Heroic Dungeon Progression and Advanced Crane Stance Healing

After reaching the 610 ilvl benchmark, the heroic dungeons finally open up. From a healer perspective, these are very challenging. In my opinion it’s a very fun sort of challenge, the kind that test your abilities to the limits. I haven’t gotten around to trying all the dungeons, but those I’ve tried have been difficult to heal, and fun! The tanking role seems the easiest and the DPS role have had to relearn to use their CCs and interrupts more, an ability that had become obsolete in endgame MoP. But I’ve never used Paralysis as much as I do now.

The last boss in the dungeons seems to be the hardest ones (usually). We’ve actually had to stop several times, and think out a sound strategy to manage the boss mechanics. I’ve scouted the internet after some good dungeon guides, and I found Dayani’s on Wowhead (you can check them out here). But I’ve felt that I always needed something a little more specific to Mistweaver healing in heroic, so for the future I’ll be working on some encounter guides. The goal is that they cover everything you need to think of when healing as a Mistweaver, both in Serpent stance and Crane stance. It will take a while to write them though, so be patient.

I’ve also experienced that some bosses are just simpler to do completely in Crane stance. Like Roltall in Bloodmaul Slag Mines. As a melee it is much easier to counter the mechanics, but the damage pattern also put higher demands on Crane stance healing. Because of this I’ve added an “Advanced Crane stance healing” section to the Strategy guide, where I explain different ways to maximise your healing in Crane stance. Take a look!


Make Chi-Ji proud!


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  1. This was very interesting to read. I’m new to the Mistweaver class, so one thing I’ve been wondering is how far apart the healing difference is between Eminence and Soothing Mist. Of course Serpent will heal more with the variety of other spells, but I’m wondering how much healing happens as a baseline. Thanks for your writing, I really appreciate your thoughtfulness!

    1. Hello!
      Crane stance do about half of Serpent stance’s healing and half the damage of what a DPS would do. Of course this can greatly vary with skill and talents. You could probably do a lot more healing in Crane stance if you choose Chi Explosion as your level 100 talent (but generally, trading half the healing for damage is usually about right). That is baseline healing, and then Serpent stance do even more healing because all the healing cooldowns scale with the 20% increase in healing that is embedded in the Serpent stance.

      Thanks for commenting and I hope that answered your question :)

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