Mythic Taloc and MOTHER Guides Up

My guild has started Mythic Uldir this week, after having cleared Heroic a second time. I have healed through the Taloc encounter and MOTHER (not dead yet, but 5% there!) so I have been able to write down my mistweaver strategies for these encounters. Please have a look below!

I must say, it’s been a joy to come back to mythic raiding. Mistweavers are strong and there’s constant damage to heal through, as opposed to normal/heroic where the unit frames bounces up and down at all times (may the best sniper win!). 

The mythic race is also getting closer to the end! As I write this, three guilds have downed Myhtrax and is currently working on G’huun. I’ve glanced a little at Method’s livestream (very cool) and noticed two mistweavers there. Represent!

I’ll be working on the mythic guides as I progress along my guild. Hopefully we’ll down them all in a timely manner, but we’re not a super hardcore raiding guild so we’ll see how fast we progress.

Anyway, happy racing!

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