New Build and Crane Changes

Before took a sour turn last night, there was a new build for the Legion Beta deployed. Only small changes were made, but rather significant ones, particularly regarding the new Fistweaving incarnation for Mistweavers. The final trait of the Sheilun artifact was also notably buffed. Oh, and I have Beta access finally!

Mistweaver Changes

  • Teachings of the Monastery now causes your next Blackout Kick to strike an additional time, stacking up to 3 times. Previously, increased damage on Blackout Kick and Rising Sun Kick by 30%.
  • Teachings of the Monastery now allows Blackout Kick to have a 15% chance to reset the cooldown of Rising Sun Kick, down from 30%.
  • Spirit of the Crane now restore 0.65% mana for every additional Blackout Kick. Previously restored 1% mana for every Blackout Kick or Rising Sun Kick.
  • Mistweaving now increases healing done by 5%-15%, up from 0.5%-10% (depending on rank).

Now what does this mean for the fistweaving rotation? As I have Beta access now, I’ve been able to make a short video of how the new rotation looks like. Have a look!

  • You strike 3 times with Tiger Palm to get 3 stacks of the buff.
  • Using Blackout Kick consumes all available stacks and adds a kick for every stack.
  • Rising Sun Kick should be used on cooldown and does not require the Teachings of the Monastery buff anymore for maximum damage.
  • With the talent Spirit of the Crane, you can now refund up to 0.65%/1.3%/1.95% mana with Blackout Kick, depending on the stack count.
  • Both Tiger Palm and Blackout Kick cost no mana. Rising Sun Kick costs 2.8% mana.
  • Combined with Rising Thunder, the new Fistweaving rotation have a high potential to be very mana efficient while keeping the HPS relatively stable.

It is difficult to predict which level 100 talent (and therefore rotation) will pull ahead of the others. Currently, it looks like Rising Thunder and the fistweaving rotation is relatively equal to Mana Tea, though one could argue that Mana Tea is better for burst healing and Rising Thunder is better for a sustained efficiency, as long as your fistweaving is combo-ed with Spirit of the Crane. Focused Thunder is the strongest in terms of HPS, but weakest in terms of mana efficiency. This could of course change rather drastically before launch. But for now, the level 100 talents provides a very intriguing choice.

The Mistweaving artifact trait has been buffed as well. The trait seems to only be available once the whole artifact tree has been filled out and unlike the other traits, can go all the way up to rank 20 (max 15% increased healing). Other artifacts seem to have gotten the same treatment.

That’s it for today folks! Let me know what you think about the changes!

25 thoughts on “New Build and Crane Changes”

  1. I loved the new changes to Teachings of the Monastery when the beta notes were posted yesterday. I’ve had beta for a few months and it has definitely made Fistweaving more entertaining, especially while leveling. Coupled with the changes to Spirit of the Crane and combo’d with Rising Thunder, it really does seem to have a better HPS potential while providing decent DPS. Although it will surely have a higher skill gap that just healing.

    The past month has seen a new beta build almost every week and MW has had a few tweaks that have made the class better (The TFT bonus to Effuse was increased from 100% to 200%, Lifecycles was increased from 15% to 20%). My only concern is Chi-Ji. While the 45 second duration is a great for set and forget, its healing and long cooldown seem to downplay it. When you look at the other talents in that tier, Jade Statue for single target and RJW for AoE (Especially with its boost to Effuse), I can only see Chi-Ji being used in a Fistweaving build. Maybe if every Tiger Palm/Blackout Kick/RSK reduced the cooldown on it?

    1. Jade Statue seems very weak, actually. From what I’ve read it doesn’t benefit from any of the artifact traits buffing Soothing Mists, so it’s just a flat extra 27.5% of spellpower every half second. Chi-Ji heals every 3 seconds for 180%, for 45 seconds. For the statue to heal the same amount as Chi-Ji, you’d have to channel Soothing Mist for 49 seconds out of every 3 minutes (if Chi-Ji is used on cooldown). There’s no way you’ll be channeling Soothing Mist over a quarter of the time, in any environment. If your single target needs healing you can cast actual spells, and if it doesn’t you can fistweave for damage and mana instead. Chi-Ji is smart healing that can be used during heavy damage phases in any environment.

      Similar to how things work on live, I wouldn’t be surprised to see RJW end up being dominant later on in the expansion when our mana pools can support it. On launch, it will still see some play on fights with lots of grouping and heavy burst, despite how expensive it is. It’s useless in 5 mans, though, and mythic+ dungeons will (I hope!) be as fun and popular as raids. I expect Chi-Ji will be the dominant talent in that row for most situations.

      1. The statue actually doesn’t need you to channel Soothing Mist to work. You basically only need to do a quick Effuse every 10 seconds to keep 100% uptime on the heal. So it works more like a free HoT and you can keep it up at the tank at all times, which means it’s really good for dungeons where you need to do quite heavy single-target healing and will likely work with way less mana regen than you’d like. I went with this talent when I healed 5-mans on alpha and it worked really well. Chi-Ji is also good but the cooldown is a bit of a bother.

        1. Oh! That’s much better than how I thought it worked – I stand corrected. How does the statue change targets? Does it swap every time you channel Soothing Mist on a new target?

          Thanks, and sorry about spewing my incorrect information!

          1. No worries :) The statue change to the same target as yours every time you reactivate Soothing Mist. But if you drop Soothing Mist it will continue on the same target. That’s why Effuse is so nice; you can make it change targets easily and quite cheaply.

      2. Statue can be good with the Mist Wrap talent since it allows moving while healing and increases Enveloping Mist, which in a way is an indirect buff to Soothing Mist. Those have been my go-to talents for 5-man content. I definitely agree about RJW once we can support it, it looks to have great synergy with Essence Font which double’s your Mastery.

    1. It’s always been in Legion but it doesn’t heal, it’s a form of mana regen now. The last few changes have increased the amount it returns and made the rotation less mind numbing that A-B-A-C

    2. Eminence and Crane stance are gone, but we’ve always had the melee damage spells. The new incarnation of fistweaving is that we get some mana back & more TFT charges (if talented correctly) while we do our damage rotation.

  2. The good news is that we dont’ have to TP>BoK>TP… anymore just follow the stacks.

    Our BoK with 3 stacks has 1- to reset RSK (39, 28 and 15% with respectively 2,1 and 0 stack(s)).

    So we want to stack maximum 3 times before RSK CD (10s,) use RSK on CD, TFT and then use BoK asap to have the higher chance to reset RSK.

    With this talent we want to have the maximum of GCD each 10s. That would make haste the king of secondary stat with an optimum 20% (maybe 35% with the T20) but it would devaluate our mastery. So we go for hastecap+cc with the fisteweaving 2.0?

    Am I right?

    It’s a pity that our artifact cannot cure syphilis we would be so OP ^^

  3. Sorry for the newb question, but how does this mana return (now 0.65%) work? Doesn’t it cost a lot more than that to do the kick, resulting in a net loss?


    1. You have a base mana regen that surpasses this, so you go plus mana while doing damage and getting more Thunder Focus Tea charges (if talented to Rising Thunder) that you can use on free Vivifys or more Renewing Mist HoTs (resulting in more Uplifting Trance procs and more HPS). :)

      1. That makes sense, thanks!

        Playing around with it on PTR in dungeons has really shown the value of TFT. (Not that you actually need it to heal WoD dungeons, but shows how it will come in handy in Legion raids.)

        I really like the tactical choices you get with TFT as well — like if you want to throw down some Essence Font while the raid shifts to a new position.

  4. A step in the right direction. Rewards good play, and if you can’t do it you still have a talent option that is nearly equivalent in pro’s/cons anyways. This change makes me a happy Pandaren Monk.

  5. The ramifications for PvPers like myself are rather immense. For Rated PvP Mistweavers are looking better and better. [Rising Thunder] essentially allows us to use TFT every 12 seconds or so for those extremely big Effuse, and when talented we can channel the Soothing Mist while moving right behind Line-of-Sight. For this purpose, the Jade Statue is actually quite potent, because it empowers the Soothing Mist we can safely channel.

    Now that you can kick off Tiger’s Palm stacks, not only does this give us a “mana battery” option, but it actually allows us to set up some burst damage potential. Load up some stacks, Leg Sweep into Chi Burst –> 3x Blackout Kick –> Rising Sun Kick. That’s 30% of someone’s health on 3 GCDs from a -healer-.

    Thanks for the updates.

    – Very excited MW arena healer

  6. Judging from some beta forum, it seems our role in Legion would be to both heal and damage. Do you guys think our heal will be able to compete with other classes?

  7. I really wish they would add a glyph for keeping Staff Sheathing. I feel like it makes my monk stand out in a unique way, and it does work well with some staffs. It would be nice to have the choice.

    Sadly I do not have Beta, so I can’t make a forum feedback post with this request.

    1. Mistweavers are still classed as ranged for mechanic purposes, but we are exempt from the ones that would insta kill a raid if we stood in melee. So, we will be target for most ranged mechanics, but not all, and it’ll be safe to stand in melee. :)

    1. If these numbers by Gargabrew are correct, then it would be mastery > crit > haste > versatility.

      This could however change and I am no theory crafter (his calculations might be wrong). But it would make sense that crit will be great for healers with the very large health pools (thus probably not ending up overhealing very often).

      Also, it is worth nothing that Blizz said secondary stat prio are of far less importance in Legion than previous expansions. Item level will be the main way to prioritize gear due to this and the new item level upgrading system.

        1. I have been reading some more and it seems the stat prio is not that simple.

          It depends on what talents and playstyle you use and if the fight is heavy on tank healing/single target or raid healing.

          When using Rising Thunder or Mana Tea haste is king. For raid healing stat prio is haste > crit > mastery. For tank healing or dungeon healing prio is haste > mastery > crit.

          Haste is very good because it increases ReM ticks and thus uplifting procs for vivify. But then you also have to use Mana Tea or RT to take advantage of the lowerd GCD.

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