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This post will be a bit more whimsical than my usual Mistweaver Discussion posts. Today I want to talk about my wish list for the Mistweaver spec. Features that I think would be awesome for the spec and some quality of life improvements. I recommend reading this post with a big cup of tea and a huge bar of chocolate. Though the chocolate is optional.

My wish list is not a please-change-how-mistweavers-fundamentally-work-otherwise-I-might-die kind of list. I actually think that Mistweavers are in a good spot right now. Sure, we have some weaknesses. Mainly being unable to burst up more than one target unless they are all stacked on you. We also have a problem with that most of our healing is active healing, or in other words we have to keep pushing buttons to make heals happen. As soon as we stop button-mashing, the healing will stop (as opposed to shields and HoTs). But that is part of Mistweavers weaknesses, and we have other strengths that compensate for that. It is good that we, or in fact all of the healers specs, have weaknesses when it comes to raiding. We are meant to work as a team, compensate each other and become better together. The team composition is more important than the single person. But on to the list!

First Wish: Red Crane Statue

How amazingly cool wouldn’t it be if our Jade Serpent Statue transformed into Red Crane Statue when we enter Crane stance? A big red and fiery crane that is just about to fly with huge spread wings. It doesn’t even need to change its abilities. I guess what I’m going for is a big visual marker for when a Mistweaver is starting to DPS in Crane stance. The only marker we have now is a glowing orb on top of the statue which activates when we Eminence heal. It is kind of unnoticeable.

chi-chiBut I loved the idea of Crane stance ever since it was announced. And though I am a far cry from mastering the stance, I still think is one of Blizzard’s best ideas. But there is a definite lack of fire and spectacle from the stance. I just want a big burning bird to announce my presence, is that too much to ask?

Second Wish: Revival Animation

Speaking of big spectacles, how about changing the animation on Revival? I mean, it looks pretty much exactly like Uplift. The ability got a nice new icon in Draenor, shouldn’t it have a bit more magnitude in animation to match the spell? If we build on that idea, the only logical answer would of course be Yu’lon popping out from our heads and start breathing magical healing mist on everyone.

Or am I going over the top again? How about Yu’la then, spawn of Yu’lon? Well, really anything would work as long as it is visible and doesn’t look like a spell we already have. See, I can lower my expectations a bit.

Third Wish: Reinstall Crackling Jade Lightning

Where is my CJL!?
Where is my CJL!?

I am playing on the smallest violin over this spell. No, really. I didn’t realise how much I loved this spell until it essentially was wiped out from our rotation. In Serpent stance it lays as untouched as only a useless spells can be. In Crane stance, it costs more than a donkey and a kingdom combined and unless you are made of mana, you do not use this spell.

A mini revamp would be nice. Just enough to make it worth using again. Either make the Crane stance version of it less expensive and maybe only generate two Chi instead of four. Or make the Serpent stance version generate 1-2 Chi if you channel the full cast. Something, anything. I just want to have a reason to use the spell!

Fourth Wish: Make Breath of the Serpent less Awkward

All alone in the Breath

Again, a great idea that has become awkward in practice. Making BoTS less awkward I think would only require a small revamp. Though I can’t say I’m brimming with bright ideas of how to actually do it, it’s still needed.

The problem is how Breath of the Serpent is targeting the breath. Right now it always going directly towards the Mistweaver from the statue. Targeting a party, usually in dungeons, requires the full party’s cooperation to make full effect of it. BoTS is actually only better than Chi Explosion if it hits 5 targets. But if you use it in a pug, you should get a Bulls-Eye achievement if you manage to hit five targets! People do not want to stand in the breath, for some reason. Also, if the party move two feet, the Mistweaver have to run a mile around to direct the breath correctly. Losing precious uptime on the ability!

Maybe… if you made the breathe spin around the statue? Or detonate in a big explosion? Or maybe the problem can be solved by just being able to relocate the statue without breaking the spell’s channel. Maybe Blizzard’s engineers can come up with an even better idea!

Fifth Wish: Talent Passives for better Customized Gameplay

I think passives are great. The Draenor Perks were a great idea to prevent adding too many spells to the action bars. What is also great with passives, at least if they come from the talent tree, is that they can make your gameplay become really customizable. For the future, I would like to see more talent passives that change existing spells, so you have a chance to customize your gameplay a bit more. And sure, having different spells like we do now can also customize the gameplay (tier 3, 6 and 7 of the talent tree). But that is more about Big raid vs Small party as opposed to personal preferences.

How about a passive that make Chi Torpedo the best talent choice? So that you have one build where you spend your entire time zooming around the room and heal that way. Or a passive that can make Crane stance heal just as much as Serpent stance (provided some sort of penalty for balance issues). Basically, just fun ways to change around spells that already exist.

Sixth Wish: Pimp my Crane rotation

One burning chakram, please

Okay, this may be a little big vague. But the problem I have with Crane stance is that it is really more like a watered-down version of the Windwalker spec. I want one more ability, or feature, in Crane stance that set the stance apart from being a pale Windwalker stance. Something like a big chakram spell that you can bounce around at several enemies. Just anything that is unique to this stance, so you feel at least an inkling of originality.

Right now, the damaging spells is a copy of the Windwalker spell and the healing spells are a copy of the Serpent stance version. I think having just one unique spell would really make the stance feel fresh and fun. Preferably something connected with cranes and Chi-Ji. Or fire, lots of fire.

Readers’ wishes

Now that you have read my wish list, I would love to hear what new things you would wish for the Mistweaver spec. Any abilities, features or animations you would fancy? Brainstorm away! I’d love to hear all your crazy ideas!

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  1. I have only one wish: better AoE healing (either one of the following)
    1. you have sort of covered this already. breath of the serpent heal spreads in a circle like priest ‘halo’
    2. renewing mist jumps to more targets (or making ‘pool of mists’ passive would be good alternative though)
    3. or drop the RM buff requirements from uplift healing

    Otherwise I am quite happy with the state of Mistweaver healing in Serpent stance. I have relegated Crane stance to soloing and highly skilled players like you. I am yet to find a practical use for Crane stance in raid healing

    1. Hello Chirpi!
      Serpent Stance is in a pretty good place now, I agree. Especially now that Revival has become one of the strongest healing CD in terms of throughput, MWs are very strong in raid healing (not to mention that MWs were one of the few who didn’t get their smart heals dumbed down!). You shouldn’t feel obligated to use Crane stance if you do not want to, Serpent stance can stand on its own feet :)

      I have found Crane stance valuable in some fights, especially the longer ones. Imperator Mar’gok is one of those fights. It is about 12 min long and at the end you are mana starved while the raid and the tank will take very high damage. By using Crane stance at the earlier phases (when I have time) I can get a few more mana stacks so I can hold out even to the end phase where most healers go OoM. Though I must admit, I probably doesn’t use it as often as I should!

      Oh and thank you for commenting :)

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