Weakaura Updates, New Transmogs and More

Time flies when you’re having fun, and I’ve been playing World of Warcraft like crazy. Enough to forget to update the blog as I should. But I will try to rectify that now! Here is the first batch of updates, concerning weakauras and transmog.

Weakaura HUDs for all three Monk specs

New and updated HUDs for all three specs are available here:

Weakaura Hub > WeakAura Library > Mistweaver Icon Auras

Artifact Custom Transmogs

A new page with 23 new custom transmog that matches your Sheilun model and tint! Can be found here:

Transmog Guide > Artifact Transmog

Death Knight UI up on Gumroad

For those that want to own the art for Death Knight UI, fear no more! It is up for sale on my Gumroad shop. Want more detail on this UI? Check out the relevant help post.

Personal Stuff – Hey, where you’ve been?

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft like crazy, most likely on a quite unhealthy level. But I’ve been enjoying myself immensely, even leveling and gearing all my alts (I have one of each class). Though I must say, the more I play other classes, the more I realize how much I love the Monk class. Nothing can beat it in my mind!

But I must pull myself together. The blog is in dire need of updates, I am aware. There’s so much to do, and unfortunately I’ve been coerced to take vacation by my parents. When I was young they simply told me what to do, now when I’m an independent adult they simply whine and make you so incredibly guilty unless you spend some time with them. Which is fine, just bad timing. I will have to bring my laptop so I can be somewhat productive at least. I hope.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new weakauras and transmog available!

8 thoughts on “Weakaura Updates, New Transmogs and More”

  1. Hello Ashleah!
    I really enjoy your blog, and always read your monk guides as a reference to heal. I look forward to testing the new WA today! I would like to know your opinion about how to heal first phase of the Fallen Avatar, people get very spread out and it seems that Chi-Ji does not heal enough, I always do very badly in this fight.

    Thank you!

    P.S.: I wish you a great vacations and enjoy it your way!

    1. Hello Liara!
      Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate it!
      Regarding the Avatar fight, make sure you use renewing mist on cd, and preferably your thunder focus tea to get even more renewing mists rolling on the raid. In between renew cd, use vivify as a filler and only essence font when you have at least 6 players close to you. Also, keep using Chi-ji! he’s still the best option for this fight.

      Hope this helped you a little bit!

  2. Hi, love the hud. Will you be updating it for 8.0 and beyond to account for the removal of the artifact among other things? I use a similar hud right now but unfortunately the player that was making it is not returning to wow. Your hud, for me, is just the best thing I’ve seen for clarity and ease of use. Thanks for the great work and easy to use guides.

      1. Hi,

        Wonderful site, it’s always a pleasure to come back here.

        Me too I’ve been using the HUD on all my 3 spec, I love the look and it does contain everything. I understood you would not update it, but could you post the original for the 3 spec (even if not updated) ? I tried to update it and messed so much I would not mind getting an “original” version as backup and for inspiration.


          1. Awww .tahnks, I guess I’m good to look at your new one :) or to try to fix the old one with it. The new one is ncie, but I think it take too much space, and one line for each talent line. Where before, the dynamic cooldown bar was perfect.


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