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I like details. Maybe to a point where it’s not so healthy. Or at least sane. But being slightly uhm, passionately thorough about a subject can sometimes be very productive. So I’ve been conducting some experiments lately regarding our Jade statue. I thought I’d share some of my findings.

StatueWe know that the Jade Serpent Statue has two abilities: Eminence and Serpent’s Accord. Eminence is a copy of our own Crane stance passive ability, which convert 50% of all damage the Mistweaver does into healing. The healing befalls an injured ally within 20 yards. Serpent’s Accord is a copy of our Soothing Mist, which heals an injured ally within 40 yards. Unlike Soothing Mist though, Serpent’s Accord changes target during the channel, depending who needs the healing most.

But there are a few things that are not mentioned in the tooltip. By testing and experimenting (with an innocent test subject), I’ve discovered a few more attributes to the statue. Firstly, the range of the statue’s abilities is based upon the statue’s placement, not the Mistweaver. To simplify: the Mistweaver’s Eminence and Soothing Mist can only reach 20 respectively 40 yards away from the Mistweaver’s position. The statue’s ability is independent of where the Mistweaver stands, its abilities are solely measured from the statue’s position.

Another bit of information that can’t be found in the tooltip is that even though the Mistweaver can only place the statue 40 yards away, the statue will remain active as long as the Mistweaver is within 100 yards of the statue! (If the Mistweaver walk further than 100 yards, the statue will despawn). To illustrate all these attributes I’ve done a sketch of the abilities’ range (with some very poor handwriting).
Imagine that you look at yourself from above. The big circle is 200 yards in diameter, with 100 yards radius. The Mistweaver’s position is in the centre of the big circle. From the Mistweaver there are two additional circles; one with a 20 yard radius that illustrate Eminence’s range. And one with a 40 yard radius that illustrate Soothing Mist’s range.

A 100 yards away from the Mistweaver is the statue’s position. The statue have similar markers to illustrate the range of Eminence and Serpent’s Accord. The range between the Mistweaver and the statue is 100 yards, but the Mistweaver can indirectly heal someone as far as 140 yards away with Serpent’s Accord!

Looking at this, a structure or strategy starts to immerse. But we’re not done yet. What happens when we put the statue even closer to the Mistweaver?
I removed the 100 yard radius circle and focused only on the Mistweaver and the statue here. What you see is the position of the Mistweaver and the statue placed 20 yards away. There are several overlaps. The Mistweaver’s Eminence overlap with the statue’s Eminence. The Mistweaver’s Soothing Mist overlap with the statue’s Serpent’s Accord. Right in the middle, between the Mistweaver and the statue, there is a coalescence of all four abilities. Players who stand in the middle could potentially benefit from all four. Two Eminence abilities (50%+50%=100%) and Soothing Mist combined with Serpent’s Accord.

The Mistweaver could still reach further than 40 yards away, by indirectly healing with Serpent’s Accord as far as 60 yards away from the Mistweaver’s position. So even though the reach isn’t as long as the previous image, it still compensates with this overlap of abilities. But what if the statue is standing on top of the Mistweaver?
All the abilities completely overlap. In the super-position in the middle, all the abilities meet to create a hotspot for healing. The reach is minimum but the healing is concentrated and focused on a smaller area.

The sketches illustrate the range of the statue’s two abilities. The abilities are however separated by two different stances, so they will never be active at the same time. Serpent’s Accord, which is active in Serpent stance, have longer range and is more likely to cover and reach more players. Eminence have a lot shorter range and is only active in Crane stance. The point I try to push however, is the importance of Statue placement, especially in Crane stance.

Depending on the statues placement you could either have a larger spread healing pattern or a more concentrated healing pattern. Imagine having your ranged players in the raid at 40 yards range. Say that there is constant AoE damage output, meaning that you should focus AoE healing. If your statue is placed badly, your ranged players will miss out on a lot of healing. Or, say that your raid is stacked tightly and your statue is off in no-man’s-land, they will also miss out on a lot of healing.

Your statue has 10 sec cooldown, you can replace it many times during a fight. If you keep the statue’s ability in mind, you could increase your healing efficiency by placing it in a smart way. Keep an observant eye on your raid and try to match the statue’s position with the raid’s spread and the bosses’ damage pattern (AoE healing vs Clump healing).

A little side note about the Jade Serpent Statue

You may or may not have noticed, but you can see on a statue if Serpent’s Accord or Eminence is activated. When the abilities activates you can see a small ball of mist above the statue, looking slightly different depending on which ability is active.

Serpent's Accord
Serpent’s Accord

This is the Serpent’s Accord. Fun note, it seems to be coupled with a graphic bug where the statue leave the small ball of mist behind even after the statue despawn.


This is the burning ball of mist that appears when the Mistweaver dish out damage while in Crane stance. While it may have no impact on your gameplay to know these details, but if you analyse another Mistweaver’s rotation it is easier to note which stance he or she is in.

That was it from me today! I’ll do some more posts where I discuss different aspects of the Mistweaver spec in the future as well. Hope you like it :)

9 thoughts on “Mistweaver Discussion – The Jade Statue”

  1. Thanks for the great site!! I got myself to level 100 and for the life of me cannot keep Otto alive in the bronze proving ground trial, I just can’t heal fast enough. So I am using your site, and it is wonderfully done, as a basis to get my gear up and enchants etc. Thanks

  2. The site is great, I am a new reader but my struggle is heroics. I had no problems passing silver healing proving grounds but I cannot seem to keep a group alive in heroics. I am open to thoughts!

    My pattern is standard like what most I read.
    1) Soothing Mist
    2) Enveloping Mist
    3) Surging Mist
    4) Renewing Mist

    It isn’t even a mana thing, its a keeping up with heals thing. I am at 4027 +spell and at 619 IL

    any thoughts would be great!

    1. It’s hard to say just by looking at spell priority. You should read my advanced mistweaving guide, most notably “Single target” and “Duo or trio in need”. See if you can find anything useful there and get back to me if you still have problems :)

  3. Great article.

    Also, the BrM statue is called Dave… is there an accepted name for ours? I feel like it definitely needs a name… it’s far too useful to just be called our JSS.

    1. It has a name?? Don’t think I’ve ever heard a name for the Jade statue. Maybe just Jade? It’s an actual name. ^^

  4. Found your site from your show on twitch yesterday. Been Playing MW monk since start of MOP. Your guides have made me rethink the way I play. Think I may be trying out fistweaving again, last I knew it wasn’t worth it. Things i’ve overlooked or just forgot about. I hope you plan on keeping updating into legion? Small guild just starting heroics this week. I tend to get lazy with the style of play due to the lack of our progression. Things here will make me get in the mindset to improve still.

    1. I will always update, I will never go away!
      No seriously, I’ve had a lot of fun playing Mistweaver even through slightly boring expansions like Draenor. I don’t see me quitting anytime soon :)

  5. Hello there..first os all..nice website…finally i found a site that talk about MW, a class, and ahealer that unfortunaly ppl doesnt like to much…
    But i dont care about that i LOVE be a MW, specially the diferent kind of play…

    I have an issue that is in LFR always my healing is in last place :(

    I have read your guide and study a lot, but if you could tell me some lights, i will aprreciate.

    PS- sorry my english, im from Portugal :)


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