New Beta Build Ahoy!

A new beta build has deployed, and this time with some minor changes even for Mistweavers! Also, the music for Legion has arrived and it’s sounding distincly elven. It really seems like the next expansion will be an expansion of elves, no arguing.

Mistweaver Changes

  • Mistwrap now increases the healing bonus of Enveloping Mist by 10%, down from 20% (build21796)
  • Spirit of the Crane now causes your next Blackout Kick or Rising Sun Kick restore 1% mana, up from 0.75% (build21796)
  • Renewing Mist now heals for 750% of Spell power, up from 650%.
  • Soothing Mist now heals for 55% of Spell power per tick, up from 50%.
  • Mistwalk and Zen Pulse have had minor tooltip corrections.

Legion Music & Log in Screen

Wowhead’s Playlist of Legion Music

The music does sound amazingly cool, if I do say so myself. I love that we’re moving away from the drums and the horde-orc-ish kind of aesthetics. Enough with the spikes, bring the mysterious dark and elven!

Meanwhile, I’m still stuck in Overwatch swamp. Someone, help.

8 thoughts on “New Beta Build Ahoy!”

  1. hmm music wasn’t really doing it for me…until about the last 30 secs or so :D

    And can’t complain about renewing mist buff; yay! :) I’m still unsure about what 90 and 100 talent I’ll pick…Chi-Ji looks fun but I’m hoping it chooses the right target to heal otherwise it’ll be a waste. :S

    1. I think Chi-Ji will heal any allies that are damaged. But I really do hope they fix the animation for it, otherwise he’s gonna scare the raid half to death xD worse than roadrunner

  2. I spent a solid hour yesterday going through the Legion music section on MMO-Champion ( listening to all the different pieces and versions of each. My boyfriend got beta last night and we fired it up ASAP, and the first load screen was long enough to let us hear the whole intro, and I thought I might cry.

    The music has always been one of my favorite parts of this game, and I’ve always been impressed and glad that Blizzard has kept on working with Russell Brower rather than give in and use recycled music or even synthesizers. There’s nothing that sets the mood and atmosphere of the zone for me more than the music, and certain pieces are so good I’d listen to them on their own just to have (Auchindoun anyone?). Plus, the music changes between night and day and there are just little details that fit so well. Pandaria was actually up there with my favorite expansions because of the music, as it all fit the zones so well, the instrumentation was so appropriate (Jade Forest), and just… Gah I could go on forever.

    I’m a classical musician, so being able to find bits and pieces of things that matter to me more than most people in the game has been such a personal experience, and I think it’s fantastic that Blizzard (and Brower) put so much care into that aspect of the game where they could just toss it out the window.

    So many games have the same music (or variations on the same music) in every area (GW2) or just don’t bother with the music on any sort of high level.

    Okay rant over!

    1. Love the rant!
      Though I’m not very musical myself (scratch that, I have no musical talent or feeling of rhythm whatsoever xD) but I do appreciate orchestrated music with a lot of feeling in it. If that makes sense. Piano and violins really does it for me. Didn’t think I would be the one for classical music, but then I heard Ludovico Einaudi’s “Una Mattina” and I was sold.
      So when I play Legion I will definitely have the music turned on :3

  3. Got a Beta invite this weekend and logged in to play my Mistweaver.

    I was extremely disappointed it felt like I was playing a MOBA with 5 buttons to hit. Granted I have a more buttons than that but the gameplay was BORING. It was so easy. They removed combo points as well. I don’t have my statue to drop (unless I talent it). They made me much like any other healer. I feel quite vanilla.

    I played a disc since the original WoW launch. I switched in Draener to the the monk and fell in love with the spec. Healing was so much fun and varied. The mobility gave me self sufficiency in pvp. In PvE the complexity of the MW made healing engaging. I really can’t find the words that capture my disappointment. I feel a bit distraught after my experience in Beta.

    In Legion pvp MW gets destroyed in seconds.

    Currently, I’m extremely disappointed with what they did to my spec.

    That said, Windwalker is a blast now.

    Am I missing something that makes the healing rotation fun? It must seems so meh to me.

    1. Sorry to comment ur trash talk…. but this is not an objective sight on the things….

      most of what u say is just to say… wrong

      u joined the beta 2 days ago u havent been able to test anything and ur just crying. You are the reason why blizz is setting out so less keys.

      1. Monks are INSANE in pvp nothings else can even close to compete to your healing
      2. Healing in Dungeons is not that challenging cause legion seems not to be build for that. I “THINK” that it will be EXTREMELY challenging for any other healer to heal a Raid, cause of never seen mana issues before. The monk is going 1 step further even here i dont even find words how op ur “passive” heal is. i mean it costs nothing and heals about 3 times as much as a rejuvenation.
      3. MW is still very unique in his healing … u just CANT cast things all day like any other healer u need to work with that passive heal or u will go oom in seconds….

      Hope to gave some of the not so biased Monks a light at the end of the tunnel…. everything changed for everyone and mw is finally in a GREAT spot!

      Kind regards me.

      1. Uncalled vitriol in that response TerrorNuker. And the issues I raise are clearly noted by many others on the Blizzard forums. I was just coming here to see what Ashleah had to say about the rotation and what I was missing. It seemed awful plain to me.

        I wasn’t crying. Merely expressing an opinion.
        Please attempt a bit more class in your next response Terror.


        1. I want to make a general reminder that everyone’s allowed to express their own opinion, but I require civility of all parties on my blog.

          That being said, I’m not surprised that some people will fall out of love with Mistweavers due to the rather stark changes to the spec. I’ve heard some say it, but I’ve also heard a lot of shamans, druids and other healers express keen interest on the class now (and apparently, that we’re OP, though I’d wouldn’t go so far). Is it because they’re homogenizing the specs? I wouldn’t say so, Mistweavers feel very unique in their way to heal.

          But if you’ve only had time to test for a couple of days, I would recommend to try it some more. All healers’ toolkits are very basic at the core; the depth of the specs comes from talents, artifact traits, how you use the abilities in any given environment and how you synergize with other healers as well (there’s a ridiculously powerful rotation that MWs can do if we receive Innervate and the new Priest talent Symbol of Hope is active). Then you need to master resource pooling and utilize all the procs you get in an efficient manner, since we will have to deal with mana restraints most of the expansion. So there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye :)

          Sorry it took me so much time to comment, my brain is apparently on summer vacation.

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