5 thoughts on “Blackhand Video”

  1. Did you send up a healer alongside the dps in the balcony in phase 2? Because my guild is just taking too much dmg during the whole phase 2. I’ve been following the dps up on the balcony, and the few times I’ve missed being thrown up everyone up there, the dps either gets way to low on HP and need to jump down, or they die without killing much of the adds.

    1. No we don’t, since there’s limited use of a healer up there. We use bursty damage dealers with high survivability instead. They have to jump down when they take too much damage.

  2. Love this fight as a misty. We’re so strong here, especially with a hunter or two gifting us some Fox during falls. Downed it in Normal, hoping to hit Heroic soon. Very fun fight overall! Thanks for another great vid!

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