Twittering and Progression

While I slave away at various IRL commitments (I won’t bore you with the details), we have had some more updates from @WarcraftDevs on tweetah about our dear Mistweaver spec. In between everything that is going on, my guild finally took down Tyrant Velhari mythic, after way too many tries, of which most were quick resets. RNG is strong in that fight. But on to the news!

New tweets:

Tweet - Sheathing

I have heard some Mistweavers express concern because of this tweet – not all are happy to lose our special staff upside-down sheathing. But if you really thing about it, didn’t most staves look rather strange upside down? I know that the artifact would look rather weird, with all the bells and dangling stuff, floating suspended in the air. I’d think this is a pretty decent update – as long as we keep other weapons such as swords and axes on our back.

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Misty Teahouse has Twitter

Misty Teahouse TwitterI have redone my old Twitter account to accommodate a new Misty Teahouse twitter. Yes, I am too lazy to create a whole new account. But all the names are changed anyway, and from today I solemnly swear to only tweet in English. I make no promises about puppies however.

Ashleah (Misty Teahouse) on Twitter!

Do no note that I’ve added a Widget in the right hand sidebar of the blog where the three latest tweets will show.

If you are interested, join the conversation and follow my account!