Patreon May Complete – Shaman UI

After a hiatus from Patreon work, I’m finally back and done with the Shaman UI! The art for this UI is sent out to all my eligible patreons, and here is a post with all the elvui profiles and weakaura export codes to help you get started!

Creating your own Shaman UI

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Patreon January Complete – Druid UI

After a long artist’s block, I’ve finally completed the Druid UI. Hopefully you’ll like it! Note that these will be sent out to the eligible patrons. If you’ve missed it and want to buy the UI, it’ll be up on my Gumroad in a month. Happy UI assembling!

Creating your own Druid UI

Step 1: Download Addons

  • Elvui – All Elvui addons can easily be downloaded with the Tukui Client.
    • Elvui Color Tags (if you don’t download this, you will get small error tags on unit frames in the elvui profile).
    • Elvui Absorb Tags (if you don’t download this, you will get small error tags on unit frames in the elvui profile).
  • WeakAuras
  • SharedMedia

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New Monk UIs and Custom Art

I’ve been looking forward to sharing this for a long time. The past month I’ve been working on some new free UIs and textures for Monks. This is of course part of the update for my blog, which still has a few outdated pages (but a few less now!). These UIs are very simple Elvui profiles with some extra custom art and textures, and I hope you’ll like them!

It’s all for free, but some links lead to my Gumroad store. Just type in 0$ to download the art packages for free, or add a few dollars to show support for my work. Thanks! :)

Download Elvui Profile here: Elvui Profiles
Download Icon HUD here: Weakaura Icons
Download Custom art here: Custom Art Textures

Monk UIs

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Demon Hunter Interface Resources

Demon invasions are live even in Europe now, and with it came a horde of Demon Hunters! I happily logged on to my new fresh DH only to burn my eyes on an ugly default UI. While I’m not planning to devote that much time on my Demon Hunter (Monk for life), I do want all my alts to have a functional and pretty UI. So I got to work!


Demon Hunter UI Step 1 – Textures

So I use some custom textures for unit frames and progress bars – so step 1 is to install them. Download the textures in my Gumroad shop (it’s free, just set price to $0):

Textures Image

Download Felfire Textures on my Gumroad (FREE)

Download the following addons (unless you already have them):

Follow the instructions and install the textures with SharedMedia (there’s a small guide that comes along with the texture package). The textures should now show up in the texture drop-down menu on all your addons.

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Old Patreon Rewards Available

Since Europe does not get the Demon Invasions, Demon Hunters, love and affection until tomorrow (lucky ‘muricans!), I’ve had time to set up a small store on Gumroad for my old Patreon rewards. Now’s the time to freshen up your UI!

Obtaining My Old Rewards Option 1: Gumroad

Gumroad is a very easy-to-use digital shop, where you can buy all my old Patreon rewards.

My Gumroad Digital Shop

  • The rewards are sent in entire monthly packages (a.k.a. each package contain ALL the rewards from that month) at a price of $35.
  • Midnight, Minonan and Cyber are sold at a price of $30 due to not having the Texture Package and Border Package (those are a later invention).
  • Patreon rewards are uploaded on Gumroad one month after its initial release. This is to keep the benefit of being a patron.
  • Royal UI will be up in the beginning of September.

Obtaining My Old Rewards Option 2: Patreon

This option is not yet available, but I hope making it it live in the near future. The idea is that there will be a sixth tier on Patreon at $35, where you get the latest UI + one old. So, if you pledge for this tier, you get all the newest reward and a voucher for my Gumroad shop where you can choose from my archive of old rewards. It’ll be a more affordable alternative than buying directly from Gumroad, but require a little patience since the rewards will not be sent out until 1-7th of the next month.

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