Elvui Profile Bonanza

A popular demand have been additional Elvui profiles with action bars. Since I am a graceful hos- I mean blogger, I have added a few (a lot) profiles into my arsenal of UI profiles. I may have gone overboard yet again, but my ambition is a natural byproduct of my passion for UIs.

I have done a basic profile that should fit every class, and then copied it to a myriad of different color schemes. Do note however, when imported it needs some touch-ups which I will go through at the end of this post.

You can find the profiles in:

WeakAuraHub > WeakAura Library > Elvui Profiles

And we have the following themes: OceanSapphire, SerpentJade, GoldenAmber, CrimsonRuby, VoidAmethyst, SunCrystal and BloodShadow.

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UI Addiction, the lost cause

Status; Citrus Rooibos

The Mistweaver have been silent for a while. It is because the Mistweaver found herself in a deep dark hole called user interface addiction and couldn’t dig herself out until the screen was covered in jade mist and mysterious symbols that meant nothing unless you had the secret cheat note. The Mistweaver has currently seen a spot of light and can communicate with the outside world again. For a while, at least. The Mistweaver will stop talking about herself in third person now.

If you’ve seen my latest video, my Gruul mythic kill, you may have noticed that my UI looks about 300% more spaced out now with 200% more Monk references. Yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing the past days and it’s not even half of it. I may or may not have done an equal effort to pimp my Windwalker and Brewmaster UI in the same fashion.

“Hello, my name is Ashleah and I am a UI addict. It has been 20 minutes since I last tweaked my weakauras.”

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Additions to Addons and WeakAura Library

I’ve added some more addons and weakauras!

Added Addons

  • Clique
  • BLT Raid Cooldowns
  • Elvui – Shadow&Light
  • Mogit

Added WeakAuras

  • Chi Brew
  • Chi Torpedo
  • Mistweaver T17 2-set bonus – Mistweaving
  • Mistweaver T17 4-set bonus – Chi’ji’s Guidance

I am in a little bit of a hurry because I’m going away for a short skiing holiday and I haven’t packed in time. None of the addons or weakauras have any images attached yet, but I think you can manage. Let me know if the auras work or not! I won’t have proper internet for a week so I might not be able to fix anything until I get back. But if there are any problems, I’ll fix it then (but let’s hope it won’t be needed). I’ll still be able to check my twitter if you have any questions.

Anyway, until next week!

Introducing my WeakAura Library

Jade Library

After a lot of work I’m finally done with my WeakAura Library! Here you can find export strings to many WeakAuras for Mistweavers. There are Mistweaver cooldowns, general Monk cooldowns and some indicators. Take a look at it here:

WeakAura Library

And yes, the very sought-after Mana and Chi indicator can be found there.

Copy the export string, then go into WoW. Use the /wa commando to bring the Weakaura menu up then click on Import and paste the export string.

If you want to move the weakaura (which you likely want to do), select the weakaura you want to move by clicking on the group in the menu (not the specific auras within the group). Then the weakaura will pop up on your screen. You can move the aura by clicking and dragging on the anchor at the centre of the aura. Place the aura where you want it to be. If you want to have a more precise location on the aura, click on the aura in the menu then go to “Group”. At the bottom you can find X-offset and Y-offset coordinates where you can specify where you want the aura more exactly.

If you want to change size or color you have to open up the weakaura group (there’s a small plus sign to extend the group). You have to change each aura individually, so click on the aura then “Display”. There you can play around with the looks of the aura.

Hope you guys like it!

WeakAura for Crane Stance / Fistweaving

I have noticed that there is a severe lack of WeakAura trackers for Crane stance on the internet. So I thought, why won’t I try to create some then? How hard can it be?

Well, it wasn’t easy but it could be done. WeakAuras can be quite complicated but once you get the gist, it’s easy to produce several trackers in a row. I have updated my addon section with these, but I’ll paste them here as well!

WeakAuras for Stance of the Spirited Crane

Also known as fistweaving!

Crane stance WA
Trackers – before and after proc

WeakAura string for Tiger Strikes here.
WeakAura string for Vital Mists here.
WeakAura string for Crane’s Zeal here.
WeakAura string for Tiger Power here.
WeakAura string for Rising Sun Kick Debuff here.

If you’re wondering what the hell these little buggers are, head over to the strategy section to do your Crane stance studies.

Note that the Tiger Strikes is a buff you get from auto attacks (far left). The Rising Sun Kick symbol (far right) refers to the debuff the spell of the same name applies on enemies. It is is programmed to be activated when your target has the debuff (otherwise it’s shiny and grey).

Also note that these trackers are only visible in Crane stance! When you enter Serpent stance these will magically vanish only to reappear again when you re-enter Crane stance. Handy right?


EDIT; You can find more and improved WeakAuras in my WeakAura Library!