Mistweaver Discussion – 2-set Bonus In-Depth

2 set bonus in depthA little while ago I did a post about the Tier 17 set bonuses. In the 2-set bonus section I claimed that the Mistweaving buffs affected other spells apart from the Soothing Mist cast and all the spells you layer with it. There was some debate about it though, so I set out to collect enough data to emphasize my point. There will be a lot of maths and data below, for those who are interested. If you only want to read the result, jump down to the end of the post.

The Process

There were two things I wanted to find out; if clipping the channel would add the buff to spells you clip SoM with (a topic which I didn’t discuss preciously) and if the 2-set bonus also affected other spells than Soothing Mist and accompanied spells.

I took off all my gear accept the tier chest and the tier shoulders from normal difficulty. Those two sets adds 116 multistrike rating, 116 mastery rating, 135 crit rating and 165 haste rating. My multistrike percentage was at 1,85%. This way, it would be very easy to spot a 15-40% increase in multistrike chance.


Clipping means that you interrupt or overwrite a spell with another, or the same spell, for certain benefits (or sometimes mistakenly, at a mana or duration loss). For example, if you overwrite a HoT with the same spell, you will gain a plus 30% in duration in the next HoT duration. If you have a Renewing Mist on yourself that has a total of 20 sec duration and cast ReM again before the previous HoT had expired, the new HoT would be 30% longer (26 seconds in this case). If you clip the HoT below the 30% you refresh the HoT without any duration loss.

As for the 2-set bonus, the idea was that if you clipped the Soothing Mist cast at a certain stack of Mistweaving, the spell you clipped the channel with would have the same Multistrike chance as the Mistweaving buff (in addition to the MS from gear). I tried clipping the Soothing Mist channel when I had 7 stacks of Mistweaving (=35%MS). There were two spells I tested initially; Renewing Mist to see if the Jade Mist procs were affected, and Revival.

The procedure was simple. I clipped SoM at 7 stacks and calculated how many procs I got versus how many I didn’t. When I tried the Jade Mist procs, I also made sure to cast a ReM after every proc to reset my chances. This was the result;

60 events in total
44 without procs
16 with procs

So I had about 26% proc chance, which is a lot more than the 1,85% MS I had on the gear. It was therefore possible to clip SoM for a higher chance of Jade Mist procs.

I did the same with Revival. The 3min CD was a bit of a bother, it took over one and a half hour to get 30 events. The spell only hit myself as well, which means one spell use = one event. But it was worth it!

30 events in total
16 did not multistrike
10 got one multistrike
4 got two multistrikes

As you can see, that’s a lot of multistrikes which is closer to the 35% MS on the cast than the 1,85% on the gear. You can clip SoM with Revival for increased multistrikes on the spell. Revival could potentially become very strong with the 2-set bonus.

It seems that you could clip the SoM with any spell and get the MS buff. I have checked and confirmed some of them:

  • Renewing Mist for increased Jade Mist procs
  • Revival
  • Detonate Chi (Healing Spheres have higher MS chance)
  • Expel Harm
  • Chi Wave (the initial tick, at least)
  • Chi Torpedo

Dynamic Healing or Damage over Time Changes

To see if the Mistweaving buffs affect other spells than the obvious, I had to make use of Warcraftlogs. I went in combat with one of the dummies in the garrison, and then constantly channelled Soothing Mist while the spell I wanted to check was active. So, if I wanted to check Renewing Mist, I cast the spell then channelled Soothing Mist once or twice before I renewed it. That means 8 sec channelling SoM, then about 2 sec to renew the spell and get back to SoM again, with a repeated cycle. So, my average multistrike chance would be about
(6,85+11,85+16,85+21,85+26,85+31,85+36,85+40,85+1,85+1,85)/10= 19,85%
or sometimes when it took 3 sec before I got back to the SoM channel it would be 18,2% average MS.

If Warcraftlogs logged the spells with around 12-20% MS, they were affected by the Mistweaving buff. If they were swimming below 5% MS, they were likely not affected by the Mistweaving buff. To make sure I was always in combat I also had auto-attacks on the dummy, so I registered some melee attacks with an average of 2,7% MS, which is at it should be since the auto-attacks slipped in between the SoM channel. But here is the result;

Melee – 36 hits (2,7% MS)

Xuen Crackling Tiger Lightning – 172 hits (17,7% MS)

Xuen Melee – 88 hits (14,2% MS)

Renewing Mist – 487 hits (15,2% MS)

Breath of the Serpent – 46 hits (13,0% MS)

Zen Sphere – 91 Hits (14,3% MS)

Zen Sphere: Detonate – 8 Hits (25% MS)

Rushing Jade Wind – 130 Hits (9,2% MS)

As you can see, they all seem to be affected by the Mistweaving buff. I would like to have more healing events logged so I could have even better data, but the Warcraftlogs sometimes clips the fight with the dummy. So, even if I did 5 casts of Breath of the Serpent, it maybe only logged two. Zen Sphere: Detonate only have 8 hits, which isn’t enough to ensure anything, but the spell is bugged so I might have cast it 20 times but it only detonated 8 of them. Very annoying.

Rushing Jade Wind has a very low multistrike chance. But that is mostly because only 4 of its 6 sec duration have the Mistweaving buff active (because GCD). In a 4 sec period it does 6 ticks, which should have an average of 14,35% MS or 11,51% if I’m slow on recasting. Rushing Jade Wind is most likely affected by the Mistweaving buff, but it can’t take full advantage of it because of its short duration.

The Result

If you clip the Soothing Mist cast with an instant spell, that spell will have the high multistrike chance from the Mistweaving Buff. The following spells are confirmed;

  • Renewing MistRenewing Mist for increased Jade MistsJade Mist procs
  • RevivalRevival
  • Healing SphereDetonate Chi (Healing Spheres have higher MS chance)
  • Expel HarmExpel Harm
  • Chi Wave (Talent)Chi Wave (the initial tick, at least)
  • Chi TorpedoChi Torpedo

If you have any spells that are active while you gain Mistweaving from the Soothing Mist cast, they will dynamically change their multistrike chance. Spells that are affected;

  • Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger (Talent)Xuen
  • Zen Sphere (Talent)Zen Sphere
  • Renewing MistRenewing Mist
  • Breath of the SerpentBreath of the Serpent
  • Rushing Jade Wind (Talent)Rushing Jade Wind

Rushing Jade Wind take less advantage from the buff because of its short duration. Surging Mist and Enveloping Mist will of course also have high multistrike chance since you can layer it with Soothing Mist.

I also tried this with the HoT from Chi Explosion, but that didn’t register any Multistrikes at all. It could be because it’s calculated off the instant part of CE, which can multistrike. So if the direct heal of CE multistrikes, the HoT part will include that and also become stronger.

In 6.1, Chi Explosion will become instant while channelling Soothing Mist, which means that the direct heal of CE can benefit from the multistrike chance. It is also possible to clip SoM with Detonate Chi, so that the healing spheres from CE can also benefit from the MS buff. Though, if they expire naturally while you channel SoM, the result would be the same.

The verdict is that the Mistweaver 2-set bonus is insane. But I think Blizzard allowed it to be this strong because of one reason. If you look at Warcraftlogs, the Mistweavers with the 2-set bonus only channel up to about 2-3 stacks of Mistweaving in average, 4-5 stacks occasionally, and 6-8 stacks happens very rarely, maybe only once or twice in an encounter. This is of course not so strange, since you will not always have the time to channel Soothing Mist for 8 seconds in a fight. There is often too much movement to allow that.

But if you have the 2-set bonus (if you don’t, get it ASAP) you should always use Soothing Mist as a filler. Clip the cast with any of your instant spells whenever you can. Especially Revival, which is just ridiculous when you add 35% MS to its healing.

Now, good luck out there everyone!

11 thoughts on “Mistweaver Discussion – 2-set Bonus In-Depth”

  1. Awesome work. I do not have the 2 piece bonus yet but i always ask my self thinks like this. Also i asked my self if it is worth to go into crane stance and use black out kick once before use Revival for the 20% extra crit. chance. Would be nice if you could test it too.

    1. Thank you! :) As for the Revival, I’d say the 20% increase in healing from the Serpent stance trumps the Crane stance’s 20% crit. But I agree that it’s fun to think of strategies like this. :)

  2. That is some very interesting data collection. I assumed that the MS buff would immediately drop if clipped. I have 2-set and will try to focus clipping with these spells to see what silliness I can achieve. This could be Super significant with revival and timed CD’s on Kromog, Operator, and Blackhand. Excited for the new raid week!! ….just have to manage reduced mana…Maybe a farewell to RJW since it is so costly. Keep up the good work!!

  3. Very interesting post! I was wondering if I could clip any spells with the 2 set bonus. You just answered it.

    I would like to see a post about 6.1. I just tested yesterday. My heal was much higher than usual, specially using Chi Explosion +2 set bonus. Managed to do 60k+ HPS on Gruul Heroic. But I also missed a lot of mana thanks to the nerf on Mana Tea, specially in short-intense fights, like Kromog.

    I felt, like you said on your last post, that with this nerf on Mana Tea, they are forcing us to grind some stacks of MT Fistweaving. It’s actually interesting mananing this balance between Mist/Fistweaving.


  4. Can u go more into detail about clipping. I’m a little confused on how to use it properly I just got my 2pc bonus. Seeing the ms change but I want to try and make a tmw or wa for it.

    1. Just click any instant spell while you are channeling Soothing Mist (as opposed to cancelling the channel and *then* cast a spell). :)

  5. I’d really love to see an analysis of the 4-piece bonus. I’m having a hard time figuring out a good way to take full advantage of it.

    1. Yeah I’ve been wanting to take a closer look at it, because it’s a tricky decision to make if you have gear with better stats vs tier items that give 4-set. But I’m juggling a lot of projects at the same time so it has been put off for the moment. I might get to it eventually though, but I won’t make any promises :P

  6. Just to clarify, enveloping mist would also benefit from the Ms buff? So if i cast it and just continue channeling SoM, i could should be able to see some big numbers because its dynamic?

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