Breakfast at Peak of Serenity – Gear Models

Peak of SerenityIwowx4-artwork-91-fulln the coming dawn of a new expansion, it is only pertinent to discuss what new content will come – because let’s face it, we have already left Draenor behind, at least in our minds (I know I think more often of Legion than current content). One possible change that has been little discussed is gear models. Or are they called archetypes? Whichever – I am talking about the base model of our gear. Every expansion we see more and more detail to the textures, but not much actual development of the base model.

If we look at the original sketches of tier sets, we can see a whole look that has only vaguely come across in the game. Shoulders and head gear are the most developed ones, while the chest piece often looks flat and formless. I know that the game is over 10 years old and there’s a limit of how much one can expect of it to perform graphic-wise. But we have seen development in some parts of the gear models – can’t we expect the same on chest pieces? Or preferably, every gear piece?

Diablo MonkIn Heroes of the Storm, the Diablo Monk hero Kharazim have received a Jade Dragon skin. Can I just start by explaining how awesome it looks and how awfully bitter it makes me that we can’t have such prettiness in World of Warcraft? Diablo’s own female Monk can also look like a badass with flair. Blizzard, please, stop. I can’t handle this.

Okay, Heroes of the Storm’s graphic is an impossible standard to set for a 10 year old game. However, can’t we have World of Warcraft’s graphic approach this type of style? A few more options of how chest pieces look – some that might be closer to today’s version of the tabard, perhaps. I know that I would like to a have a fresh set of transmog in Legion. What types of new gear models would you like to see?

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  1. It os a shame really . i feel like the chest slot is mostly throw away for my charecters and usually just cover them with a tabard. they may be because i play mostly male pandas, trolls and tauron. so i just go with what ever matchs. What would i like to see ? honestly i would love to see more focus on improving the chest piece and the ability to turn off shoulders like we can helms. Improve the design of chest pieces and give them the level of detail that the shoulders have. also kinda tired of only using 2-3 shoulder pieces because there are so few that have a low profile ..

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