The Feel of Legion Mistweaver – Part 4

Rejoice, my dear readers, I am back with another Legion Mistweaver article! Today, I want to take a bite of the utility discussion that rages on all forums, in practically every expansion. While utility is heatedly debated in the healer community (the whole utility-decides-raid-spot topic), there’s much I don’t agree and many other points that I think have been overlooked. So in this article I will not only try to explain my point of view on Mistweaver utility in Legion, but also clarify a few things in the debate that I think are a bit misleading.

There are two major points that I think muddies the waters in debates and those are 1) lack of definition of what utility is 2) the importance of utility is often grossly overvalued to 98% of the WoW population due to the discussion about utility in hardcore mythic raiding. And I mean hardcore, as in top 50 guilds that spend months on beta to practice raid, then spend months racing through mythic raids on minimum sleep and probably a crap load of fast food. Top guilds deal with a much more extreme raiding environment; extremely difficult content with bad to worse gear. Utility has a potential for them to be their saving grace, but for us other mortals, it plays a lesser role.

But then people see top guilds discuss utility on forums and very special tactics that use certain classes in very niche ways; it seems to color the debate more than necessary. My point is; while I do want to discuss Mistweaver utility with you guys, also remember that utility is not as important as you’d might think.

And if I here another “but shaman utility” argument against Mistweavers, I swear I will explode. The leading healer classes in HFC >Progresssion< have been Disc, Holy Paladin and Shaman due to the type of healing they provided (absorbs, spirit link totem x2, deep healing mastery, etc). So, don’t even go there, my ear drums will scar of hearing this, I swear to Yu’lon.

That being said, and here comes the twist, I think that Mistweaver utility in Legion is slightly lacking. Both at quantity and quality. But if I don’t think utility is as important as others, why write a whole article about it? Well, because I do think it’s important, but for other reasons than what’s often stated on forums (and not as important). But deserving of an article, no less.

Before I set off the storm, I want to explain a little of how I define utility. Definitions are incredibly important; they shape the whole debate, so what I’ll say from now on has a direct bearing on my definitions. Some people would define utility completely different than how I do. That’s not wrong per se, it just creates different kinds of debates. So without further ado, here’s my attempt at a definition:


  • An ability or spell that does NOT fill one’s primary role as healer or secondary role as DPS.
  • Usable in combat.
  • Not defensives or personal movement.

Some people would class Revival (because of the dispels), tank cooldowns and such as utility, but then I would have to discuss so many spells and it would be a very different debate. I’m narrowing it down quite hard. With that definition in mind, let’s make a comparison between the healer specs. Do Mistweavers lack utility, or what I class as utility, or do healers in general lack utility due to pruning?

Mistweaver Monk

Restoration Druid

Holy Priest

Discipline Priest

Restoration Shaman

Holy Paladin

After looking at this list, I want you to make two observations:

1) Categorizing spells, even with a strict definition, is HARD. There are many spells that are borderline utility but one could argue that it’s either a primarily healing/dps ability with a utility component, or a utility spell with a healing/dps side effect. I hope you can be forgiving and understand that I’m aiming at the big picture here, not wanting to go in too much details on specific spells.

2) There’s definitely a difference in quality of certain utility spells. Threat management spells such as Fade and taunt abilities are really not interesting from a healing perspective, to the point that I didn’t even want to include them. Especially compared to beasts such as battle ressurections and AoE stuns. But they fulfill the criteria, so there we go.

In my opinion, I would rank AoE stuns, (ranged) interrupts, AoE movement increases and ressurections as the most useful ones, because you generally want to have as many of these as possible. Threat management, snares and incapacitates are rather boring from a raid perspective, but once upon a blue moon can be useful. Bloodlust is good, but can often be provided by others in the raid, and you need only to press that button once. I would say that there is utility that is generally good and then there’s niche utility which usefulness is dependent on the type of encounter.

Now where does that leave Mistweavers? Well, we have Leg Sweep which is a bona fide AoE stun. And then… a snare, incapacitate and a taunt. So… according to my *very* scientific observations and classifications, we have crap. Crap on toast. But I’m not exactly blinded by Priest utility either (they have many, but most are also fecals on half-burnt carbohydrates). Symbol of Hope is very nice, but the rest won’t make me bring out the prayer mat exactly. So, we’re not alone when it comes to lacking quality utility. Difference is, we also lack in quantity. We’re just lacking in general right now, you with me on that?

Now, is lacking utility a problem? If we disregard the hardcore mythic discussion for now (I’m sure there already are many passionate players that argue on this subject, so I don’t need to go there), developers have stated that they are sort of fine that some classes/specs lack utility (I wish I could find a link to this statement, but it was a while back and I haven’t been able to dig it out). But since in my opinion utility is important, I would say yes, it is a problem. It’s not fine that some classes lack in utility.

Why is it important? If you think about, utility is something you do outside your primary role to help your raid. It often makes you interact with your raid and build strategies around them. It includes you, in a very direct and sometimes unique way. Every healer can heal, but you specifically bring that spell that really makes everyone appreciate you because you help them in a job that would otherwise be much harder. Now it might not be as important as big absorption shields, or as spirit link totems, but it is great to be that person that helps the raid in unique ways.

And I would argue that every class can have utility without necessarily dilute the uniqueness of it, because let’s face it, there are many different kinds of utility abilities. Being a healer and help the raid with utility, whether that be stuns, interrupts, movement increases, resurrections, threat management; it might not be as crucial as many might think (in a non-hardcore setting), but it is significant on both a raid level and a personal level. Therefore, I’d say that Mistweavers could use some love in the utility department for Legion. I’d love at least one more quality utility spell.

TLDR; Gif Mistweavers utility.

The Feel of Legion Mistweaver

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11 thoughts on “The Feel of Legion Mistweaver – Part 4”

  1. Hey, I absolutely love your blog, and I think this is a pretty worthwhile discussion. Just wanted to point out that I think you left out Tiger’s Lust from our list!

  2. Great blog thank you. I feel Utility matters only in the eyes of Mytic raiders And due to that most Raid leaders in Heroic and normal raids. Once Mytic guilds start clearing content with THEIR IDEAL HEALERS it’s as if all raids teams are set in stone. I was dropped by my RT because they didn’t see FW as a utility just 1/2 a dps who could 1/2 heal. Admittedly I’m not the greatest FW monk but in the end I played all of Wodehouse as a WW 🤔 In Legion I will stick to what I love MW healing if that means no raid place then so be it I’ll just LFR and enjoy my game that I pay for each month 🐼

  3. Great post :)

    Oh, I have a question: I seem to recall you mentioning you used elvui absorb tags? do you still use that? I’m having some trouble figuring out how to set it up ;_; If you don’t mind, how do you have yours set up in the raid tab? Thanks!

    1. With Elvui Absorb Tags and Color tags I use the -> [classcolor][health:absorbs] tags on pretty much all my unit frames’ health (remember that any color tags must be before the healthdisplay tags). Hope this helps :)

  4. i kinda want to disagree with some of the skills on the list and move them more towards defensive abilities or personal movement affects. Divine intervention and Fade both feel like they should not be considered utility since they are both defensive cds. DI does not work if the player has allready cast divine shield and fade is a form of threat manegement in the off chance you do manage to pull. I would also argue shifting to break roots for druids is another form of personal movement. These 3 spells are the only issues i have with the list on utility taking in consideration the rules you set in place.

  5. Thank you for your blog and this article.

    I completly agree with you, the mistweaver is fine as it is and should be pretty fun in Legion. We just miss one addtional raid tools but as I am not a hard core raider it won’t be a problem.

    It’s a pity that I already have two childs, otherwise I would ask you to bare mine ^^

  6. Hey I just saw this and I thought I would comment on this as a mythic mistweaver monk.

    The utility discussion is interesting because I actually believe most players are blowing utility out of proportion.

    Your average player is going to be doing CM’s and Heroic raids, so lets look at the utility we’ve got there.


    Spirit Tether
    Leg Sweep
    Fistweaving (with legendaries)
    Tiger’s Lust

    This is actually extremely strong group based utility. This combined with mistweaver’s extremely strong 5 man healing kit, makes them a solid addition to a 5 man group. No healer offers -good- tank/group healing on top of an AoE stun, ST long duration CC, a snare and free healer dps (with legendaries). So for this reason, I actually believe monk will be an extremely competitive 5 man healer, and arguably the second best healer in 5 man. The only class that beats monk right now is restoration druid, and they’re massively overpowered atm.

    As you’ve accurately pointed out we have limited to no raid utility that isn’t covered by other classes. However, I don’t believe it’s as big of a deal in a heroic setting. What actually matters a lot more for heroic viability, is ease of play. IF the average mistweaver monk can do competitive numbers, you’re going to bring one anyway, because no fight is designed around fight breaking utility. The larger raid size also covers up a lot of mistweaver’s current problems with EF, simply because you can -so- many people in you raid, you’re always going to hit 18 unique targets.

    And of course, if you’re mentioning heroics, you must mention legendaries. The Legendaries that effect TFT/fistweaving make rising thunder the best overall talent, and rising thunder itself offers raid utility via free dps. Healer dps is a big deal regardless of content, and it’s an even bigger deal if it’s for free.

    However, legendaries do not exist in mythics (at least the mythic content that 100% requires utility), which means rising thunder is an unviable talent. Not to mention with the smaller raid size, EF’s mechanical problems are reintroduced. For the reason mistweaver is a unviable progression healer.

    With all of that said, it’s important to keep in mind healer utility across the board has been massively nerfed. There’s only 1 class in the game that offers truly fight breaking utility (being restoration shaman), compared to 3 in WoD. This means mythic monks only need something extremely minor on top of mechanical fixes to see play in top end mythics.

    Adding utility could be a problem, as it could fuck with 5 man balance heavily, so they need to introduce something that’s only really good in a raid setting, and average in a 5 man.

    1. Thank you for the contribution, Sup! Glad I’m not the only one thinking about utility in the same same lines, and the dungeon vs raid discussion is a good point as well.

      1. lol np

        funny enough a couple days after this post they buffed rising thunder so it’s viable for mythic now

        yay for some raid utility

  7. Thank you for a great post!

    I’ve been playing my MW for a couple of months now. I’ve at an average iLevel of 831 and am playing all the Heroics. My go-to healer in MoP (I didn’t play WoW in Draenor) was the Resto Druid. I love it–it was fun and healed like a mo-fo. I enjoyed the single target heals and especially the group/AOE heals. I started playing my Druid in Legion and stopped playing it when I reached 106 as I couldn’t really get a good feel for playing a an alt-DPS spec.

    Anyway, I switched to my monk and have been doing well. But, I feel that my AOE healing is weak. I feel no real sense of joy when I kick off my Essence Font. It just seems so–puny. So, all things being created “equal” in Blizzard’s eyes, I may go back to my Druid as it was more fun to me overall. And, we should play what we think is more fun, right? :)

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