Argus Mythic – Kill Video

My guild has finally taken down Argus Mythic! Hurray! I even managed to catch it on video, so everyone can enjoy watching our very, very messy kill. It may look like we were on the verge of wiping, but we knew we had it all along!

Such a pristine, clean kill. Executed with a clear-headed and calculated precision. Near perfect, I’d say.

Kidding, of course.

We were around wipe 480+ when we finally got the kill, after quite a few sub 10% wipes, including one on 0.8% (that was a happy moment – not). We have been at it for weeks, so I’m happy he’s dead and we can finally relax and do some casual reclears. I think everyone needs to recharge their batteries for Battle for Azeroth.

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Xavius Mythic Kill Video

Yesterday, my guild finally took down the last boss of the Emerald Nightmare, mythic. And I actually remembered to record this time! Hallelujah! So, if you’re interested in seeing the kill or having a look at my current healer UI, it’s now at your disposal here or at YouTube.

The Emerald Nightmare Journey

Emerald Nightmare has definitely been fast-paced and, from the context of things, rather brief. Part, because EM seems to be a soft start to Legion (it has been indicated that it’ll be a rather long expansion), and hasn’t been the most challenging raid. Probably because tiers doesn’t drop from the raid and no one started with a fully fleshed-out Artifact. I have a feeling that Nighthold might give us more to chew on.

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Twitch Highlights on Youtube

Hey! – Ashleah just found the “Highlight” button on Twitch, closely followed by the “Export” to Youtube button! As a little treat to my readers and viewers, you can now see some highlights from my streaming. Just uploaded are “Archimonde Mythic” and (omg!) “The Off-Hand Dropped”.

The highlights are just small clips from the stream; no intro/outro video or other fancy stuff, just me doing weird faces and noises on the webcam while I try to act like a human being. The highlights capture some specific gaming moments that are fun to re-watch. There will be more hightlights in the future, and don’t forget to follow me on my channel:
MistyTea on Twitch! Enjoy!

Mistweaver Commentary – Archimonde Heroic

What do you mean it took forever to create and post this video? It’s called being fashionably late.

Okay, I admit, it took much longer than I projected. But it’s here now in all its glory. But I must say, what kept me back was my low self-confidence. Feels a bit weird to tell people how they should do things when I in no way consider myself a master. But maybe it can help you, a little bit?

Youtube Recap – Bastion of Shadows

My guild is making steady progression in HFC (though I can’t attend all raids and have missed a kill or two). Here’s the vids of some of our kills, namely Iskar, Socrethar and Velhari. There are more vids to come, I just need to assemble some decent footage of it. Meanwhile, we’re currently progressing Archimonde heroic and we’ll probably step into Mythic soonish. The fights have been interesting in heroic, so I can’t wait to try their mythic counterparts! Oh and I’ll be updating the blog of my latest adventures in the near future. Keep a look out!

Youtube Recap – Halls of Blood

A small update on what I’ve been uploading on youtube. I want to work a bit more for the blog, but so busy with other stuff at the moment, can’t catch a break. But hey, look at my new Intro and Outro on the videos! First try in After Effect (only about 50 edits), was hoping getting that watery misty feeling. Quite a break from the old ones, even though I liked those too. What do you think?