New Monk UIs and Custom Art

I’ve been looking forward to sharing this for a long time. The past month I’ve been working on some new free UIs and textures for Monks. This is of course part of the update for my blog, which still has a few outdated pages (but a few less now!). These UIs are very simple Elvui profiles with some extra custom art and textures, and I hope you’ll like them!

It’s all for free, but some links lead to my Gumroad store. Just type in 0$ to download the art packages for free, or add a few dollars to show support for my work. Thanks! :)

Download Elvui Profile here: Elvui Profiles
Download Icon HUD here: Weakaura Icons
Download Custom art here: Custom Art Textures

Monk UIs

Custom Art

I hope to add more custom art in the future. But for now, I’m gonna return to my Patreon work so I can eat this month (hurr durr). If you like my art and hope to get some more fancier UIs for all your classes, you can subscribe to my Patreon and get new art every month or so!

Misty Teahouse on Patreon

Next up is the Warrior UI, which I hope to finish just in time for the March deadline. Yeah, I’m gonna need to start working on it now.

16 thoughts on “New Monk UIs and Custom Art”

  1. Hi Ashleah, I am almost finish setting up my UI using mostly your ZenUI (and I’m grabbing some of these art especially the Chi-Ji and Focus Tea hehe)

    I only used this for mythic dungeons so I may have to adjust the bars for non LFR raiding but so far I like how neat and clean looking it is. Definitely worth it! Thank you!

    Oh and just a suggestion, it might be worth it to make simple videos like:
    1) How to make a texture always appear (Trigger > Conditions > Always Trigger) .
    2) How to make a simple castbar using your textures.
    3) How to make a texture appear behind your normal frames (chat/player/target)
    I was stuck with these questions for awhile and I don’t know, I just feel like a new customer might find these simple videos really helpful especially if this is their first UI overhaul using custom textures and especially using the addon WeakAuras. Just my two cents.

    Here’s my UI.

    1. Hi Dex8 :)
      I’m a new customer and I have these exact questions ahaha, how did you make the texture appear behind normal frames??

    1. Hi Felldoh :)
      Your UI looks awesome, I also just downloaded ZenUI but it’s the first time I’ve used custom textures so I’m a little lost as to how to implement them into the game like you’ve done with the chat/map borders etc, how do I get mine looking like yours??

  2. Hey, i am really enjoying this UI so far, but i’ve got a few issues. Firstly, when i cast renewing or enveloping mist on someone, the icon on the raid frames isnt the same as it is normally ( its just blank green ) Any idea how to solve this? Also, do You use the same frames for healing mythic+ and raids? The ones You have on Your screenshot are a bit too little for my taste, so i’ve been wondering if You use something else.

    1. You can change the icons in Filter and go to Select Filter > Buff Indicator and then choose a spell you want to change and change Colored Icon to Textured Icon.

      The frames in my screenshots are raid frames, so they’re naturally smaller. If you’re in a party you get the party frames, which are bigger. You can change size in Unitframes to whatever you like as well. :)

  3. Hi Ashleah!

    I just downloaded these UI packs. I’m new to your interface art for the most part, and am slightly confused on one part. I am not sure how to organize the .tga files into the right subfolders in the MediaShare_MyMedia folder. You have background, border, font, sound, and statusbar. Do I need to serperate them or do I put them all in the statusbar subfolder like in your example for Steel UI.

    1. Ok, textures such as TextureSteel, TextureMistweaver, TextureBrewmaster and TextureWindwalker should go in the MediaShare_MyMedia folder and in the statusbar subfolder in order to be installed.

      All the rest of the custom art doesn’t need to be installed sharedmedia so they have their own folder. It should be World of Warcraft > Interface > Addons and in the addons folder create a new folder called MistyTeahouse and in that folder create one called MonkPRO where you put all the art files.

      Technically you can put the art wherever you like but then you need to change the path file in the Weakauras so that the addon can find the art. So it’s easier just to create the folders just like I have and the addon should find the art with no further modification. :)

  4. So hey, I’m trying to get ”Custom Art for Announcement Auras (Spells Ready)” working, but as it appears I’ve only got four files in the folder from Gumdrop. And those are -RingBG, RingMW, RingWW, RingBM-. So my texture for the ”ready” spells cannot be found as art and are shown as green squares. Would appreciate any help possible, thank you.

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