Zen UI in Shop and Mythic Musings

Mythic Emerald Nightmare has been opened for less than one lock-out and the world-first race is already finished! Celebrations and congratulations to the winners, good job! The rest of us are just trying to catch up now. Oh, and I’ve updated my Gumroad with the Patreon reward package from August; Zen UI!

Zen UI on Gumroad

6-zen promo-ui

My Gumroad Shop
Zen UI Help Post

My artistic journey continues! Thank you for supporting me by buying my art – I hope you find interface art just as exciting as I do!

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Legion Launch Experience and Royal UI

I don’t know about you guys, but I wish I could forgo sleep altogether just to make the days longer; maybe I could manage to do everything I want to do that day in Broken Isles then. There’s so much to do! Dungeons! World quests! Professions! I need more time!

This was, without a doubt, the smoothest launch of an expansion I’ve ever experienced. Within 24 hours I was level 110 (and yes, I did get a good night sleep in that time too) and it never felt overcrowded or lacking quest mobs. I also happened to be friends with the luckiest person on WoW, who got a Legendary on the first World quest cache. He became 4th best geared in Europe when he got it. Lucky bastard.

I have so much I need to update on the blog too! I’m working on an extensive Artifact page for Sheilun and I really need to update my Mistweaving guides. I just got to learn how to live without sleeping first, then I’m good to go.

The Patreon cycle for Zen UI is complete and eligible patrons will get their rewards in the coming week. Meanwhile, the previous month’s rewards are up on Gumroad for those who missed it!

Royal UI up on Gumroad
Visit my Gumroad shop!

5 Royal

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Old Patreon Rewards Available

Since Europe does not get the Demon Invasions, Demon Hunters, love and affection until tomorrow (lucky ‘muricans!), I’ve had time to set up a small store on Gumroad for my old Patreon rewards. Now’s the time to freshen up your UI!

Obtaining My Old Rewards Option 1: Gumroad

Gumroad is a very easy-to-use digital shop, where you can buy all my old Patreon rewards.

My Gumroad Digital Shop

  • The rewards are sent in entire monthly packages (a.k.a. each package contain ALL the rewards from that month) at a price of $35.
  • Midnight, Minonan and Cyber are sold at a price of $30 due to not having the Texture Package and Border Package (those are a later invention).
  • Patreon rewards are uploaded on Gumroad one month after its initial release. This is to keep the benefit of being a patron.
  • Royal UI will be up in the beginning of September.

Obtaining My Old Rewards Option 2: Patreon

This option is not yet available, but I hope making it it live in the near future. The idea is that there will be a sixth tier on Patreon at $35, where you get the latest UI + one old. So, if you pledge for this tier, you get all the newest reward and a voucher for my Gumroad shop where you can choose from my archive of old rewards. It’ll be a more affordable alternative than buying directly from Gumroad, but require a little patience since the rewards will not be sent out until 1-7th of the next month.

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