New Beta Build and Tuning!

A new beta build for Legion is live! Mistweavers has spun around in the tuning-tumbler and we’ve come out on the other side with a few buffs and a few nerfs. We are also getting closer to the pre-patch; I know I can feel the heat at least. Here are a few tips for your to-do list!  

There are a few things you should do before the pre-patch hit live servers, namely: finish the legendary questline if you’re still on it, get more gold out of your garrison because those missions will be gone, and acquire Challenge Mode gold for Draenor. Not only will you get transmog, but also those nifty portals to the dungeon entrances. I still use mine to Pandaria on occasion!

When the pre-patch hits live servers we will get to enjoy seeing a million Demon Hunters flying around (for those who pre-purchased), everyone will go transmog-crazy and do every legacy raid instance known to human-kind, there will be a minor breakdown from everyone who play a class that has gone through major changes, and then a bigger breakdown for those who believe that the broken damage and healing will remain the same for level 110 as well, and it’ll generally be a derailed, crazy party until Legion launches at August 30th.

Do you feel prepared? If not; here’s a mini-guide to Mistweavers at least, by yours truly:

Mistweaver Crash Course

And here are the latest changes for Mistweavers on the Legion beta:

Mistweaver Changes

  • Renewing Mist now
    • heals for 700% of spell power, down from 750%
    • has a 4% chance to increase the healing of the next Vivify by 40%, down from 50%
    • costs 2.8% of base mana, up from 2.5%.
  • Revival now heals for 720% of Spell Power, up from 600%.
  • Rising Sun Kick now costs 2.3% of base mana, up from 2%.
  • Vivify now heals for 275% of spell power, up from 250%.
  • Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane now heals for 180% of spell power per tick, up from 150%.
  • Lifecycles now reduces the mana cost of Enveloping Mist and Vivify by 20%, up from 15%.

I usually refrain from commenting too much on tuning, because a) it goes up and down so much that what is true now is not necessarily true the next week and b) I still don’t have beta, so I have basically done no consistent testing (other than borrowing another’s account for a short while) so my commentary on the specifics of Mistweavers is limited. But I can summarize the changes, smile and nod at the buffs and frown menacingly at the nerfs. That is the extent of my commentary at this given point. Have I mentioned that I really want Legion right now? Yesterday would have been too late.

On a completely different note, I’m almost ready to show a sneak peek of June’s Patreon interface art! It’s blue and stormy, perfect for this all-too hot summer.

9 thoughts on “New Beta Build and Tuning!”

  1. I’m so excited for Legion and the changes coming to all 3 monk specs. Windwalker especially looks really interesting to me, and it’s the one monk spec I’ve never really liked before.

  2. I don’t have Beta either so I’m not really sure how different things are compared to how PTR looks right now, but from my experience with PTR I will say that the “nerfs” aren’t actually that bad. Vivify would proc from Renewing Mist at sometimes useless times. Also, from doing heroic dungeons on an imported character, I will also say that I hardly use any mana. My mana management has been fantastic, actually. I have’t raided though so I’m sure someone more talented and practiced than I can comment on that.

    1. Usually, mana management will become much more difficult at the new max level and from the little I’ve seen of beta, it seems to confirm this. They might muck it up again with ridiculous mana trinkets though, haha! xD

  3. Don’t feel too bummed about not having beta, it’s been a hot mess. No one has been able to reliably play for more than 10 mins without being booted since Thursday. That said, I’m in love with legion monk, and I mained MW through heroic hfc. WW feels WONDERFUL compared to live, but I’ll happily main MW for my guild.

    Ps- I love your blog

  4. I have been testing my Mistweaver on the PTR and I am starting to wonder what kind of mistweaver I will be in Raids. I was never the biggest fan of fistweaving but it seems that it is a very, if not one of the most, efficient healing strategies for us at this time. I guess that is where the latest nerfs come from. We still have time before the numbers are chiseled in stone, but when they are a bit more clear, I would like to know what kind of talent setup you would prefer in a raid environment? Because right now I struggle a bit with it.

  5. As someone with beta access and has had a chance to play around on beta with some raid testing, I can say that there pretty much 2 play styles. The first is definitely better, but lots of people will hate the play style and thats Spirit of the Crane mixed with Rising Thunder. This involves basically blanketing the raid in renewing mists from Thunder Focus Tea, and is actually very effective. The other is Life Cycles or Mist Wrap, with Mana tea, this felt like I was getting the same results as method 1 HPS wise but at a greater mana cost. Mana tea would obviously allow for greater output during heavy healing periods, but Spirit of the Crane closes that gap over a 1.5 min period. They would have to lower the CD on mana tea and probablyt nerf Spirit of the Crane to .75% mana to make them about equal. And of course Spirit of the Crane also has the added benefit of doing damage to the boss.

    1. Thank you for clarifying! It is as I suspected then. So with the TFT style I suspect you would have time in between rising thunder cd to cast one or two other spells, would they mainly be tiger punch and blackout kick for mana, or perhaps weave some vivifies or enveloping mist in between? I just hope it flows well. feeling a bit anxious about it, but I will learn.

      1. A little late, but in case you see this: you’re mostly using your damage spells to regen while you’re waiting for your Rising Sun Kick to come off cooldown and reset your TFT. Blackout Kick restores mana and also has a 30% chance to reset your CD on RSK as well, so that works really well together. The playstyle was to use TFT to get as many Renewing Mists out as possible, and then use those to get empowered casts of Vivify. Vivify is actually a decently expensive spell, so it’s much more effectively used (in a raid setting, at least) when you get the 40% extra healing proc from Renewing Mists. Enveloping Mists is extremely expensive and extremely powerful for single target, but since most monks have been raid healing on beta, it doesn’t get used in raids very often, if at all.

        Anyway, this whole playstyle was fairly dependent on a big bug on the beta – Renewing Mists was doing twice as much healing as it was supposed to! They fixed the bug and then did the adjustments seen in this post. The Rising Thunder playstyle is still really strong, but it doesn’t suffocate out any other choices like it kind of did before. You have more options, so if you don’t want to fistweave (or can’t, for certain fights), you don’t have to anymore.

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