Beta Notes and Harbinger

A new beta build is up and Mistweavers have finally received some well-deserved buffs to our damage rotation. Also, the animated short series for Legion has been announced with a really fancy trailer. Have a look!

Mistweaver Changes

July 7

  • Rising Sun Kick now deals 790% of attack power damage, up from 750%.
  • Blackout Kick now deals 335% of attack power damage, up from 325%.
  • Tiger Palm now deals 90% of attack power damage, down from 100%.

July 13 (Today)

  • Chi Burst now heals for 412.5% of attack power, up from 275%. Damage unchanged.
  • Rising Sun Kick now deals damage for 910% of attack power, up from 790%.
  • Blackout Kick now deals damage for 385% of attack power, up from 335%.
  • Tiger Palm now deals damage for 105% of attack power, up from 90%.

There was a build at July 7 that I didn’t do a post on, since it was rather small, and opted to have it listed here instead. As you can see, the previous build buffed our damaging spells a little bit and then this patch they were buffed even more. This makes levelling easier and fistweaving 2.0 much stronger. All good things!

Harbinger Trailer

I’m for one is excited! The first episode will be out at July 21st, so keep an eye out for it.

Thoughts on Levelling

While the pre-patch is approaching rapidly (some say July 19, but it is uncertain) I’ve been playing around on beta and tried levelling as a Mistweaver. Many wonder how well a healer can level in Legion and if there are any alternatives. Here are some of my thoughts on the matter.

In Legion, every spec has its own artifact weapon. The artifact has its own progression tree, and as you quest in the world and do content, you earn artifact power that you can spend on the progression tree. The result is that most people want to choose and stick to a spec as soon as possible to funnel all artifact power into that specific artifact. Healers are supposed to be able to level up in their healer spec and progress on their artifact from the get-go. Question is, how effective is it to level as a healer? And are there alternatives? Let’s go through the questions in an orderly manner.

Are you locked in a spec throughout the whole levelling experience due to artifacts?
Short answer, no. Due to tri-spec being available for everyone (duo for Demon Hunters, quad for Druids) you can easily switch between all of your available specs. At level 100, you can embark upon your journey for your first artifact and at level 102 you will get the quest for the remaining two.

The artifact power you earn throughout the Broken Isles can be spent on either of the artifacts. Though I would recommend to chose one of them to begin with!

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New Build and Crane Changes

Before took a sour turn last night, there was a new build for the Legion Beta deployed. Only small changes were made, but rather significant ones, particularly regarding the new Fistweaving incarnation for Mistweavers. The final trait of the Sheilun artifact was also notably buffed. Oh, and I have Beta access finally!

Mistweaver Changes

  • Teachings of the Monastery now causes your next Blackout Kick to strike an additional time, stacking up to 3 times. Previously, increased damage on Blackout Kick and Rising Sun Kick by 30%.
  • Teachings of the Monastery now allows Blackout Kick to have a 15% chance to reset the cooldown of Rising Sun Kick, down from 30%.
  • Spirit of the Crane now restore 0.65% mana for every additional Blackout Kick. Previously restored 1% mana for every Blackout Kick or Rising Sun Kick.
  • Mistweaving now increases healing done by 5%-15%, up from 0.5%-10% (depending on rank).

Now what does this mean for the fistweaving rotation? As I have Beta access now, I’ve been able to make a short video of how the new rotation looks like. Have a look!

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New Beta Build and Tuning!

A new beta build for Legion is live! Mistweavers has spun around in the tuning-tumbler and we’ve come out on the other side with a few buffs and a few nerfs. We are also getting closer to the pre-patch; I know I can feel the heat at least. Here are a few tips for your to-do list!  

There are a few things you should do before the pre-patch hit live servers, namely: finish the legendary questline if you’re still on it, get more gold out of your garrison because those missions will be gone, and acquire Challenge Mode gold for Draenor. Not only will you get transmog, but also those nifty portals to the dungeon entrances. I still use mine to Pandaria on occasion!

When the pre-patch hits live servers we will get to enjoy seeing a million Demon Hunters flying around (for those who pre-purchased), everyone will go transmog-crazy and do every legacy raid instance known to human-kind, there will be a minor breakdown from everyone who play a class that has gone through major changes, and then a bigger breakdown for those who believe that the broken damage and healing will remain the same for level 110 as well, and it’ll generally be a derailed, crazy party until Legion launches at August 30th.

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Legion Fashion for Monks

The pre-patch for Legion is closing in rapidly (end of July somewhere is my personal guess, but who knows?) and with it comes the new transmog system. The look of each gear piece will be account-wide and you can finally, FINALLY, clean out your overloaded bags and keep more practical things instead. Like pet tokens. No? Either way, Legion will definitely be an expansion for transmog, and to start off; here’s a post dedicated to the new Monk looks in Legion!

Do note that these looks might not be final and that might see some color changes before the launch (as it happened in Warlords). Also, I’ve added Sheilun with the looks but the animation effects of Sheliun are not rendered on these images; they will look much cooler in-game! That goes especially for the Essence of Calm version of Sheilun.

Oh and Tier 19 now includes a cape as a 6th tier piece (though there’s still only 4-set bonuses). I only included it in the first image to give you a hint of how it looks with and without.

Tier 19 – Vestments of Enveloped Dissonance

NormalT19 Normal

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New Beta Build Ahoy!

A new beta build has deployed, and this time with some minor changes even for Mistweavers! Also, the music for Legion has arrived and it’s sounding distincly elven. It really seems like the next expansion will be an expansion of elves, no arguing.

Mistweaver Changes

  • Mistwrap now increases the healing bonus of Enveloping Mist by 10%, down from 20% (build21796)
  • Spirit of the Crane now causes your next Blackout Kick or Rising Sun Kick restore 1% mana, up from 0.75% (build21796)
  • Renewing Mist now heals for 750% of Spell power, up from 650%.
  • Soothing Mist now heals for 55% of Spell power per tick, up from 50%.
  • Mistwalk and Zen Pulse have had minor tooltip corrections.

Legion Music & Log in Screen

Wowhead’s Playlist of Legion Music

The music does sound amazingly cool, if I do say so myself. I love that we’re moving away from the drums and the horde-orc-ish kind of aesthetics. Enough with the spikes, bring the mysterious dark and elven!

Meanwhile, I’m still stuck in Overwatch swamp. Someone, help.

The Feel of Legion Mistweaver – Part 4

Rejoice, my dear readers, I am back with another Legion Mistweaver article! Today, I want to take a bite of the utility discussion that rages on all forums, in practically every expansion. While utility is heatedly debated in the healer community (the whole utility-decides-raid-spot topic), there’s much I don’t agree and many other points that I think have been overlooked. So in this article I will not only try to explain my point of view on Mistweaver utility in Legion, but also clarify a few things in the debate that I think are a bit misleading.

There are two major points that I think muddies the waters in debates and those are 1) lack of definition of what utility is 2) the importance of utility is often grossly overvalued to 98% of the WoW population due to the discussion about utility in hardcore mythic raiding. And I mean hardcore, as in top 50 guilds that spend months on beta to practice raid, then spend months racing through mythic raids on minimum sleep and probably a crap load of fast food. Top guilds deal with a much more extreme raiding environment; extremely difficult content with bad to worse gear. Utility has a potential for them to be their saving grace, but for us other mortals, it plays a lesser role.

But then people see top guilds discuss utility on forums and very special tactics that use certain classes in very niche ways; it seems to color the debate more than necessary. My point is; while I do want to discuss Mistweaver utility with you guys, also remember that utility is not as important as you’d might think.

And if I here another “but shaman utility” argument against Mistweavers, I swear I will explode. The leading healer classes in HFC >Progresssion< have been Disc, Holy Paladin and Shaman due to the type of healing they provided (absorbs, spirit link totem x2, deep healing mastery, etc). So, don’t even go there, my ear drums will scar of hearing this, I swear to Yu’lon.

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Me and My Small Violin

Legion Beta is up and running! For all you lucky ones, log in and break the servers so they know how to fix it before launch! No seriously, do you worst, it just gives the developers more data for bug fixes and server stability issues. I’d like a nice clean Wow expansion launch for once.

I did not get an invitation for Beta testing, but luckily I can still get access through my boyfriend’s beta. Though, I’d still like my own access so I can get play whenever I want + make my own characters + more time for testing + being able to run dungeons and raid with friends. But I’m not bitter, it could’ve been worse. Could’ve had no access whatsoever. Me and my small violin.

So in the meanwhile, I’m working on the art for Patreon May’s rewards. Got to make all my characters UIs nice and pretty before the launch! This month’s UI is called the Dreamcatcher, and for you who are patrons can watch the sketch of the art on my Patreon page (patrons have access to patron-only blog posts).

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Legion Beta Inc!

Tomorrow (Thursday, 12th of May) Legion will finally go into Beta stage. All specs are available, including artifact acquisition quests and class hall quests. Broken Shore intro is available, all zones are open and world quests have launched. A new wave of Beta invites will come as well!

Personally, I am skeptical that I’ll get an invite because there is a physical law of cosmos that says Ashleah cannot be lucky and get stuff she actually wants, such as invites. But here’s hoping!

If you happen to be a very lucky person and get that pretty Legion: Beta tab in your Blizzard client, here are a few tips of what to do in Beta. Firstly, report all the bugs you come across so most of them have been ironed out for the launch. Secondly: feedback, feedback, feedback! Thirdly, give feedback in a constructive way. There is way too much feedback out there that’s too abstract to be of any help. Here are a few pointers:

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Artifact Traits and Feedback

Datamining has reached the Artifacts talent tree, with all the so-far datamined traits. Fair warning though, this is probably an early sketch of the traits and once it is launched, we will most likely see something entirely different. I have no illusions that the final version will look anything like this, but it does give us an inkling of where the developers are going with the spec. And no one can stop me from speculating and… feedbacking!

An interpretation of the Artifact tree by MMO.

Sheilun traits

Initial Trait (Golden Circle)

The Mists of Sheilun (Rank 1)
When you heal allies, Sheilun has a chance to draw in nearby mists, increasing your healing over time effects by 0% for 10 sec. When this effect ends, Sheilun will release a wave of mist that heals all allies within 0 yards for 0.

Sheilun master versionMajor Traits (Dragon Circles)

Shaohao’s Mists of Wisdom (Rank 1)
Casting Renewing Mist or Enveloping Mist has a chance to cause your staff to create the Mists of Wisdom that will heal a nearby ally with the powers of the mist every 5 sec for 10 sec.

Blessings of Yu’lon (Rank 1)
When you use Revival, the spirit of Yu’lon appears and grants all allies healed by Revival the Blessing of Yu’lon, healing them for an additional 0% of Revival over 6 sec.

Celestial Breath (Rank 1)
When you activate Thunder Focus Tea, you exhale the breath of Yu’lon, healing all allies within 0 yards for 0 over 5 sec.

Minor Traits

Harmony and Focus (Rank 1)
Thunder Focus Tea now has 0 additional charge.

Mists of Life (Rank 1)
Life Cocoon now applies Renewing Mist and Enveloping Mist to the target.

Dancing Mists (Rank 1)
Renewing Mist has a 0% chance to immediately copy itself on another target whenever it is applied.

Coalescing Mists (Rank 3)
Increases the healing of Effuse by 13%.

Shroud of Mist (Rank 3)
Reduces damage taken by 13%.

Way of the Mistweaver (Rank 3)
Increases the healing from Enveloping Mist by 13%.

Protection of Shaohao (Rank 3)
Increase the absorption amount of Life Cocoon by 20%.

Extended Healing (Rank 3)
Increase the duration of Renewing Mist by 8 sec.

Soothing Remedies (Rank 3)
Increase the healing of Soothing Mist by 13%.

Infusion of Life (Rank 3)
Increase the healing of Vivify by 13%.

Spirit Tether (Rank 3)
Enemies within 8 yards of your Transcendence Spirit have their movement speed reduced by 55%.

Light on Your Feet (Rank 3)
After fully channeling Font of Essence, you move 55% faster for 3 sec.

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