Mistweaver Animations Video

Good evening, my fellow Mistweavers!
Today I finished my little project of recording a video of the new Mistweaver animations. Not all abilities have been recorded, but I’ve included those with notable spell effects, especially the new ones. Since it’s alpha, they might be changed, maybe even as early as the next build. But for now, this is how the spells, talents and artifact traits look. Enjoy!

List of Spells Shown


1.8% Mana, 40 yd range, 1 sec cast
A fast and efficient spell, healing the target for [200% of Spell Power].

4.0% Mana, 40 yd range, 1.5 sec cast
Cause a surge of invigorating mists around the target, healing them and their 2 nearest injured allies for [225% of Spell Power].

ability_monk_essencefontEssence Font
8.0% Mana, 40 yd range, 3 sec channel
Unleash a rapid twirl of healing bolts at up to 6 allies within 25 yds, every 1 sec for 3 sec. Each bolt heals the target for [110% of Spell Power], plus an additional [36% of Spell Power] over 6 sec.

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PvP and Talents in Legion

Pvp in legionAn easily overlooked aspect of the recent Legion datamine is the new PvP talent tree! I mean sure, who does PvP anyway? I have only dabbled in it from time to time, but never anything serious. So why should we care…?

In fact, in Legion the whole PvP system will be reworked, pretty much from the ground up. The new philosophy is the reduce the significance of gear and instead emphasize talent choice and skill. The Developers have reworked the system so that they have superior tools to balance class and spec against each other in a way they never could before. Oh and, there will be new epic rewards, such as Artifact transmogs! If I’m not mistaken, the Serpent version of Sheilun will be tied to the PvP system somehow. That’s enough to make me consider trying PvP. So let’s go through what we know so far, shall we?

Quick Facts

  • Players are given a separate PvP level, called Honor level. Max level is 50.
  • To gain levels and unlock talents in the PvP talent tree, players must gain Honor, which works more like experience in Legion.
  • The more Honor levels a player gain, the more choice is unlocked in in the PvP talent tree.
  • Players can “consume” their Honor levels to get a Prestige Rank. Higher prestige ranks grant cosmetic awards, such as Artifact transmog, titles, character portraits, mounts etc.
  • Once Honor levels are consumed for Prestige, the player goes back to Honor level 1, giving the player the opportunity to gain Honor levels again, and reach for another Prestige rank.
  • PvP in Legion will be much more about talent choice than gear.
  • There is no PvP specific gear: no resilience, no PvP power or gear with secondary PvP item level.
  • You can enter PvP with any type of gear; your stats will be based on your specialization. Higher item levels will give slightly higher stats.
  • Developers will tune the stats of certain specializations if they over or underperform. This way, balancing PvP will be much easier and flexible.

The Talent Tree

Wowhead Talent Calculator and PvP Talent Calculator.

PvP Talents

Tier One

inv_jewelry_trinket_04Gladiator’s Medallion (Honor Level 1)
Instant, 2 min cooldown
Removes all movement impairing effects and all effects which cause loss of control character.

sha_ability_rogue_sturdyrecuperateAdaption (Honor Level 13)
All full loss control effects with a duration of 5 sec or longer will be removed shortly after being applied. This effect has a 1.50 min cooldown.

ability_bossdarkvindicator_auraofcontemptRelentless (Honor Level 31)
Duration of incoming crowd control effects reduced by 25%.

Tier Two

ability_priest_savinggraceDefender of the Weak (Honor Level 2)
After healing a target below 50% health, you gain 20% haste for 5 sec.

spell_holy_pureofheartVim and Vigor (Honor Level 16)
While you are at or above 80% health, your healing is increased by 20%.

ability_crown_of_the_heavens_iconInner Renewal (Honor Level 34)
Healing yourself directly will refund 50% of the spell’s mana cost.

Tier Three

ability_monk_standingkickManeuverability (Honor Level 4)
Increases the maximum number of charges of Roll by 1.

trade_engineeringTwin Spirits (Honor Level 19)
You can have 2 Transcendence Spirits out at once. Your Transcendence: Teleport switches you with the closest spirit.

ability_rogue_fleetfootedFast Feet (Honor Level 37)
You move 10% faster for 2 sec after being attacked.

Tier Four

ability_monk_cranekickWhirling Kicks (Honor Level 6)
Spinning Crane Kick increases your movement speed by up to 100%, and heals you for 10% of your maximum health over 5 sec. The number of targets struck by Spinning Crane Kick increases this effect.

inv_misc_food_cooked_jadewitchbrewRemedy Tea (Honor Level 22)
Instant, 1.5 min cooldown
Reduces all damage taken by 60%.

spell_arcane_arcane04Dematerialize (Honor Level 40)
When you are stunned, you phase out of existence temporarily causing all melee, ranged and spell attacks to miss you for 2 sec. This effect has a 10 sec cooldown.

Tier Five

ability_monk_chicocoonDome of Mist (Honor Level 8)
Reduces the cooldown of Life Cocoon by 30 sec.

ability_monk_souldanceCounteract Magic (Honor Level 25)
Renewing Mist heals for 100% more when the target is affected by damaging periodic magic effect.

trade_engineeringAncient Mistweaver Arts (Honor Level 43)
Not Yet Implemented.

Tier Six

ability_monk_renewingmistsFortune Turned (Honor Level 10)
The initial target of your Renewing Mist gains Fortune Turned, increasing the effectiveness of your Gust of Mists and periodic healing effects by 100% for 6 sec.

ability_monk_upliftRefreshing Breeze (Honor Level 28)
Increases the healing of Vivify by 25%, and Vivify refreshes the duration of Renewing Mists on targets it heals.

ability_monk_healthsphereHealing Sphere (Honor Level 46)
Not Yet Implemented.

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Mistweaver Guide updated for 6.1

fanart-1296-fullThe patch 6.1 brought a lot of changes for Mistweavers, most notably about Mana Tea and the talent tree. Since many of our healing spells emanate from the talent tree, there were many changes to consider to our normal healing rotation. I’ve updated the Mistweaver Talent Guide for the 6.1 changes and I have also made smaller adjustments to the Basic Mistweaver Guide and the Advanced Mistweaver Guide to accommodate those changes.

Among the fun changes, we have that Chi Explosion’s Serpent version got buffed from 1511% of SP to 1875% which is nice. It is also usable without breaking Soothing Mist channel, which I wonder why they didn’t have from the start. It’s just so user-friendly right now and it is really coming together with the other Mistweaver toolkits. It still isn’t as powerful as Uplift (two casts is at 1980%), but the difference is quite minimal so you will not have a huge healing loss if you prefer Chi Explosion over Uplift. You can bridge the disparity with the tier 17 2-set bonus even, so if you like Chi Explosion better there’s nothing stopping you.

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6.1 Mana Tea – Survival Guide

Mana Tea Survival GuideThe new patch is here with all the goodiness that comes with. I’m already writing updates for my talent guide and everything that is affected in the Basic and Advanced Mistweaving Guide. While we have gotten a lot buffs in our talent tree, Mana Tea had a nerf-ish because of a change in mechanics. It could cause a slight mana-problem until you get those spirit trinkets.

Pre-6.1, Mana Tea stacks always gave 4% of base mana up to 20 stacks, which gave 80% of our mana pool back. Now in 6.1 it has changed to 3 times our unbuffed (passive) spirit. Here’s the table to the right.

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Talent Tree Revisited

Chi Explosion

I know I said I wouldn’t write about talents until 6.1 and that I actually should sit and write about BRF encounters. But then I needed to take a break from it, so I just started to write a little about the talents and then lo and behold; I’ve done the whole talent tree. Now with a short version of what talents to pick and a long version that describes exactly why you should pick a specific talent. And I’ve added some illustrations of scrolls again. What? I’m not obsessed the Avatar-series, bending scrolls or anything like that. It’s just aesthetically logical.

Mistweaver Talents

So take a look and read all about the Mistweaver talents. You may learn something you didn’t know!