Blizzcon Day 1 – Announcement and News

hämtaFirst day of Blizzcon, and in celebration I’ve corked up my Mohawk Blizzard beer (probably the best porter there is) and watched the whole show online. Today there weren’t too many surprises WoW-wise, but I’ll summarize a little of what was brought up on the WoW panels.

There was one panel about the Warcraft Movie, which we still don’t know much about other than the story will be 50% about the Horde and 50% about the Alliance. We saw some of the actors and they talked a little about the work and characters (Durotan and Orgrim amongst others). Still no trailers though.

On the WoW panel we got a small summary of a lot of things we already knew, but some new things as well. Reduction in CC, ability pruning, item squish and healing gameplay were among the topics that were brought up.

For healing gameplay the biggest announcement was probably that Blizzard acknowledged that Discs had been overpowered for a year. I think we all can agree on that, haha. In general though, the developers talked about how healing was in MoP. The constant knockdown of health bars only to be healed back to full in seconds (“health bar whiplash”), the redundancy of spirit, too many smart heals etc. It all boiled down to that healing was very punishing and unfun in MoP.

To rectify this in WoD, the developers have changed the philosophy completely. Healing gameplay will be a lot more tactical than reactive. Since our health pools have doubled we will have time to choose which spells are best to use for the situation, instead of just smashing our heads to the keyboard and heal everyone to full health at a tick. So the pace will be slower which will allow us to make decisions about what spells to cast. Smart heals will be dumber as well so the game won’t play itself for us.

Mana scaling will be brought back in line, so we will have sufficient mana but it won’t be overpowered as in MoP. If we run out of mana we have will have efficient spells but smaller spells to use while mana regenerate.

That was about it that concerned WoW healing. Then there was of course a lot of other really, really big news. For one; Overwatch. Blizzard’s very own multiplayer FPS game. And it looks bloody awesome! I’ll do a little sidenote about it here;

Overwatch – Blizzard’s Shooter

It is a completely new game with awesome colourful graphics that stars a cast of new heroes in a futuristic world. The gameplay is a bit like Team Fortress 2, except it’s Blizzard. I fell in love with it immediately. Here are some screenshots;

What I liked most about it is that each hero has their own background story and a very strong personality. We were presented with 12 awesome heroes who fit 4 different roles. This is the exciting bit; the roles are tank, defence, offense and support! That is kind of rare in a FPS to have such a variety. Each character will have an affinity for a certain role but will not be completely defined by it. It’s a very fast paced and fluent gameplay. Here are some of the heroes.

I saw some of the gameplay and it looks like tons of fun. I seriously recommend taking a peak at their site: Overwatch .

But that’s it for today. It’s 3 am in Sweden right now so I’m off to bed! I’ll do another post tomorrow, nighty!

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