Mistweaver Discussion – The Future of Mistweavers

Serpent healerIn the episode of Monk Meditation that I participated in, we touched on the subject of what we want to see in Legion regarding Mistweavers. This is such an interesting topic that I’d like to expand a little on it. I recommend reading this post with a good cup of tea and some time on your hands because brevity is not my strong suit when it comes to all things Mistweaver. But hopefully it will give you some new insight!

Let’s start with what we know.

The Current Mistweaver Fantasy

There are a few things that have always been a part of the Mistweaver fantasy, the very core of the spec. First of all, Mistweavers mainly use shrouds of mists to heal their allies and redirect chi flows. In their toolkit they have tea to regain mana, and brews to bolster their defenses. In addition, Mistweavers have the ability to go full martial art combatant, while healing their allies with the completely logical and pertinent Eminence ability.

Mechanic-wise, Mistweavers have generally been designed for spread rather than spot healing when it comes to AoE (compare to Shaman’s Chain Heal, which hits fewer targets but with greater strength). Eminence works the same way – a million flitting and small heals that spreads randomly over the whole raid. Since we have been niched for spread, we’ve always had an element of RNG. Renewing Mist can be partly controlled, with the first application. But to avoid having to spend 15 GCDs on blanketing the raid with Renewing Mist, part of it works as a smart heal and spreads automatically to targets on low health. Neither Uplift nor Eminence are hard-hitters; they are spells that heals a little but across the whole raid. As such, Mistweavers prefer encounters where the damage hits everyone, and often.

That is a brief summary of how Mistweaver works now. But what do we know of the future?

Legion Announcements (so far)

Excerpts from MMO and Developer Interviews.


  • There will be a heavy focus on class identity in Legion. Every class should feel different.
  • The team has learned some lessons from how Fistweaving works now and will talk about what they are doing to solve the problems with it in the future.
  • Sheilun, Staff of the Mists – Mistweaver Monks will go to Pandaria to seek out the staff of Emperor Shaohao. The variants have Pandaren influences such as the Red Crane, Jade Serpent, or Sha.

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Mistweaver Discussion – T18 & Class Trinket

I have good news and bad news, my dear readers. The good news is that we’ve got a very strong and fun 2 & 4-set bonus for patch 6.2. We also got an awesome class trinket with a cool effect! The bad news is that our set bonuses and our class trinket hate each other. They want us to do two completely different things with our rotations and sadly, we have to make a decision between them. There is a clear winner, which I will explain to you in this post, so hang tight. Let’s start with the basics. What are our bonuses and how do they work?

Tier 18 – Battlewrap of the Hurricane’s Eye


Head – Crit/Haste – Kormrok
Shoulders – Haste/Mastery – Xhul’horac
Chest – Mastery/Multistrike – Mannoroth
Hands – Haste/Multistrike – Soulbound Construct
Legs – Crit/Multistrike – Gorefiend

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Mistweaver Discussion – 2-set Bonus In-Depth

2 set bonus in depthA little while ago I did a post about the Tier 17 set bonuses. In the 2-set bonus section I claimed that the Mistweaving buffs affected other spells apart from the Soothing Mist cast and all the spells you layer with it. There was some debate about it though, so I set out to collect enough data to emphasize my point. There will be a lot of maths and data below, for those who are interested. If you only want to read the result, jump down to the end of the post.

The Process

There were two things I wanted to find out; if clipping the channel would add the buff to spells you clip SoM with (a topic which I didn’t discuss preciously) and if the 2-set bonus also affected other spells than Soothing Mist and accompanied spells.

I took off all my gear accept the tier chest and the tier shoulders from normal difficulty. Those two sets adds 116 multistrike rating, 116 mastery rating, 135 crit rating and 165 haste rating. My multistrike percentage was at 1,85%. This way, it would be very easy to spot a 15-40% increase in multistrike chance.

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Mistweaver Discussion – Tier 17 “Battlegear of the Somber Gaze”

In the new raid Blackrock Foundry we will finally be able to get our spanking new tier gear; Battlegear of the Somber Gaze. Here I’ll discuss some aspects of the tier to give you an all-round look on the new gear.

The Basics

Tier 17

Normal-tuned ilvl 665
Head: Helm of the Somber Gaze
Stats: 154 Multistrike, 154 Haste
Token Drop: Kromog (The Black Forge, Blackrock Foundry)

Shoulders: Mantle of the Somber Gaze
Stats: 116 Multistrike, 116 Mastery
Token Drop: Operator Thogar (Iron Assembly, Blackrock Foundry)

Chest: Vest of the Somber Gaze
Stats: 135 Critical Strike, 165 Haste
Token Drop: Flamebender Ka’graz (The Black Forge, Blackrock Foundry)

Legs: Legwraps of the Somber Gaze
Stats: 165 Critical Strike, 135 Multistrike
Token Drop: The Blast Furnace (Slagworks, Blackrock Foundry)

Gloves: Handwraps of the Somber Gaze
Stats: 116 Critical Strike, 116 Mastery
Token Drop: Iron Maidens (Iron Assembly, Blackrock Foundry)

2 Set Bonus Discussion

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Mistweaver Discussion – My Wish List

This post will be a bit more whimsical than my usual Mistweaver Discussion posts. Today I want to talk about my wish list for the Mistweaver spec. Features that I think would be awesome for the spec and some quality of life improvements. I recommend reading this post with a big cup of tea and a huge bar of chocolate. Though the chocolate is optional.

My wish list is not a please-change-how-mistweavers-fundamentally-work-otherwise-I-might-die kind of list. I actually think that Mistweavers are in a good spot right now. Sure, we have some weaknesses. Mainly being unable to burst up more than one target unless they are all stacked on you. We also have a problem with that most of our healing is active healing, or in other words we have to keep pushing buttons to make heals happen. As soon as we stop button-mashing, the healing will stop (as opposed to shields and HoTs). But that is part of Mistweavers weaknesses, and we have other strengths that compensate for that. It is good that we, or in fact all of the healers specs, have weaknesses when it comes to raiding. We are meant to work as a team, compensate each other and become better together. The team composition is more important than the single person. But on to the list!

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Mistweaver Discussion – Mana Problems

You may have found yourself constantly running low on mana while raiding. This is not an uncommon problem, but there are many things one could do to prevent this. In this post I’ll be discussing some proactive methods to avoid this specific problem. You may find that some of the solutions might work for you, some might not. It depends on what causes your mana problems, and in extension, what solution will actually work for you specifically. Read through carefully and try the solutions that you think might be most effective for you. If it still doesn’t work, try them all!

Be Calm and Drink Mana Tea

mana TeaI know you already use Mana Tea, naturally. But how do you use it? And most importantly, when do you use it? It may seem like an emergency button to press once you are going OoM, but that is not the best way to use this ability. Since it does require 10 seconds to channel 20 stacks, it can be too late to use once you actually go OoM. You may not have the time to stop to channel, which could mean a wipe. This is why you should always use Mana Tea before you run out of mana.

A skilled Mistweaver will analyze the fight to determine which moments are best used for this. If you are in a raid, you can find those moment when another healer is using a big cooldown. Or when a boss is charging a certain ability and there is no incoming damage. Or perhaps when you have activated Xuen or cast a Life Cocoon it can be safe to channel. The most important thing is that you do not save Mana Tea stacks until you run out of mana, because if the party takes high damage at that point, you are done for. Try to channel Mana Tea whenever you are given the chance.

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Mistweaver Consumable Special

For you eager raiders I have written a little post about the best consumables available for Mistweavers. This will be a short post (okay, maybe not so short) discussing food, flasks, potions and enchants. If you are planning to raid and have given this subject little thought, I recommend you to read it.

Food – There is no “too much”

The best food you can get will give you 100 rating in a secondary stat. There is cheaper food that will give you 75 rating, which is also the main ingredient for making the better food in Cooking. I would recommend Multistrike food, but it is also feasible with Crit food (if you need better Mana Tea stacking).

The cheaper food can be made either with fish or meat. These are the Multistrike dishes:

Fiery CalamariFiery Calamari – 75 Multistrike
10 Fire Ammonite TentacleAmmonite Fire Tentacle

Rylak CrepeRylak Crepes – 75 Multistrike
5 Rylak EggRylak Eggs

The Crit dishes:

Grilled GulperGrilled Gulper – 75 Crit
10 Abyssal Gulper Eel FleshAbyssal Gulper Eel Flesh

Blackrock HamBlackrock Ham – 75 Crit
5 Raw Boar MeatRaw Boar Meat
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Mistweaver Discussion – The Level 100 Talents

In this post I’ll try to explain the fine details of the Mistweaver level 100 talents, and hopefully give you a better insight on what talents to choose in different situations. I’ll start with Breath of the Serpent and Pool of Mists and save Chi Explosion till last, since the complexity of that spell require a longer exposition. At the end of the post I will summarize the pros and cons of each ability.

Breath of the SerpentBreath of the Serpent

Breath of the Serpent is 1.5 minute cooldown that lets your statue breath a 20 yard cone of healing mists towards you. This is a powerful AoE healing cooldown which has no AoE cap. The more targets it hits, the greater the healing becomes.

Breath of the serpent 2The healing is in the form of a Heal over Time spell; a certain amount of healing ticks every second for 20 seconds. This spell is affected by haste and can therefore get more ticks. There are originally 10 ticks, of which the total healing of those tick would heal roughly half of what Enveloping Mist total ticks would heal, except on an unlimited number of targets.

The drawbacks of the spell is that it’s awkward to use. The party or raid must be tightly stack and you and your statue must be perfectly placed to use it efficiently. If the group moves within the 20 seconds, it’s possible to track them with the breath by following them, but it’s not possible to reposition the statue during the breath’s duration. Everyone who stand in the breath gets a buff however, so you can see which people are standing correctly and which are not (if you use Healbot you have to manually select the buff to show).

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The Journey to level 100

The launch of Warlords of Draenor has been a rollercoaster ride of joy and frustration. The content is magnificent, beautiful and fun, but also bugged and burdened with lag. I managed to finally get my Mistweaver up to a level 100 about a day ago. It took many hours, of which half of the time I battled with D/C, freeze spikes with NPCs and characters not loading. But let me tell the tale of how the journey went.

Through the Portal – I cried for so many different reasons

Or you know, cried, laughed, and internally howled in frustration. It started with all of us logged in right before midnight. The lag had already started and everyone was crowding in Blasted Lands. I had parked myself in Deadwind Pass just to get away from the worst of it, even though that didn’t help much. When the clock struck midnight the whole server stood upon Khadgar, not letting anyone click on him to continue the quest chain. After some shuffling and shouting, I finally entered the Dark Portal.

The experience of the opening event was even cooler than in the Beta, partly because there were so many people there, and partly because there were actually NPCs there, instead of cardboard cut-outs (haha, Blizzard). It took forever to process through, the lag was vicious. I had a whole party who did it (we were four people LANing), but we all got in at different times. We met up later when we got to Shadowmoon Valley. If anyone was there at the time of the launch, you’ll probably remember the impossible raven quest when there was a complete frenzy to tag the few spawning mobs. Oh yeah, and you had to spam the banners until your fingers started bleeding. But after that, the actual levelling started.

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Mistweaver Discussion – Stats Priority In-Depth

In the wake of WoD levelling it might be prudent to talk a little about how you’re going to gear your Mistweaver. If you have done some studying you already know the stat priority for Mistweavers;

  1. Intellect
  2. Spirit
  3. Multistrike (66 rating for each %)
  4. Crit (110 rating for each %)
  5. Versatility (130 rating for each %)
  6. Haste (100 rating for each %)
  7. Mastery (115 rating for each %)

In this post I will do a little more in-depth discussion of why the priorities look like they do. I will explain exactly how the stats work and what they do for your healer.

I have discussed a little about the importance of spirit before. In short, spirit is essential in progression, but while levelling Mistweavers can get away with a little less than other healers since we can partly depend on Mana tea. But in progression you want spirit on every piece that is available. At level 100 our mana regen is lacking and the only cure is to put some spirit on it.

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