Mistweaver Notes – Emerald Nightmare

Whenever I’m gonna tackle a new raid, I study and take notes of each boss encounter. Here are my notes for the Emerald Nightmare raid (Heroic). My guild cleared both Normal and Heroic the first week of release, so I haven’t spent much time doing these encounters but the notes should be rather complete. I’ve snuck a few Mistweaver tips in there as well!

“Darkbough” Wing


  • 1-nythendraStand 8 yds away from allies when affected by Rot. When expired, green patch will spawn beneath you. Put puddles at the edge of a room at a designated location.
  • Run out of Infested Breath. It targets random non-tank players. Make sure that the subsequent puddles are as stacked as possible by having players standing near existing puddles when breath is incoming.
  • Do not stand near insects when Heart of the Swarm is active. Puddles will also be sucked into the boss, watch out for flying green patches (which is why you want to stack them, so there are safe areas in this phase).
  • Infested debuff stacks inevitably during the fight and is cleared at Heart of the Swarm.
  • Chi-Ji / Revival / Mana Tea on Infested Breath and/or Heart of the Swarm.
  • High points of raid damage; if caught in Infested Breath, if standing close to insects during Heart of the Swarm, or if close to a tank’s Volatile Rot detonation. Use Diffuse Magic for survival.


Killing the Eye of Il’gynoth

  • 2-ilgynothMission: get inside the tree and kill it. The eye that blocks the way needs to be killed by exploding Nightmare Ichors close to it.
  • Kite the Nightmare Ichors that are fixated on you to the Eye of Il’gynoth when they are low on health. Ichors are spawned when you kill adds. Don’t stand to close to Ichors when they die as they explode quite violently.
  • Don’t face-tank Ichors! Their Touch of Corruption can do high damage when stacked high (due to face-tanking). Kite them close to the eye in small circles, you can slow them with Spirit Tether if you have the trait. Detox if you get high stacks of the debuff.
  • Dominator Tentacles’ Nightmarish Fury deal heavy tank damage. Always have some players close-by the tentacle, otherwise it does AoE.
  • Nightmare Horrors’ Eye of Fate deal HEAVY damage to Tanks. Ready with Life Cocoon if it stacks and don’t stand in front of the mob.
  • Move away from the raid when affected by Spew Corruption. Puddles will spawn beneath you; stack them in an appropriate place (and for Yu’lon’s sake, don’t stand in them). Consider using Diffuse Magic.
  • Long fight with loads random damage on few people. Use Vivify to cleave-heal mainly.

Killing Il’gynoth

  • When the Eye of Il’gynoth dies, make sure you have no active adds outside before going inside (otherwise, pain and horror).
  • When fighting against Il’gynoth (the evil tree), don’t stand close to your allies when affected by Cursed Blood. Spread out on the sides of the room if you get debuff.
  • Get out of the tree before he finishes casting Dark Reconstitution. Otherwise, you are instantly killed. Horribly.
  • Diffuse Magic is best used either on Spew Corruption when outside the tree (difficult to avoid getting one tick or two) or when if you fear getting hit by several Cursed Blood inside the tree due to overlaps.

Elerethe Renferal

Spider Form

  • 3-eleretheDuring Spider form, heal allies connected by Web of Pain.
  • Stand as far away as possible from Elerethe’s point of impact when she does Vile Ambush (green swirl on the ground).
  • Adds will spawn after Vile Ambush. They will empower Elerethe if they’re close to her so keep them away and kill them as soon as possible.
  • Be prepared for high damage on add tank when the Dripping Fangs debuff stacks high.
  • Add poops goo of Venomous Pool when they die. Poop responsibly.
  • Players affected by Necrotic Venom; stand away from raid to avoid spreading the debuff and placing the subsequent Venomous Pools outside. Healers should focus these players so they don’t die in the process.
  • Chi-Ji / Revival / Mana Tea on Vile Ambush, and possibly Diffuse Magic for survival.

Roc Form

  • Raid takes high damage during Gathering Clouds and gets pushed back. Don’t fall down!
  • When Elerethe flies away, follow her to the next platform without getting caught in the purple tornadoes and before the ramping damage from Dark Storm becomes to high. When you reach the Eye of the Storm, the ticking damage stops.
  • Place your Transcendence spirit on the small islands before the fight to avoid the purple tornadoes when you have to cross the bridges.
  • Shimmer Feathers are available for players to more easily navigate to the platform. Ideally, healers would get one since they can heal while the fly/hover/glides. Use extra-action button to kill spiders.
  • Player affected by Twisting Shadows should walk over Venomous Pools to destroy them, then upon expiration drop the following tornado somewhere safe away from the raid.
  • Don’t stand in front of boss when she does Razor Wing.
  • Chi-Ji / Revival / Mana Tea on Gathering Clouds and/or Dark Storm or at the end of the fight when everything’s a mess.

“Tormented Guardians” Wing


  • 4-ursocUrosc charges the player affected by Focused Gaze after 6 seconds. The further away the player is from Ursoc, the less damage the player takes by Trampling Slam. When he hits the player, the raid takes damage by Barreling Impact, which does less damage the more players are standing in it.
  • Players hit by Barreling Impact get the Momentum debuff, which means they can’t always help soak the Impact.
  • Split the raid into two groups and let them rotate to soak Barreling Impact!
  • The raid should soak the damage of Roaring Cacophony together by standing close to Ursoc when he casts it. Never stand in the purple patch he leaves behind.
  • Roaring Cacophony does more and more damage each time he casts it. Barreling Impact does also high damage. Try to top off the raid in-between with Chi-Ji / Revival or Essence Font with Mana Tea and try to save the cooldowns for the burn phase (Blood Frenzy).
  • High tank damage. If the two tank debuffs (Overwhelm and Rend Flesh) aren’t handled properly, the tanks will die.
  • Roaring Cacaphony and Barreling Impact are physical damage, Diffuse Magic does not help. Consider Dampen Harm.

Dragons of Nightmare

  • 5-dragons-of-nightmareEach week you will fight Ysondre and two random dragons of the pool of three. So, Ysondre plus two of either Emeriss, Lethanon or Taerar, meaning that the encounter will look slightly different each week.
  • Only two dragons are active at any given moment, Ysondre and one of the two random drakes who rotate the second spot.
  • Due to Marks of the Nightmare-


  • 100 energy ability: Dispel Defiled Vines from rooted players so they can escape before the purple patch of Defiled Eruption explodes on them. Make sure to be spread out so that not too many players are rooted (otherwise you will run out of dispels).
  • Run away from the impact point of Nightmare Blast (purple rune circle).
  • Damage dealers should stand in the melee of the Nightmare Bloom add that spawns from the blast, to prevent it from spawning Dread Horrors. If adds spawn, ranged should kill them quickly (melee should avoid them due to Wasting Dread). The bloom despawns after awhile, though the player soaking it will take high damage meanwhile.
  • If standing at ranged, Mistweaver can soak Nightmare Blooms. Use Diffuse Magic to mitigate damage.


  • 100 energy ability: Emeriss casts Volatile Infection on players, who takes ticking damage and does AoE damage to all players nearby. Don’t stand close to affected players and heal through the dot.
  • If the Essence of Corruption adds are let to free-cast Corruption, all players will take damage.
  • When Emeriss is in flight during Corruption of the Dream, adds will spawn mushrooms when they die, which will subsequently explode. Don’t stand close to mushrooms.


  • 100 energy ability: Lethanon will cast Siphon Spirit that rips out the spirits of three players. Stun and kill the spirits before they reach Lethanon and heal the dragons with Dark Offering. Mistweavers can use Leg Sweep and Spirit Tether.
  • Avoid the impact point of Gloom.
  • While in flight, Lethanon will cast Shadow Burst on two random players. After 10 seconds, it explodes and casts a small debuff on three nearby players that does damage and reduces movement speed. Dispel the debuff.


  • 100 energy ability: Taerar summons two Shades of Taerar. These mimic Taerar’s Corrupted Breath ability; the tank will take high damage; other players should avoid standing in it.
  • Don’t touch the Sleeping Fog.
  • If players are put to sleep by the fog, dispel it.
  • Bellowing Roar will fear players.


Phase One (100%-35%) – Add Phase

  • 6-cenariusPlayers affected by Nightmare Brambles should run out and place the patches outside the raid. Standing in the patch deals damage and roots you.
  • At 100 energy, Cenarius calls adds with Forces of Nightmare.
  • You can choose to deactivate a set of adds by stacking next to their spawn point when Malfurion casts Cleansed Ground, which will then make the adds become your friends and do good stuff instead.
    • Corrupted Wisp (Tormented Souls) – Kite and kill add. If it reaches its target, it will do AoE damage with Destructive Nightmares. Cleansed wisps spawn more Cleansed Ground patches.
    • Rotten Drake (Corrupted Emerald Egg)- Watch out for Rotten Breath (it’s in a random direction). High raid damage when it’s close to dying due to Nightmare Buffet. Cleansed Drake will target a tank and breath towards it. Anyone in the breath takes 40% extra healing and attacks that would’ve killed you heals you instead.
    • Twisted Sisters (Corrupted Nature) – Players affected by Nightmare Javelin will take moderate damage (dispellable). Run out with Scorned Touch before it explodes and spreads to everyone else. Twisted Sisters also casts the HoT Twisted Touch of Life on an ally which should be removed with an offensive dispel. Cleansed Sisters buffs players with immunity to shadow damage and movement impairing effects (you can cleanse brambles with it).
    • Nightmare Ancient (Nightmare Sapling) – Stand next to the Ancient to soak the Desiccating Stomp. Cleansed Ancient will give mana back to nearby players.
  • Due to Aura of Dread Thorns, adds should be tanked at least 30yds away from Cenarius.
  • The Creeping Nightmare debuff is applied all players, which stacks and deals higher and higher damage. Cleanse it by walking on Cleansed Ground at roughly 20 stacks, though do so sparingly as it disappears the more you walk on it.
  • Will go close to OoM before 30% then the raid should cleanse an Ancient to refund mana to healers..

Phase Two (35%-0%) – Burn Phase

  • Cenarius looses his abilites except Nightmare Brambles and Creeping Nightmare. Malfurion keeps casting Cleansed Ground.
  • Kill Entangling Nightmares to free Malfurion (otherwhise no cleansed ground).
  • The tank will take high damage from Spear of Nightmare. The tank should mitigate damage with personal and external cooldowns, so that the Nightmare patch that spawn afterward will be as small as possible (size depends on the damage dealt on tank). Make tanks call out who tanks the boss and when spear comes, so that you can be ready with Life Cocoon.

“Rift of Alhn” Wing


  • 7-xaviusPlayers will have a Corruption meter throughout the fight. The player’s Corruption level increases due to certain abilities done by Xavius. Avoid getting high Corruption levels too fast, since it triggers new mechanics at certain thresholds.
    • At 33 Corruption: a Dread Abomination spawns. Avoid the impact point of its Corruption: Crushing Shadows ability.
    • At 66 Corruption: the player will be affected by Corruption: Unfathomable Reality. Avoid the pink swirls (deals damage and corruption if hit).
    • At 100 Corruption: the player will be affected by Corruption: Descent into Madness, which buffs damage and healing taken. After 20 seconds, the player becomes mind-controlled and starts attacking allies. Mind-controlled players must be killed.
  • At 95% and 60% health of Xavius, Ysera’s Dream Simulacrum is activated for half of the raid at each time (each player enters the dream once total).
    • The Corruption level and cooldowns are reset when the dream ends, at which point any mana spent during the dream is also refunded.
    • The dream ends when the player either reach Corruption level 100, dies or after 3 min.
    • During the dream, each player role has different tasks. Healers should help dispel the tank debuffs Darkening Soul and Blackening Soul, soak and absorb Corruption Meteor and Tainted Discharge.
    • You either get dream at 95% or at 60%.
      • If you get it at 95%: blow all cooldowns and don’t be afraid to spend your mana during the dream. Avoid as much corruption as you can so that you have as many dispels as possible for tanks.
      • If you get it at 60%: be frugal with mana up till this point and consider popping a Leytorrent Potion just before you enter the dream. That way, you have more mana to spend in the dream and more mana when you return from it. Entering the dream with no mana won’t help much.
      • If no healers are within the dream, the one with lowest corruption dispels the tanks.

Phase One – Descent into Madness (100%-65%)

  • Half of your raid will enter the Dream state.
  • Tanks will gain stacks of the Darkening Soul debuff. Explodes when dispelled. Tank in the Dream should soak this debuff and then run out before dispelled. Use Life Cocoon on high stacks too. (Adds Corruption)
  • Don’t stand close to Lurking Eruption adds. Deals AoE damage and explodes on contact. Players in the Dream should soak the explosion. (Adds Corruption)
  • Avoid the travelling wall of Nightmare Blades. The wall appears between the two marked players. Run out if marked.
  • Avoid the Tormenting Swipe and the Corrupting Nova by the Corruption Horror add. Dream tank should tank this add and Dream damage-dealers should kill it as quickly as possible. (Adds Corruption)

Phase Two – From the Shadows (65%-30%)

  • The other half of your raid will enter the Dream state.
  • Xavius looses his previous abilities and gains new ones.
  • Corruption Meteor‘s damage and corruption should be soaked and shared by several players, preferably by the ones in the Dream state. (Adds Corruption)
  • Run to your linked partner when affected by Bonds of Terror.
  • Stun and kill Inconceivable Horrors before they reach Xavius and channel Dark Ruination on him. Mistweavers can use Leg Sweep and Spirit Tether. (Adds Corruption)
  • The death of Inconceivable Horrors spawn pools of Tainted Discharge. Dream players should soak these. (Adds Corruption)
  • Dream tank should tank during Nightmare Infusion. (Adds Corruption)
  • Tanks will get the debuff Blackening Soul during Nightmare Infusion. Dream healers should dispel this. (Adds Corruption)
  • Dispelling Blackening Soul applies Blackened to the tank, which means a tank switch needs to happen or the tank dies.

Phase Three – World of Darkness (30%-0%)

  • Xavius retains the following abilites: Nightmare BladesCorruption MeteorBlackening Soul and Nightmare Infusion.
  • Xavius gains the new ability Writhing Deep and summon tentacles that cast Nightmare Bolt.
  • If still in dream; dispel. Otherwise, lowest corruption healer dispels. Don’t dispel on low HP! Heal up or use Diffuse Magic before, otherwise you die.
  • Burn phase: try to time your cooldowns for this phase. Some people will inevitably be mind-controlled, heal through it.

    Feel free to discuss and add your own tips in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Mistweaver Notes – Emerald Nightmare”

  1. I found Xavius to be frustrating as a Mistweaver, as the tank mechanics force me to avoid using Revival. When their stacking debuff is cleansed, it explodes, damaging and I think adding corruption to nearby players. Since Revival dispels on everyone, it will cause the explosion to happen before they get away from the crowd. Made me very sad to see that off CD at all times, knowing it was the Wrong Thing To Do to use it.

    1. Revival exempts debuffs that should only be dispelled at a certain time (as in Hellfire council’s Reap). Blackened and Darkening Soul should be exempt, which I think I’ve seen in my kills (what I can remember).

  2. Even though I had read all fight guides I could find, nothing beats a guide made especially for our classe! Thank you! :)

  3. I’m waiting on your Mythic EN guide! I just switched from resto druid to monk in Mythic EN and need all the help I can get! :-D

  4. I tend to spec Refreshing Jade wind and Mana Tea for Elerethe’s Spider form, and use both, then essence font, then take advantage of the double mastery proc to quickly heal up the raid, so I can worry less about the raid, and more about the tanks.

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