New Year approaching, new raid dawning

Christmas has passed here in Sweden, and I hope all my readers have had a very good holiday. In a few days it’ll be New Years eve, and whether that entails a big party or a cozy evening, I wish you all good year. Things to look forward in 2015 is that we will finally be able to put our teeth into the new raid Blackrock Foundry!

Admittedly, the raid will not open until the beginning of February. But there are somethings that should be prepared before that. Blackrock Foundry has three wings before the final boss Blackhand. These are Slagworks, The Black Forge and Iron Assembly. Each wing have three bosses, making the total of bosses in BRF to 10 bosses.

That is a lot of bosses. Most likely, your guild will require you to know all tactics of at least the wing your raid will start in. I really recommend to start studying for these bosses in January, at a even pace. Try to learn 2-3 bosses each week and you be properly prepared once the raid opens. Here’s a list of the bosses:

Slagworks: Gruul, The Blast Furnace and Oregorger

The Black Forge: Hans’gar&Franzok, Firebender Ka’graz and Kromog

Iron Assembly: Beastlord Darmac, Operator Thogar and Iron Maidens

Final Boss: Blackhand

FatbossTV is a good place to start. They have made videos from the Beta where they go through each boss’s abilities. IcyVeins is also a good place to go to, once they have made the guides (which they haven’t at this point, but I’m sure they’ll be up soon). Dayani, who is my favourite healer theorycrafter, will put up Blackrock Foundry guides on WowHead soon enough.

For now, the best is to watch the videos from Beta and screen the Dungeon Journal on each boss. The best tip I can give you is to make your own notes on each boss’s strategy. This helps you remember when the raid finally opens and you can add on the notes as you progress. It seems that Slagworks is the easiest wing at this point, and the wing that most guilds will start with.

You probably won’t need to start studying right away, but don’t let the lull of the holidays carry you too far. Soon, we will get to the real fun part so you need to be prepared!

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