Mistweaver Guide updated for 6.1

fanart-1296-fullThe patch 6.1 brought a lot of changes for Mistweavers, most notably about Mana Tea and the talent tree. Since many of our healing spells emanate from the talent tree, there were many changes to consider to our normal healing rotation. I’ve updated the Mistweaver Talent Guide for the 6.1 changes and I have also made smaller adjustments to the Basic Mistweaver Guide and the Advanced Mistweaver Guide to accommodate those changes.

Among the fun changes, we have that Chi Explosion’s Serpent version got buffed from 1511% of SP to 1875% which is nice. It is also usable without breaking Soothing Mist channel, which I wonder why they didn’t have from the start. It’s just so user-friendly right now and it is really coming together with the other Mistweaver toolkits. It still isn’t as powerful as Uplift (two casts is at 1980%), but the difference is quite minimal so you will not have a huge healing loss if you prefer Chi Explosion over Uplift. You can bridge the disparity with the tier 17 2-set bonus even, so if you like Chi Explosion better there’s nothing stopping you.

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6.1 Mana Tea – Survival Guide

Mana Tea Survival GuideThe new patch is here with all the goodiness that comes with. I’m already writing updates for my talent guide and everything that is affected in the Basic and Advanced Mistweaving Guide. While we have gotten a lot buffs in our talent tree, Mana Tea had a nerf-ish because of a change in mechanics. It could cause a slight mana-problem until you get those spirit trinkets.

Pre-6.1, Mana Tea stacks always gave 4% of base mana up to 20 stacks, which gave 80% of our mana pool back. Now in 6.1 it has changed to 3 times our unbuffed (passive) spirit. Here’s the table to the right.

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Patch 6.1 coming February 24 – That’s next week!

6 1 is near

I really hadn’t expect it to come so soon! Folks, this means that next Wednesday we will have Chi Explosion instant while Soothing, we will have several talents overhauls, Mana Tea will be based on your passive spirit and oh dear god I need a new spirit trinket.

We will have new twitter integration (which I will abuse to no end), Heirloom tabs, world bosses you can summon to your garrison, updated light graphics and anti-aliasing for the game, new blood elf models, continuation on the legendary quest line etc. etc.

I’m most scared about the Mana Tea change and most excited about Chi Explosion. I have to update my talent page to sync it with all the new talents changes. I think most changes are good, or so it seems, and we will have a lot of fun with the 6.1 changes. Though the Mana Tea is a little bit concerning since we rely on it so heavily. Mistweavers will really have to stack passive spirit to make it work, and if I get to speculate, there might be a bit higher pressure to open up in Crane stance and stack Mana Tea in every fight to counter the lower mana we get from each stack. Quantity over quality, I guess.

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More PTR 6.1 Patch Notes

More 6.1 patch notes have rolled in and this time there is more on the Mistweaver spec. Take a look:

  • Monk
    • Talents
      • Ascension now increases Spirit by 10% instead of increasing maximum mana by 20%.
      • Breath of the Serpent (Mistweaver) healing increased by 50%.
      • Chi Burst damage has been increased by 51%. Also fixed a bug that caused its damage and healing to vary based on specialization.
      • Chi Explosion (Mistweaver) healing while in Serpent Stance is increased by 40%, and is now usable while channeling Soothing Mist.
      • Chi Torpedo damage has increased by 150% and healing has increased by 42%.
      • Ring of Peace now incapacitates all enemies for 5 seconds (up from 3 seconds).
      • Zen Sphere has been improved. Its detonation damage has increased by 97%, detonation healing has increased by 70%, but periodic healing has been reduced by 39%. Also fixed a bug that caused its damage and healing to vary based on specialization.


There are a lot of buffs in there. When I first saw it I needed a second to calm down. Okay, let’s go through them.

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6.1 Mana Tea Sneak Peek


The Public Test Realm for 6.1 is live and the 6.1 patch notes start to roll in. There are a lot of new and fun updates for the Garrison that is a huge improve to quality of life. But what I’m going to focus in this post is of course the Mistweaver section. And err, it’s not that much at this moment, but there is one change that is very significant. I’m talking about the change to Mana Tea.

In the live version of Mana Tea, we get 4% of our mana back per stack. In the 6.1 version, it is changed to “4 times the Mistweaver’s passive and unbuffed spirit rating”. In other words, take all your spirit and multiply it with 4 and the result is how much mana you refund with 1 stack of Mana Tea. If the 6.1 version of Mana Tea was live we would need;

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