoyed Windwalker even though it’s been simplified. New Mistweaver is different, but it’s still got all the things that I like with a few things that I liked gone. They now feel like a combination of a shaman and a druid, and that’s not particularly a bad thing. #dramallamadone

  7. Legion Build 21996

    In this build we can see the proc type by gear type.

    New 2-pc itemsets from Arcway and Court of Stars bosses:

    Nightwell Arcanum > Cloth > Haste
    Jacin’s Ruse > Leather > Mastery
    Traitor’s Oath > Mail > Critical
    Fortitude of the Nightborne > Plate > Versatility

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