Mistweaver Commentary – Archimonde Heroic

What do you mean it took forever to create and post this video? It’s called being fashionably late.

Okay, I admit, it took much longer than I projected. But it’s here now in all its glory. But I must say, what kept me back was my low self-confidence. Feels a bit weird to tell people how they should do things when I in no way consider myself a master. But maybe it can help you, a little bit?

The 100th Post – A Milestone

100th post

I’m celebrating my 100th post, behold, the majesty of my post count. I don’t know many words I’ve written until this point, but I do know that so far I’ve got 56,000 unique visitors and over 240,000 views. It feels quite epic that my blog, a small corner in the Mistweaver community, has achieved this. I think a celebratory tea is in order! Hurray for the tea!

On another note, I’ve been tinkering with so many projects lately besides the progression on Hellfire Citadel (Archimonde heroic, da bastard!). It involves my UI. Naturally. You didn’t expect anything else, did you? I’m a UI-holic, it never stops. Just a fair warning though, don’t do a huge makeover before important raiding. Relearning your whole UI while progressing Archimonde is a bit too hardcore. Even for me.

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Youtube Recap – Bastion of Shadows

My guild is making steady progression in HFC (though I can’t attend all raids and have missed a kill or two). Here’s the vids of some of our kills, namely Iskar, Socrethar and Velhari. There are more vids to come, I just need to assemble some decent footage of it. Meanwhile, we’re currently progressing Archimonde heroic and we’ll probably step into Mythic soonish. The fights have been interesting in heroic, so I can’t wait to try their mythic counterparts! Oh and I’ll be updating the blog of my latest adventures in the near future. Keep a look out!

Youtube Recap – Halls of Blood

A small update on what I’ve been uploading on youtube. I want to work a bit more for the blog, but so busy with other stuff at the moment, can’t catch a break. But hey, look at my new Intro and Outro on the videos! First try in After Effect (only about 50 edits), was hoping getting that watery misty feeling. Quite a break from the old ones, even though I liked those too. What do you think?

Breaching the Hellfire

CitadelThe third lockout is dawning in the Hellfire Citadel, take a deep breath and smell the brimstone and demonic soot. Glorious. Or it would be, if I hadn’t this annoyingly persistent cough. My survival hinges on inhaling tea 24/7, which all things considered isn’t that bad, because I do it anyway. But Chamomile and Eucalyptus have never been as tiresome as now.

I’m getting off-track here. Hellfire Citadel, anyone? My guild has taken a deep dive into the heroic difficulty and did a quick progression of it until we reached the higher levels of the Citadel where standing in fire has never been so dangerous. Downright explosive, I would say. But there just a matter of time until our scatter-brained damage dealers get the gist of fire = bad. I mean, you can only die so many times of fire explosions until it starts to sink in (Right? Right!?).

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Hellfire Citadel – BiS List, Boss and Loot Progression

pits of mannorothMy raid-loving readers have all probably taking a sample of the new raid Hellfire Citadel. If you feel anything like me at this point, you’re quite elated with new content and very curious and interested in the new bosses and boss mechanics. As with any new raid, there’s always some standard questions, that I will try to answer in this post.

  • In which order can you progress bosses?
  • What is the Best in Slot list?
  • What’s up with new wonky item level progression?

Okay, the last question is maybe not-so-standard. Blizzard has recently decided that the deeper you go in a raid, the higher item level will the loot have. The reason is that players should always feel rewarded when they down a progression boss – no matter how geared they are. It’s a bit of a headache to make a BiS list but otherwise than that, it’s a good change in my opinion. But let’s start, shall we?

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Hellfire Citadel – Boss Introductions

Hellfire Citadel entrance

Hello and welcome to my mini-series of Hellfire Citadel to introduce you to this new raid instance. Here I’ll talk about the bosses, describing their backstory shortly, what makes the fight against them distinctive and what type of Mistweaver loot they drop. I personally like knowing a little about each boss, because just going into an instance killing random creatures aren’t that motivating. It’s more fun when you have a reason to (and not just for loot)! So without further ado, here are the thirteen bosses of Hellfire Citadel.

1. Hellfire Assault

Hellfire Assault

The new Hellfire Citadel is introduced with an all-out add fight. In this encounter you face the fel-tuned brilliance of the belated Blackfuse (before his untimely death in the Siege of Orgrimmar). The purpose is to kill and prevent adds from destroying your canons, which you will load with ammunition from destroyed siege vehicles to blast down the doors to the Citadel. You’ll get a short tête-a-tête with Siegemaster Mar’tak before she makes a quick exit from the fight.

Encounter Distinction; Add fight through and through. Get ammo, load cannon, win.

Mistweaver Loot; Besides dropping our off-set shoulders (crit, mastery) this boss won’t provide Mistweavers more than a half-good trinket (Int, spirit, haste/mastery) and a pair of wrists (haste, mastery). Not much to cheer for.

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Hellfire Citadel – Maps & Typology

I could say that the Hellfire Citadel is a nice, straightforward walk in the park, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. While deceivingly linear, the new raid instance sports 5 wings and it’s a bit of a struggle to know where and how you should find your way through it.

To make you acquainted with the raid, I’m going to walk you through the geography. I will explain the path through the Citadel as if you would follow the LFR boss order (which is as always, completely linear). I expect though that some bosses can be taken in a different order on Normal/Heroic/Mythic, just like how Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry work.

Raid Finder Boss Order


  1. Hellfire Assault
  2. Iron Reaver
  3. Kormrok

Halls of Blood

  1. Hellfire High Council
  2. Kilrogg Deadeye
  3. Gorefiend

Bastion of Shadows

  1. Shadow-Lord Iskar
  2. Socrethar the Eternal
  3. Tyrant Velhari

Destructor’s Rise

  1. Fel Lord Zakuun
  2. Xhul’horac
  3. Mannoroth

The Black Gate

  1. Archimonde

Hellfire Citadel – Hellbreach


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