Mistweaver Discussion – Tier 17 “Battlegear of the Somber Gaze”

In the new raid Blackrock Foundry we will finally be able to get our spanking new tier gear; Battlegear of the Somber Gaze. Here I’ll discuss some aspects of the tier to give you an all-round look on the new gear.

The Basics

Tier 17

Normal-tuned ilvl 665
Head: Helm of the Somber Gaze
Stats: 154 Multistrike, 154 Haste
Token Drop: Kromog (The Black Forge, Blackrock Foundry)

Shoulders: Mantle of the Somber Gaze
Stats: 116 Multistrike, 116 Mastery
Token Drop: Operator Thogar (Iron Assembly, Blackrock Foundry)

Chest: Vest of the Somber Gaze
Stats: 135 Critical Strike, 165 Haste
Token Drop: Flamebender Ka’graz (The Black Forge, Blackrock Foundry)

Legs: Legwraps of the Somber Gaze
Stats: 165 Critical Strike, 135 Multistrike
Token Drop: The Blast Furnace (Slagworks, Blackrock Foundry)

Gloves: Handwraps of the Somber Gaze
Stats: 116 Critical Strike, 116 Mastery
Token Drop: Iron Maidens (Iron Assembly, Blackrock Foundry)

2 Set Bonus Discussion

2-set bonus (Mistweaver): Every time your Soothing Mist heals a target your multistrike chance is increased by 5%. Consuming a 5 stack of Vital Mists generates 1 Chi.

Let’s deal with the Serpent stance part of the bonus first. This one I have tested on the Beta. The gist is that every time your Soothing Mist does a healing tick, you get a buff called “Mistweaving” that gives you 5% more multistrike, which stacks. At the eighth tick, you are up at 40% more multistrike, but the buff disappears as soon as you stop channeling Soothing Mist. You’ll only have the 40% for a fraction of a second (if you can even see it, most likely you’ll only notice the 30-35% stack).

The 2-set bonus is strong for multiple reasons. The first is of course a very strong boost in tank-healing, since you’ll often channel the full cast of Soothing Mist when healing a tank. But since the departure from snapshotting, the 2-set bonus will also affect AoE healing. Let me explain.

Pre-WoD, once you cast a spell that had a periodic time effect (a HoT or a DoT), that spell will be based on the current primary and secondary stats when the spell was cast (which remains the full length of the periodic effect). Very skilled players used this to cast out especially strong DoTs and HoTs once their trinkets or others buffs procced. Blizzard removed this because the skill ceiling was too high and the mechanic wasn’t very intuitive.

In WoD, periodic effects are now dynamic. Each tick will check your current stats and base themselves on that. If a trinket suddenly procs, any active periodic effect will base their ticks on the new higher stats. There’s no need for highly skilled snapshotting, the periodic effects will automatically change to your new stats for you.

For the Mistweaver 2-set bonus, it means that while we cast Soothing Mist and get high stacks of “Mistweaving”, our currently active Renewing Mists, Enveloping Mists, and Xuen’s damage and healing will also gain the high multistrike chance. This is how the set bonus can also affect our AoE healing.

Haste will also affect our 2-set bonus, since it changes how Soothing Mist works. You will not gain extra ticks from haste on SoM, it’ll only be a faster cast. That means you’ll have less active time of each stack, but on the other hand you’ll build up to the higher stacks of Mistweaving faster. Since you’re probably not stacking haste, it doesn’t really make it better or worse.

It also has a Crane stance part, which gives us one Chi each time we consume 5 stacks of Vital Mists. This means that it shortens the time we have to be in Crane stance to get X stacks of Mana Tea, which is a great boost!

4 Set Bonus Discussion

4-set bonus (Mistweaver): Surging Mist multistrikes cause your next Thunder Focus Tea to generate 1 Chi. Stacks up to 2 times.

This set bonus is a little more intuitive. When Surging Mist multistrikes (which it does quite often) you’ll get a buff called “Chi-Ji’s Guidance”, which stacks up to two times. Each stack will cause your next Thunder Focus Tea cast to also generate one Chi, meaning you’ll get two Chi if you have two stacks.

The bonus will basically give you an extra charge of Chi Brew (but TFT instead), with a 45 sec cooldown instead of 1 minute cooldown. Thunder Focus Tea is like Chi Brew usable while channeling Soothing Mist without breaking the cast. Having two extra Chi on demand with less cooldown than Chi Brew is a very powerful and welcome boost.


Once you’ll start raiding in Blackrock Foundry, your first priority is to get the 2-set bonus. Which parts of the gear doesn’t matter until you’re in a position where you can be picky. When you can be picky, you should go for the legs with Crit+Multistrike from the Blast Furnace in Slagworks. Second best is the head with Multistrike+Haste, which drops from Kromog in the Black Forge.

The 4-set is up for debate. While the bonus is good, is it good enough to justify the less than optimal stats on the tier gear pieces? I think that’s a question for every Mistweaver to answer themselves. But I’ll probably start with the 4-set if I’m lucky enough on the rolls (I only have about eight million shamans in my raid to roll against on the token). The fifth piece I’d rule out from the list would be the gloves with Crit+Mastery. Then if I’d get a hold of gear pieces with optimal stats I would test which setup I like best. But I’ll probably go for the 4-set bonus!

EDIT; I have continued the discussion about the 2-set bonus here. You’ll find more in-depth use of the bonus set and a lot of tips and tricks.

10 thoughts on “Mistweaver Discussion – Tier 17 “Battlegear of the Somber Gaze””

  1. How long does “Mistweaving” last if you didn’t use SM to push past the 40% mark? In other words, if I’m concerned with stretching out the buff as long as possible, can I sit at 35% for a period of time? This is esp important for those of us who heal large raids on a regular basis. I need as many Multi-procs of RMs as I can get.

  2. How long does the buff “Mistweaving” last if not pushed past the 40% Multi mark? In other words, I want to sit at 35% in order to maximize my time with the buff for more RM procs. This is esp. important in large sized raids. I’m not too concerned with leaving SM out of my rotation if it means I can keep a huge Multi-buff up (i have a disc priest and Hpall who do the tank healing for 70% of fights).

    1. You gain one extra stack of Mistweaving every time Soothing Mist does a healing tick. As soon as you stop channeling Soothing Mist the buff drops immediately, so you can’t keep the buff active unless you’re channeling SoM.

  3. Hello there,
    I am a fellow Mistweaver, even though I have to admit I still need to improve a lot (for instance, I love Serpent Stance healing, but seldomly switch to Crane Stance. Melee range for me is nightmare, even though I like the monk’s way of healing).

    Anyway, I was surprised to see how the 2 set bonus for T17 lasts only while you channel Soothing Mist. I really looked forward to have a multistrike buff that I could use in concert with Uplift. Still, after your explanation, I can see how it can be useful.
    I have also made another consideration. With Patch 6.1, Chi Explosion will be theoretically usable while you channel Soothing Mist in Serpent Stance. So, if that change will stick, you will have Chi Explosion benefitting from up to 40% bonus Multistrike. Isn’t that a huge boost or maybe even a little too powerful? Will Chi Explosion become mandatory? What do you think?

    Hope to hear what you have to say on this one. And great site, btw! :)

    1. Hello Kadfel!
      Chi Explosion will definitely interact with the 2-set bonus, though I would say it’s hard to sniper it at the 8th tick which is just at the end of the cast. It’s more likely you’ll hit the 6th or 7th tick which is at 30-35% multistrike. And you have to consider that Chi Explosion have three components; a direct heal, a HoT and the healing spheres (if we talk about the 4CE). The multistrike will only have time to affect the direct heal when you cast it at the end of a Soothing Mist channel. That being said, at 6 targets cap Uplift is normally stronger than CE, but if you can sniper CE at 30-35% it becomes slightly stronger than Uplift (according to some quick calculations I did.) Uplift will still have the benefit of being usable even if the raid is spread. So I’d say CE will not be mandatory, but it’ll definitely be competitive with Uplift! I’ll dig into it and see how it turns out.

      1. Competitive is something. At least, you have the chance to decide between two viable options also while healing at a distance. Plus, if MMO Champion is right, they will also buff the healing component by 40% when in Serpent Stance. That might be another way of making Chi Explosion more interesting, isn’t it?

        From my stand point, the 2 pieces T17 bonus will change greatly my way of healing. Most of the time, I do not even channel Soothing Mist to avoid overhelaing, restore mana without spending anything or to blanket the raid with RM in preparation for heavy AoE damage. Now, considering that Surging Mist (2 pieces bonus on SM will make your 4 pieces bonus be up way more then I had expected, so nice sinergy there too) and especially Renewing Mist may beneffit from the Multistrike Boost, I will have to change the way I perform entirely by channeling SooM every time I can! And if Chi Explosion becomes viable, I might have to put my beloved Uplift to rest for a while.

        Another question: how do you see the incoming change to Mana Tea? Each stack should refund 3 times your unbuffed spirit in the future rather than 4% of your mana. Now the usefulness of 3rd Tier talents should become more open open to discussion, isn’t it?

        By the way, thanks for your feedback :)

        P.S: If you chain-soothing mist, basically refreshing it before it expires, are you capable of keeping the 40% buff or will it go away anyway?

        1. Yeah, I forgot to mention that I already included the 40% buff to Chi Explosion in the calculations. It goes from 1511,25% to 1875,75% and two uplifts are at 1980% if it hits at least 6 targets. The multistrike stacks would tip Chi Explosion just over Uplift in 6.1.
          I already have the 2-set and 4-set bonus, so I use Soothing Mist as my filler whenever I have the time. Especially when Xuen is up!
          As for the Mana Tea, the 3xspirit is a pretty considerable nerf, especially since it doesn’t include procced spirit so you need to have trinkets with base spirit to get enough. Ascendance has never been a good talent but Mistweavers might have to resort to it if they can’t enough spirit to get their mana regen in check.
          And sad to say, no you can’t uphold the 40%MS stacks, they disappear as soon as the same Soothing Mist channel ends (no matter when it does). But it might have been a little overpowered if you could ^^

  4. Hello there! So I want your opinion and what you think. I got these Mythic pants that increase Intellect by 42 and increase Multistrike by 78. The down side to this is that I would be breaking my 4 set bonus. With doing this I would replace the chest to the Gruul one (which is MW off piece.) Overall would it be an upgrade? (P.S. All tier pieces mentioned are heroic ones.)

    1. That is a tricky one. I haven’t done any math on the 4-set yet, but spontaneously I would probably go with the stat upgrade. The 4-set add 2 Chi every 45 second if you use TfT on cooldown which also leads to half a mana tea stack at the same rate, so it is a really good bonus. But there are some bad stats on a few of the tier items, and the intellect and multistrike increase applies to all of our spells. Without having looked at the in-depth math of it, I don’t dare to give you any decisive answer but I’m leaning towards the stat upgrade.

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