Advanced Mistweaving Strategy Guide is up!


*Deep breath* Okay, it’s finally complete. To tell you the truth I’m a little bit scared. I really hope you guys like it, and if you have any feedback that would also be welcome!

So, my dear readers, I’ve finally done with the very long and big project of writing a more advanced guide for Mistweavers. I’ve also redone the old Strategy guide a little bit and dubbed it “Basic Mistweaving Strategy”.

The old “Strategy” page is now –>

Basic Mistweaving Strategy


Advanced Mistweaving Strategy

The basic guide is for new Mistweavers who wants to learn about the basics about the healing spec. It contains the general strategies for single target healing and AoE healing, with and added bonus of the basic rotation for Stance of the Spirited Crane. I also have a small discussion about Mana Tea, Healing Spheres and Mobility.

In the advanced guide I have several strategies for each stance. The strategies are adapted to a certain damage or raid pattern, sometimes even your status on mana resources. There are several strategy breakdowns for each stance. Then I discuss the use of cooldowns and managing your mana resource. Last but not least, I have a longer discussion on how to improve yourself as a healer. The list of content follows:

  • Advanced Serpent Healing
  • Advanced Crane-Style Techniques
  • Cooldown Management
  • Mana Management
  • How to Become a Better Healer

The Advanced guide will be extended and updated in the future (I’m looking at you, patch 6.1). If I get more brilliant ideas I will add them to the guide. Otherwise, I’ll continue to have more specified discussions in my Mistweaver Discussion posts.

I really hope you guys like the guide and can learn from it. Your support have meant a lot and I just want to thank you for being such great blog followers and readers!

Now good luck, and knock them dead! Or you know, knock them back to full health!

6 thoughts on “Advanced Mistweaving Strategy Guide is up!”

  1. Your advanced guide is really helpful, it cleared up a few things for me. I have only one request: can you possibly expand on the use of logs to analyse MW monk performance? I used to main a disc priest and taught myself how to play well using ranked player logs, but for some reason, for me, mistweaving is really tricky to learn via log analysis. What sort of things do you look for in your own performance, for example, what do you use as a benchmark, or buff uptimes, or casts per fight of a certain spell?

    1. Hello Amy!
      I had planned to expand on the analysing with logs part in my guide, but it would be too big at that point so it’ll come up in a future Mistweaver Discussion post. For now I can say that I have different benchmarks for each fight, since I basically have a different rotation for each boss (single target healing vs AoE healing, stacked vs spread, movement vs standing still) and then it depends on how long the fight etc. General guidelines is that Renewing Mist should have close to 100% uptime. If you are raid healing you should have Revival/Uplift as your major healing output, and if you go with Rushing Jade Wind it should be close to the healing Uplift does (more or less). Uplift should also hit about 10 targets on average (a.k.a. 54 casts should result in about 540 hits), or at least close to 10.

      Your tier 2 talents should be used very often and in raids it’s always Chi Burst. Life Cocoon should also be used quite often since it’s very cheap for the amount of absorption it does (I would say use it on cooldown). And then Revival should be used as often as the length of the fight allows (mind, if you have it assigned to a certain point in the fight, make sure you don’t have it on cooldown at that point). In longer fights like Imperator you could potentially cram in 4 Revivals.

      Then I look up the top ranked players for each fight and take a peek at what tier 6 talents they’ve chosen for that particular fight. Some choose Rushing Jade Wind, some Chi Torpedo and a few Xuen, it’s very different for each fight.

      Well, I’ll explore and expand on this in a later post. Hope this helped a little in the mean time :)

  2. I’ve played Monk MW since the release of the MoP and every time I check your guides I still learn something new!

    Good job, bro.

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