Quick Alpha Update

Yesterday, a new build deployed, which mainly focused on bug fixes. There are however a few mistweaver changes to note. To boot, Brewmasters have had an intense discussion on the official forums with developers that can be of significance from a healer perspective.

Mistweaver Changes

  • Effuse now costs 2% mana, up from 1.8% mana.
  • Zen Pulse had a minor tooltip correction.
  • Eminence (the PvP talent, that is) now also increases the healing of Mistwalk by 30%.

First off, Eminence now reduces the cooldown of Transcendence:Transfer by 5 sec AND increases the healing of Mistwalk. This is a beautiful case of alpha being alpha, since Mistwalk actually replaces Transcendence (that is still in place, I checked). I assume they meant “or” since we can’t have both buffs, or possibly if they are meaning to revert it so that you can have Mistwalk and Transcendence. I frankly have no idea at this point.

Brewmaster Discussion

I’m not into any other spec than Mistweavers, but the discussion on the Brewmaster thread was interesting even from a healer perspective. It regards on how Brewmasters (and healers) should treat their health as a resource. I recommend reading it, Celestalon did go quite in-depth on the matter. Here’s an excerpt:

Posted by Celestalon, Blizzard.
Now for the benefits of staying damaged. Presumably, if you’re in much danger as a Brewmaster, you’re likely in group content, and are getting some external healing. Consider what form that healing takes. It varies based on the spec of healer(s) with you, but a safe assumption is that there is a mixture of steady healing (such as HoTs) and large direct heals (such as Flash of Light). Healer mana matters in Legion (and we want to make sure that spending mana on tanks is an important part of that), so minimizing how much healing you need is important. If you stay at full health most of the time, and occasionally spike low, that wastes most of the steady healing (HoTs), making them mostly overheal. By staying damaged, the HoTs can do their job.
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Now, I’m off to bed. Nighty!

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