Blackrock Foundry Maps (Updated) and Boss Order

FoundryNow that it Blackrock Foundry has finally launched, I thought I’d update the maps I have on the raid. There hasn’t been much raiding for my part so far because the European servers have been having some serious issues and I got stuck on loading screen for a whole night (yay!). I’ve tested Gruul and Oregorger on Heroic, but that’s about it. It seems like fun anyway! But here are the maps of the entrance to Blackrock Foundry, and the maps of the inside.

Finding Your Way to the Entrance of BRF

Blackrock Foundry Map & Entrance

As you may or may not know, the Foundry lies within Gorgrond, close to the Pit. Fly to Skysea Point (or any of the other nearby flightpaths) and take yourself there. The entrance to Blackrock Foundry is at the east of the Pit, on the higher grounds.

Map over the Blackrock Foundry

Blackrock Foundry Full Map


There are some alternative routes in the Foundry, but most are locked down until you’ve killed a certain boss. You can start to progress in any of the wings, but the wings are all linear. Slagworks is the only wing in which you can choose to start with any of the two first bosses (Gruul or Oregorger). Both have to be killed however to unlock access to the Blast Furnace. The Black Forge and the Iron Assembly are linear. All three wings in Blackrock Foundry have to be cleared before you can reach Blackhand. The boss order in BRF looks something like this:

Boss Order

Anyway, hope this helps and good luck with the raiding!

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