Tealiscious Transmog and Artifact Auras

Hello, fellow monks! In this fine evening, I’ve managed to get the time to do smaller updates on my blog. Some minor tweaks on the Basic Mistweaving Guide, added weakauras for the Artifact in my Icon Aura Library and added four new looks for the Custom Transmog page. I still have many things I want to update, but small steps, people. 

Mistweaver Artifact Auras


There are two auras pertinent for our new artifact: the stacks for Sheilun’s Gift and the duration of the buff Mists of Sheilun. I’ve added those to the Icon Aura Library if you want specific trackers for them. As for the two other major traits; they’re rather self-evident so there’s no need for auras for them.

If you’re missing any icon auras in my library, just give me a shout and I’ll see if I can whip something up when I have time. But I think I’ve covered most of a Mistweaver’s need.

Monk Customized Transmog


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Legion Fashion for Monks

The pre-patch for Legion is closing in rapidly (end of July somewhere is my personal guess, but who knows?) and with it comes the new transmog system. The look of each gear piece will be account-wide and you can finally, FINALLY, clean out your overloaded bags and keep more practical things instead. Like pet tokens. No? Either way, Legion will definitely be an expansion for transmog, and to start off; here’s a post dedicated to the new Monk looks in Legion!

Do note that these looks might not be final and that might see some color changes before the launch (as it happened in Warlords). Also, I’ve added Sheilun with the looks but the animation effects of Sheliun are not rendered on these images; they will look much cooler in-game! That goes especially for the Essence of Calm version of Sheilun.

Oh and Tier 19 now includes a cape as a 6th tier piece (though there’s still only 4-set bonuses). I only included it in the first image to give you a hint of how it looks with and without.

Tier 19 – Vestments of Enveloped Dissonance

NormalT19 Normal

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Preview of Transmog Wardrobe

There has been said way to little about the new and revolutionary transmog system in Legion. As a transmog enthusiast, I simply cannot do nothing but to show you and expound on the subject. A whole new world has opened up for us, guys. Legion will be fabulous.

Before I start with the nitty-gritty details of this lovely addition to our Collection tab, I’d like to summarize the new changes for those who haven’t caught up yet. Transmogging will be a new experience, take a look at the following.

Summary of New Features


  • A whole UI dedicated for the Transmog Wardrobe, where you can browse transmoggable items you have collected and which you have yet to collect.
  • Transmog will now be account-wide (normal gear restrictions still apply).
  • Blizzard will retroactively unlock all outfits you ever have been rewarded through quests for you, even if you do not have the items anymore.
  • New transmoggable slots: tabard, shirts and weapon enchants!
  • You can now hide shoulders!
  • By hovering over an outfit, you can see from where you can collect the item.
  • A progress bar at the top of the window tells you how many transmog items you have collected.
  • Transmogs sets is a new feature that allows you to save outfits.
  • Outfits can be spec-specific, allowing you to transmog the same gear pieces to different looks depending on which spec is active.
  • Currently, the Wardrobe can be viewed in your Collection tab, but you need to visit a Ethereal Transmogrifier to actually transmog.

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Breakfast at Peak of Serenity – Gear Models

Peak of SerenityIwowx4-artwork-91-fulln the coming dawn of a new expansion, it is only pertinent to discuss what new content will come – because let’s face it, we have already left Draenor behind, at least in our minds (I know I think more often of Legion than current content). One possible change that has been little discussed is gear models. Or are they called archetypes? Whichever – I am talking about the base model of our gear. Every expansion we see more and more detail to the textures, but not much actual development of the base model.

If we look at the original sketches of tier sets, we can see a whole look that has only vaguely come across in the game. Shoulders and head gear are the most developed ones, while the chest piece often looks flat and formless. I know that the game is over 10 years old and there’s a limit of how much one can expect of it to perform graphic-wise. But we have seen development in some parts of the gear models – can’t we expect the same on chest pieces? Or preferably, every gear piece?

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Updates to Transmog Guide

GreenI’m a bit embarrassed. Here I was, browsing my own blog and suddenly realized that I hadn’t updated my transmog page. To cover my negligence, I’ve now added T18 Monk set and the Season 17 PvP set. You can find them on the “Monk Sets” page. I’ve also taken the liberty of adding my two favourite Draenor transmogs in “Customized sets“; Jade Healer and Tide Healer. But only two, because I must say, Draenor hasn’t exactly favoured transmog this expansion.

Blizzard may have gone a little overboard with the whole “primal” look. It’s all fur and tattered cloth everywhere. I mean, our BiS chest looks like a fur bikini top on females. I’m not a hundred percent sure what the male version is supposed to look like. Maybe a bib?

Some good things though. As of T18, tier set designs will be inspired by the class instead of the raid settings. Can’t overstate my relief on this decision! The whole Kromog boulder shoulders T17’s normal and heroic designs had to deal with was a little off-putting. Them Mythic shoulders though, they were just about right. Jade fire and golden details? “Please sir, I want some more?”

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Transmog Guide Updated

T17 MythicSo I’ve finally updated my Transmogrification page and even renamed it to Transmog guide. It has been long overdue for a makeover for that page, and now I finally extended and updated it for Warlords of Draenor. What I’ve added is Monk sets, the Customized sets are the same from before, and I’ve also added all kinds of weapons and weapon enchants (both Draenor enchants and Illusions). Here are the links:

Transmog Guide
Monk Sets
Customized Sets
Weapon Enchants

I’m drinking Chai tea and ponder the future of transmog. Not only have Blizzard been thinking about redoing the transmog system to be easier (menus instead of Void Storage, as I’ve understood it), but I also read that they’re going in a different direction on the Tier 18 sets’ looks:

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