Mistweaver Discussion – T18 & Class Trinket

I have good news and bad news, my dear readers. The good news is that we’ve got a very strong and fun 2 & 4-set bonus for patch 6.2. We also got an awesome class trinket with a cool effect! The bad news is that our set bonuses and our class trinket hate each other. They want us to do two completely different things with our rotations and sadly, we have to make a decision between them. There is a clear winner, which I will explain to you in this post, so hang tight. Let’s start with the basics. What are our bonuses and how do they work?

Tier 18 – Battlewrap of the Hurricane’s Eye


Head – Crit/Haste – Kormrok
Shoulders – Haste/Mastery – Xhul’horac
Chest – Mastery/Multistrike – Mannoroth
Hands – Haste/Multistrike – Soulbound Construct
Legs – Crit/Multistrike – Gorefiend

2 set bonus SERPENT Your Renewing Mist also applies Extend Life to the initial target, instantly healing them for 105,8% of Spell Power and increasing all healing done to them by 15% for 12 sec.

4 set bonus SERPENT When you heal with Enveloping Mist or Uplift, 50% of the heal is also applied to targets with your Extend Life effect.

2 set bonus CRANE Your Rising Sun Kick increases the damage the target recieves from your abilities by an additional 6%.

4 set bonus CRANE When you Rising Sun Kick, you have a 45% 50% chance to apply Renewing Mist on a nearby injured ally.

Serpent Discussion

The 2 set bonus will, in other words, add a direct heal to our first Renewing Mist target and apply the buff;

Extend LifeExtend Life All healing done by the Monk is increased by 15%.

The buff is only applied to our initial target, which means there will only be one target with the buff per ReM cast. So, we directly decide which player should get the buff. At 4-set half of our EvM and Uplift healing is directed to those targets. This is an exciting 2 and 4 set bonus because it basically means we have a 12 second beacon on everyone with the Extend Life buff.

Where we put our initial Renewing Mist will be a strategic choice of high importance! Those targets (I say targets because we will have several, with the now obligatory Pool of Mists, plus the Jade Mists procs) will basically need no additional single-target healing from the Mistweaver within the next 12 seconds. The set bonus is that powerful. The only time you will have to resort to Soothing Mist is in extreme emergencies or heavy tank healing.

If you do find yourself in the situation where heavy single target healing is called upon, you can power up your single target healing even further. If you put Extend Life and Enveloping Mist on the same target, that player will get both the 990% strong EvM AND half of that as a Extend Life redirection heal. That is a very strong heal and you only need to channel Soothing Mist for half a second to set it up before you turn your attention to other things (stuttering an EvM with SooM is much faster with the reduced 0.5 GCD than doing the full 1.5 sec cast).

The practical side of having the 4-set is that we will cut down on our Soothing Mist uptime and mostly focus on our ReM/Uplift mechanism with the added Extend Life buff. And it gets more interesting with the Crane set bonus addition!

Crane Discussion

The 2-set bonus is very straightforward. It’s a 6% increase to our damage/healing in Crane, which is boring but good. Let’s just hope Blizzard let the Windwalker/Crane stance spells be as they are for just a while before they start the buff&nerf roller-coaster again.

Our 4-set is a little peculiar. Every RSK we do we have a 45% chance to apply a Renewing Mist to a nearby target. If you have the glyph, “nearby” means 40 yards specifically. The bonus prioritizing injured targets, so it’ll essentially grant a 3 stack Renewing Mist to any party or raid member within healing reach. It does not apply Extend Life.

I say it’s a peculiar Crane bonus, since it doesn’t do that much for Crane’s healing/damage. But it’s a great bonus for Serpent healing, or rather, stance dancing. You can stance dance more freely without worrying that you won’t have your ReM stacks up before a huge damage hit on the raid. Your spread healing will be safe and secure even if you stance dance like your feet are burning. The ReM healing is just topping for Crane stance.

The Monk Class Trinket

inv_summerfest_firedrinkSacred Draenic Incense Equip: Mistweaver Mistweaver Soothing Mist also heals allies around the target for 16.47% 33% of the primary target.

This is a trinket that drops from Hellfire Citadel’s endboss Archimonde (normal version). It has different bonuses depending on your spec, but let’s focus on the Mistweaver bonus. When you’ve equipped this trinket, your Soothing Mist cast will also do some splash healing on injured allies within 10 yards (tested and confirmed). The Serpent’s Accord (SooM from our Jade Serpent Statue) will also do splash healing.

Soothing Mist is our strong and cheap heal, which we can do even if we are only running on mana fumes. Adding splash healing on both it and the Statue’s cast makes it a very nice and strong bonus. The HPM value is high and it also makes it less inconvenient if DPS are taking damage while you heal the tank.

There’s a huge “but” on this though.

The Verdict

The contradiction lies within which sort of spell rotation the different bonuses promotes. The set bonuses want us to focus on ReM/Uplift and you could almost skip single target healing with Extend Life. The class trinket wants us on the other hand to focus on Soothing Mist as single target/AoE healing. We must have a quite high uptime on Soothing Mist to justify a trinket without any stats on it. But with the set bonus we would have a very low uptime on SooM. The only option is to choose between them.

In a raid setting, the clear choice is the set bonuses of course. The class trinket is not bad, it’s just ill suited for such a setting. In Challenge Mode with Chi Explosion it would be heaven on earth, but not for raiding. The set bonus is too strong to be dismissed, and the class trinket is dwarfed in comparison.

When 6.2 launches and Hellfire Citadel opens, set your eyes on getting the 4-set bonus first and foremost. As for trinkets, the BRF ones might hold their own for a while but when it’s time to trade them for higher level ones you have a few other choices. I will go through them in another post (there’s quite a few).

I hope this sorts out future decision on gear choice! Until next time, guys.

15 thoughts on “Mistweaver Discussion – T18 & Class Trinket”

  1. i feel that using both the trinket and the t 18 bonus have a place and using them both will only increase total healing. As you said SooM is our cheap powerful heal, so while our 4 piece renewing mist spam will be our preferred method of healing, it makes those moments at the end of the boss fights when mana is low even more powerful since we will be able to AOE heal when normally we would have to pick and choose targets based on priority(triage).

    Triage will still be important at the end as always but it will still allow us to help keep more people alive to help get the kill.

    that being said i guess you could swap out the trinket for a more pure throughput oriented piece if the boss you are doing is easier(on farm) but for progression fights i would still opt to use the trinket for sure.

    1. But in this scenario wouldn’t you prefer to have a spi trinket equiped so you aren’t healing on fumes? It would take a lot of SooM splash to match the throughput of extra RJWs and uplifts from more spi. It’ll be interesting to see the maths.

      1. I wonder how the soothing trinket would work with the leach one. http://ptr.wowhead.com/item=124234/unstable-felshadow-emulsion&bonus=567 But I agree that right now it’s pretty lackluster and you can use the leach trinket with uplift and all the other spells anyway so why bother using the soothing mist trinket. I’m really looking forward to the crit trinket as well. http://ptr.wowhead.com/item=124232/intuitions-gift&bonus=567 seems like a great cooldown and the stats on it are fantastic.

      2. i actually assumed the other trinket would be a spirit trinket, since the class trinket is obviously a throughput trinket. i hadn’t thought about running without a spirit trinket since the mana tea changes.

        so with that in mind it would just be free extra healing for me on those progression type fights.

  2. Quick question, does the randomly applied Renewing Mist from the 4p Crane bonus also apply Extend Life?

  3. as of the current PTR the class trinket now does 33% on normal, and as from my limited testing, does *not* seem to be limited to the 6 person cap.

  4. Heylou,

    i was wondering if you have any good way of tracking people with the Extend Life buff. I’m used to having the basic raid frames ( without any addons ) since i’m partially colorblind and i really like the way RM is showing on those frames. Is there an easy way to put Extend Life next to the RM buff on those raid frames or maybe something else….


    1. Well, I don’t know about the basic UI. I use elvui to track Extend Life on the raid frames. It only needs some tweaking with filters (to show icon instead of color on buff indicators and so on). But for the basic UI I have no idea, sorry :(

      1. Hey, I use elvui as well and can’t get Extend Life to show on my raid frames. I’ve been going into Raid Frames, Buff Indicator and having it set to colored Icon but that doesn’t work. I had to copy the spell ID from wowhead to get the spell to show up in there too. Please tell me what you did differently that made it show up.

        1. Go into Filter in the left hand menu. There are 4 preset buff indicators; ReM, EvM, Life Cocoon and Zen Sphere. Disable Zen Sphere and type in the spell id for Extend Life in filters and put it in the lower right-hand corner where ZS used to be. You can set the indicator to either be color of texture, where it shows the icon instead. That should do the trick :)

  5. Thanks for quick reply. I’ll check elvui ( again ) to see if I can make it somehow usebable for me.

  6. Hello there found this website thru mmo champion.first of all great website and thank you for doing this for us Mistweavers. My Question is I also have ELVUI and did what you said you did but its not showing up any ideas?

    1. Hey, I got it working by downloading a spell ID addon and pulling the spell ID directly from that when I cast it on myself. I think the addon I have is called idtip or something similar. Then just input that spell ID when making a new buff indicator.

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