Patch 7.2 Sneak peaks

A slew of new info for Patch 7.2 has been datamined. I have collected and summarized what will be happening for Monks and Mistweavers specifically in this post. More info will be forthcoming!

New Artifact Traits

Some old traits will get more ranks. Remember that now we have 1-3 base traits, but we can add 3 traits with relics, a.k.a. 6 traits max. In patch 7.2 some will get 2 more ranks available (7 & 8), but the max trait for base traits will be rank 5 (+ rank 6-8 if relics are added).

Additional ranks:

New Traits:

  • Effusive Mists Rank 1: Effuse causes Sheilun to generate a cloud of mist.
  • Tendrils of Revival Rank 1-8: Reduces the cooldown of Revival by 10-80 sec.
  • Whispers of Shaohao Rank 1: Consuming the mists of Sheilun causes each active mist to additionally heal a nearby target for x%.

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Mistweaver Notes – Mythic Nythendra

Here are my personal notes from my progression on Mythic Nythendra – or at least the cleaned-up version of them. The original notes had more colorful language, spelling mistakes and abbreviations until oblivion. But now they’re legible – hurray!

nythendraNythendra Active

  • Infested debuff stacks inevitably during the fight and is cleared at Heart of the Swarm. If you have 10  or more stacks of Infested, you will be mind-controlled after Nythendra casts Infested Mind (which always happen directly after casting Infested Breath). Stack up before the cast so that non-mc people can dish out enough damage to break the mc.
    • Do not use Leg Sweep since debuffs remain even after MC. The mind-control is easily broken though, so Spinning Crane Kick is fine.
    • Try to stagger MCs so that you always have enough people to break out affected players. This sometimes mean that you have to stand in puddles to accumulate stacks on purpose. Raid leader should keep an eye out on how many will get mind-controlled.
    • 3rd MC is critical since Rot will be cast about the same time. Spread directly after MC is broken.
  • Stand at least 8 yds away from allies when affected by Rot. When expired, green patch will spawn beneath you. Put puddles at the edge of a room at a designated location.
    • Use a Health Pot to heal while running out with Rot unless you can cast an emergency heal during or before the run. High-ticking damage!
  • Run out of Infested Breath. It targets random non-tank players. Make sure that the subsequent puddles are as stacked as possible by having players standing near existing puddles when breath is incoming.
  • Don’t stand close to the affected tank when Volatile Rot explodes. It’s raid-wide damage, but the closer to the explosion the more damage it does.

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Zen UI in Shop and Mythic Musings

Mythic Emerald Nightmare has been opened for less than one lock-out and the world-first race is already finished! Celebrations and congratulations to the winners, good job! The rest of us are just trying to catch up now. Oh, and I’ve updated my Gumroad with the Patreon reward package from August; Zen UI!

Zen UI on Gumroad

6-zen promo-ui

My Gumroad Shop
Zen UI Help Post

My artistic journey continues! Thank you for supporting me by buying my art – I hope you find interface art just as exciting as I do!

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Mistweaver Notes – Emerald Nightmare

Whenever I’m gonna tackle a new raid, I study and take notes of each boss encounter. Here are my notes for the Emerald Nightmare raid (Heroic). My guild cleared both Normal and Heroic the first week of release, so I haven’t spent much time doing these encounters but the notes should be rather complete. I’ve snuck a few Mistweaver tips in there as well!

“Darkbough” Wing


  • 1-nythendraStand 8 yds away from allies when affected by Rot. When expired, green patch will spawn beneath you. Put puddles at the edge of a room at a designated location.
  • Run out of Infested Breath. It targets random non-tank players. Make sure that the subsequent puddles are as stacked as possible by having players standing near existing puddles when breath is incoming.
  • Do not stand near insects when Heart of the Swarm is active. Puddles will also be sucked into the boss, watch out for flying green patches (which is why you want to stack them, so there are safe areas in this phase).
  • Infested debuff stacks inevitably during the fight and is cleared at Heart of the Swarm.
  • Chi-Ji / Revival / Mana Tea on Infested Breath and/or Heart of the Swarm.
  • High points of raid damage; if caught in Infested Breath, if standing close to insects during Heart of the Swarm, or if close to a tank’s Volatile Rot detonation. Use Diffuse Magic for survival.

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Emerald Nightmare Begins

The world opens bit by bit, and this week we can finally enter the Emerald Nightmare normal and heroic. World bosses have started populating the Broken Isles as well, and more will come the following weeks. How prepared are you?

Some of you have probably raced through world bosses and the entire new raid already. Maybe you’ve even had done it all on the Beta previously. In any case, the Emerald Nightmare was new to me and my whole raid raced through Normal difficulty yesterday to try out our new recruits. We will continue with Heroic this week too.

Prepping for the raid, I started making some personal notes on each boss to help me remember important mechanics. It started out simple, with a few more notes than the dungeon journal. Then of course, because I am me, it became a little bit more excessive in detail. So I thought to myself, since I won’t do a full-blown encounter guide (there are already so many good ones out there), I can at least release my personal notes on the bosses.

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Thoughts on Improving Oneself

ThoughtsI’ve recently been thinking on how to improve oneself as a Mistweaver. No matter how good you are, there will always be room for improvement in some way. It just isn’t that intuitive all the time on what aspect and how you should go about it. One’s first thought might be going to look at your logs. But we know that when it comes to Mistweaving, logs don’t tell the whole tale. Why is that?

Let me rewind a little. As you may know from before, my guild has been struggling with getting enough people for Mythic. For every player we recruited, two more of our guildies stopped playing WoW all together. We went several lockouts with zero progression and things were looking kind of dim. We were contacted by other guilds several times, who had more or less disbanded, and we contacted other guilds as well to look for potential players or merges. On the way back to Mythic progression, we absorbed left-over players from probably five different disbanded guilds over the course of several months. We were still not getting that strong 20-man team.

Luck would have it that another guild we knew from Mist of Pandaria asked us if we wanted to merge. They had the same shortage of people as we had, but they had more progression. To make the story short, we started with a co-raid and took the first 6 mythic bosses in one evening. We have now merged and things look bright!

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New Year approaching, new raid dawning

Christmas has passed here in Sweden, and I hope all my readers have had a very good holiday. In a few days it’ll be New Years eve, and whether that entails a big party or a cozy evening, I wish you all good year. Things to look forward in 2015 is that we will finally be able to put our teeth into the new raid Blackrock Foundry!

Admittedly, the raid will not open until the beginning of February. But there are somethings that should be prepared before that. Blackrock Foundry has three wings before the final boss Blackhand. These are Slagworks, The Black Forge and Iron Assembly. Each wing have three bosses, making the total of bosses in BRF to 10 bosses.

That is a lot of bosses. Most likely, your guild will require you to know all tactics of at least the wing your raid will start in. I really recommend to start studying for these bosses in January, at a even pace. Try to learn 2-3 bosses each week and you be properly prepared once the raid opens. Here’s a list of the bosses:

Slagworks: Gruul, The Blast Furnace and Oregorger

The Black Forge: Hans’gar&Franzok, Firebender Ka’graz and Kromog

Iron Assembly: Beastlord Darmac, Operator Thogar and Iron Maidens

Final Boss: Blackhand

FatbossTV is a good place to start. They have made videos from the Beta where they go through each boss’s abilities. IcyVeins is also a good place to go to, once they have made the guides (which they haven’t at this point, but I’m sure they’ll be up soon). Dayani, who is my favourite healer theorycrafter, will put up Blackrock Foundry guides on WowHead soon enough.

For now, the best is to watch the videos from Beta and screen the Dungeon Journal on each boss. The best tip I can give you is to make your own notes on each boss’s strategy. This helps you remember when the raid finally opens and you can add on the notes as you progress. It seems that Slagworks is the easiest wing at this point, and the wing that most guilds will start with.

You probably won’t need to start studying right away, but don’t let the lull of the holidays carry you too far. Soon, we will get to the real fun part so you need to be prepared!

Highmaul Raid – Day 2

I know I’m a bit late with this post, but my officer’s duties has taken up much of my time lately. We had implemented a new looting system for the raid, based on classes’ best secondary stats. If I say it has caused so much chaos that entropy vortexes has opened in several places in Dreanor, I am not exaggerating. I’ve probably spent many hours trying to explain how the system works and putting out fires since some people take things maybe a little too personal and conflicts have flared up. My own projects have had to take a backseat the past days.

But it’s seems to have calmed down now, so I can finally do some work on my blog and give you a quick update. Well, apart from all the social chaos going around in the raid at the moment, we took down Tectus, Brackenspore and Twin Ogrons on the second day. These fights were amazingly fun and I really enjoyed them.

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Highmaul Raid – First Impression

Yesterday, my guild did a try at Heroic Highmaul. I thought I’d share some of my initial impressions of the raid and the new raid design.

To start off I want to give you some background on our guild. We were originally a 10-man guild who had become really tight at the end of MoP. When we realised that Mythic raiding was going to be set at 20 players, we knew we had to do some recruiting. And so we did. At the start it was a slow progress, but it started to snowball as we got more players. People wanted their friends to join and then people who heard about us wanted to join. Lo and behold, now were up at roughly 35 raiders.

We hadn’t expected it, but when the raid started we had to bench some people since 30 players is maximum for Normal/Heroic raiding. There was a lot of new people we hadn’t really seen in action, and a lot of old-timers who had been gone a long time. To be honest, we had no idea what to expect from the night.

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