Tea Mist and Blackrock Foundry Bosses

OregorgerI’m back from a shorter skiing holiday again! I hope you guys have missed me, because I’ve surely missed you. But I haven’t been sitting completely idly, or spent too much time on the after-skis, I’ve also been writing on my Blackrock Foundry guides! I’ve just completed another set of three bosses and I except to be finished with the next set of three within the week. Here they are;

Oregorger Encounter Guide

Flamebender Ka’graz Encounter Guide

Operator Thogar Encounter Guide

They really take time to make, so you might already know the basics of each fight. However, I keep expanding on the Mistweaver specific section for each Blackrock Foundry boss. You can still learn something by reading them, I hope!

We’ve also had a few runs after the notorious and quite tumultuous Mana Tea change that happened in patch 6.1. How have you guys been doing after that? Me, I’m still bonus rolling and praying to Yu’lon for a good spirit trinket. I haven’t passed 1200 spirit even! But it has actually been working better than I thought. I’ve been Crane healing a lot more to compensate for my bad mana regen, and made full use of all free healing spells there is. So, not so bad.

It’s still a bit annoying that you are so dependent on getting those trinkets. At least now they’ve wiped our loot table from DPS gear, making sure we actually get spirit on our bonus rolls / caches. Though if you were looking for a good Intellect trinket, that’s bad news. Can’t say I’m too sorry from a Mistweaver point of view though, since we are suddenly so dependent on spirit. Hopefully, they’ll make spirit a more attractive stat in the future, like adding spell power to healers as they discussed before. Here’s hoping!

Now I’m going to make some more tea. IRL tea that is. How about some green?

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  1. Thanks a lot for these! I came upon your blog when trying to find some good Mistweaver guides (i.e.: not Noxxic or Icy Veins’s) and it’s been really helpful so far.

    As simple as it may seem, my biggest problem was refusing to use Crane stance seriously. I’m a bit curious about Kromog in that regard, because I’ve found I just don’t ever have time to switch to Crane stance, otherwise I don’t have enough Renewing Mists up on the raid to deal with Stone Breath. Looking forward to it!

    1. Hello and thank you for commenting :)
      I’ve also struggled a little with good usage of Crane stance (bar the opener which I always do in Crane). But I’m starting to appreciate more now when I’ve struggled with my mana regen. Some fights are more friendly to stance dancing than others, and it also depends a little of your raid composition, progression etc. Favourite fights for Crane healing are however Gruul, Blast Furnace, Thogar and Iron Maidens. There are always some predictable points where I know I can safely Crane heal without losing raid members.

      I know some great Mistweavers out there who spend the majority of the time in Crane stance, so obviously it has great uses even if it doesn’t top the healing meters. But it requires some experience and practice until you perfect your stance dancing. I know I’ve struggled with it for some time! But hey, practice makes perfect :)

  2. Hi,

    Stumbled upon your website last week when I re-rolled Mistweaver and it’s been a massive help to me learning how to play. I’m used to healing as I come from Disc/Holy Paladin background but it is a very different style of healing and it hit me like a truck when I first started out. I was constantly OOM and felt like I couldn’t get groups back up without using Revival.

    Patch 6.1 has made me possibly too mana concious now though and I find myself healing less in fear of running OOM if I haven’t got enough tea stacks. I use Crane on the opener when I can and also during fights if possible but I absolutely HATE using it. I’ve never been a fan of healers being required to do damage (I’d say Crane pretty much is required in 6.1 for a part of all fights) ever since Atonement came into the mix; it’s just not what I want to do as a healer. However it hasn’t swayed me from the spec and I look forward to your new posts to see where I can improve.

    1. Yeah, Mistweaver’s mana management is in an entirely different category of itself. Some people seem to like the meta minigame of Mana Tea stacks, and some I know absolutely hate it. I’m somewhere in between on that point. Although you have to stop and channel Mana Tea when other healers don’t have to, if you handle it properly you are awarded with a much better mana regen than other healers (provided that you have somewhat good spirit trinkets now in 6.1). There have been many long fights where the other healers in my team are completely OoM while I’m still going strong.

      It’s still a very difficult spec to learn and it requires some more practice than other healer specs. But that what makes Mistweavers so much fun! ^^

  3. Thank you for your blog, it is really helping to improve my healing. A couple of questions for you:

    – Do you ever use the Mana Tea glyph? I find that it helps smooth out my mana regen over the fight, but I’m not sure if taking up so many GCDs is a good thing.

    – Since only non-buffed spirit contributes to our Mana Tea regen, should Mistweavers prefer throughput (caster) trinkets over spirit proc trinkets?

    1. I’m allergic to the Mana Tea glyph, haha. I always want to be able to channel Mana Tea when I have the time, instead of spreading it out on several GCDs. That way I can burst heal for a longer period of time and quickly get the mana back up afterwards, as opposed to having to break my bursting with several Mana Tea GCDs.

      As for the trinket question; trinkets with spirit procs still contribute greatly to our mana regen. As long as you are struggling with mana, you should always prioritize spirit trinkets, though the ones with passive spirit are of course the most effective since they affect our Mana Tea as well. If you are feeling comfortable with your mana however, you can go with a throughput trinket, no problems.

      So far, I think the best combos are currently Elementalist’s Shielding Talisman (passive spirit + ms proc) with either Ironspike Chew Toy (intellect + spirit proc) or Blackiron Micro Crucible (intellect + ms proc), depending on your mana regen.

      1. Hey Ashleah,
        I would like to add again my voice to the one of those praising your blog. Indeed, it has been very helpful to the all lot of us :)

        Anyway, back at Mistweavers after 6.1. Personally, I feel way less powerful now then before. The fact that I MUST now to open with Crane Stance (or switch to it mid fight) and the fact that I had to give up 334 Int on a trinket (in order to get Spirit) are the main reasons why I feel my healing is way lower/less effective than it was before. Of course, I have also to admit that I’ve managed to put my hand on the 2pieces T17 bonus yet…one day I will, I’m sure of it!

        Still, I wanted to ask you something too about trinket. I’ve been quite lucky with their drop from HM and BRF missions, so here it’s what I currently have at my disposal:
        -665 Everburning Candle (Int + Mana every2 mins)
        -685 Quiescent Runestone (Int + loads of Multi and Haste)
        -691 Mark of Rapid Replication (Tons of Spirit + other irrelevant stats)
        -695 Elementalist’s Shileding Talisman (Tons of Spirit + awsome multi proc)
        What do you think is the best trinket combination?
        Pre 6.1, I used the Quiescent Runestone + Everburning. Had no mana issue and felt quite strong as a healer. Then, I gave up Everburning’s 334 Int for the over 400 Spirti given by Mark of Replication. However, having 300 Int less has made me fell way less effective.
        So should I go full-spirit-trinkets (I’ll end up with 2115 spirit in that case, but only 5550 Spell Power) and spam like crazy less powerful healings, but with no mana issues at all (I think I could even forget about Crane Stance completely)? or should I go full Int like before? Or just a combination of the two (Elementalist’s thingy + Quiescent so I won’t give up almoust 4% Multi)?

        What do you think?

        1. Yes, I’d say the best combo is one strong spirit trinket and then one strong intellect trinket. It’s best to have as much intellect as possible without having your mana regen suffering too much. Elementalist’s Shielding Talisman is golden in that regard it gives both spirit and proc our attunement stat. Combine it with a throughput trinket and you should have quite a nice combo.

          I think you can go quite far with just around 1600 spirit (roughly) and you don’t need the exact value of Mana Tea as we had before 6.1. It depends a little on your healing style and talents. Mistweavers who use Crane healing could probably go with a little less spirit, and Mistweavers who use Rushing Jade Wind frequently might just need a little bit more. It’s really hard to say the exact amount of spirit you should aim for since there are so many variables that affect it. The best way is probably to go for as much Intellect as you can and have enough spirit to feel like you have a comfortable mana regen.

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