Updates galore!

The site is slowly coming along. I have now started working on the mistweaver guide and it is coming along nice! I will continue updating the site, add some nice illustrations and such the following days. After that I’ll try to get in some Warlords update on the mistweaver spec and discuss all the new changes. Really, the debate on beta is raging so I’m going to try and see if I can make some sense of it.

I realise that I will have to update the site soon again to accommodate the Warlords changes, but I see this as an exercise! So meanwhile, take a look at this;

Mistweaver Guide






Hello and welcome to my new blog all about Mistweaver Monks in World of Warcraft!

This is a project I’ve given a lot of thought and I’ve finally started it *eep*. So the plan is that this is a blog for mainly for Mistweavers but of course all are welcome. I’m not a theorycrafter but I’m going to follow all the updates and tidbits about the spec and try to keep you as updated as possible. :)

I will also provide different guides that will hopefully be useful for both beginners and seasoned players. Some basic and some that will be a little more indepth.

But most of all I’m going to do what I love most; rant about mistweavers and drink a lot of tea meanwhile. And you know, eat chocolate. But that’s a given, right?

So enjoy!