Proving Grounds guide up!

The Arena with Raid markers set out
The Arena with Raid markers set out

The Guide – Here you’ll find useful advice on talents, glyphs about your team and the enemies you’ll meet.
Bronze Strategy – Wave setup for Bronze, including strategy breakdown
Silver Strategy – Wave setup for Silver, including strategy breakdown
Gold Strategy – Wave setup and cooldown distribution for Gold, including strategy breakdown
Endless (30) – Wave setup and cooldown distribution for Endless (uptil wave 30), including strategy breakdown

After a long journey of Beta Proving Grounds, I’ve finally finished the guide I’ve wanted to do for so long. It has taken it’s time and I’ve finished each difficulty more times than I can count. I’ve recorded videos, taken hundreds of photos to bit by bit nail a strategy that I think is the best.

The Endless (30) guide was particularly gruesome to do, mostly because it takes so long. 30 min non-stop, nerve-wracking healing where RNG has the last say. And I did it twice. Most probably, I’ll even to it more times than that. In the future I want to add strategy guide for the next ten waves after 30, just because it seems awesome. My record is at wave 35, but I’ll get beyond that when I’m able to do it live with proper gear and addons. The lack of addons in beta has been a real bother, especially in PG.

I’m working on a guide for crane stance as well. I’ve tried it and cleared silver with it, but at gold I’m completely stuck at Chomp. It needs some thinking to bypass that.

But the overall impression of PG compared to MoP is that it is easier. Or well, both easier and harder. Easier because the spec has become nicely streamlined and single target heals have been boosted. Harder because we don’t have the Healing Sphere spell before which was awesome when Chomp was up. Now it’s a bit trickier, but definitely doable.

Anyways, just remember that currently we can’t get beyond bronze in PG. We must wait until we’re proper level 100, then we can start getting the achievements (remember that PG Silver is a requirement to be able to queue HC dungeons). I’ll see you then!

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