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  1. Would you ever consider using 3+ Chi Explosion to heal up groups eating cleaves while mistweaving? or perhaps using that during enrage? i mostly mean for heroic because i sometimes find uplift just not strong enough. The group i run with has 3 people per stack usually

    1. Yes, I probably would, though I would always try to use 4 Chi CE, since the difference between 3 and 4 Chi is very large. 3-CE is at 729% of your spell power (486% direct heal, 243% as a HoT) while 4-CE is all the way up at 1511% of your spell power (roughly 608% direct heal, 304% as HoT and 600% from healing spheres). Uplift on three targets would do 495% of your spell power (990% two casts, for the same price of 4-CE), so it is often not worth to use below 5 targets.

      It is also possible to single-target heal them one at a time since our single-heals are very strong. But if it is a cleave group that takes constant damage, I would probably stick to AoE healing. It is a bit of a borderline case, Mistweavers aren’t too strong at bursting 2-3 targets at the same time. We excel more at single-target healing or large groups of healing that are 6 targets or more.

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