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Hello my dear readers! First, I want to thank you for for your continued support and participation of my little Mistweaver corner in the community. The Misty Teahouse would not be near as much fun without you ♥. But developing my blog, guides, videos, stream and UI, takes both time and money. You can make a difference and help me continue developing and producing The Misty Teahouse and all the associated projects by donating!

Donating Directly Through Paypal

You can make a one-time donation directly through Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account but it makes the process a little faster. FYI, “Capstan Kommanditbolag” is my family business, which I’ve used as a placeholder company until the day I make my own. It is my personal Paypal account however! :)

Donating Through Twitch

One-time Donation
You can make a one-time donation through my Twitch! Click on the button below to go to the donation page (Paypal).

Subscription – Not Yet Available
Subscription access requires a partnership with Twitch – which I don’t have yet! I might get partnered if my Twitch channel becomes popular, so you can support me by following my channel – MistyTea!


Donating Through Patreon

If you want to help support the Misty Teahouse on a monthly basis and get some exclusive rewards – you can become a Patron to the Teahouse! Check out my Patreon page for more information on donations and rewards!

Donations FAQ

Through what service is the donations accepted?
All donations go through Paypal! Both Twitch and Patreon use Paypal as payment service, as well.

Do I need a Paypal account to donate?
No! But it makes the process a little faster.

What will the money go to?
The money will be used for further development; for example, investing in creative programs like Adobe CC to continue developing my UI designs, or technical equipment like computer upgrades.

It says donate to “Capstan Kommanditbolag” when I go to Paypal. Why?
Capstan Kommanditbolag is my family’s business. It’s required to upgrade to a Business Paypal account to accept donations, by Swedish law. Someday I might be able to create my own private Misty Teahouse company, but if so, it is a future project.

But it’s your Paypal account?
Yes, it’s my personal Paypal account and the money will go directly to support the Misty Teahouse blog.

Thank you all for the support, big and small,

you guys keep me motivated to continue creating and writing!