Legion Fashion for Monks

The pre-patch for Legion is closing in rapidly (end of July somewhere is my personal guess, but who knows?) and with it comes the new transmog system. The look of each gear piece will be account-wide and you can finally, FINALLY, clean out your overloaded bags and keep more practical things instead. Like pet tokens. No? Either way, Legion will definitely be an expansion for transmog, and to start off; here’s a post dedicated to the new Monk looks in Legion!

Do note that these looks might not be final and that might see some color changes before the launch (as it happened in Warlords). Also, I’ve added Sheilun with the looks but the animation effects of Sheliun are not rendered on these images; they will look much cooler in-game! That goes especially for the Essence of Calm version of Sheilun.

Oh and Tier 19 now includes a cape as a 6th tier piece (though there’s still only 4-set bonuses). I only included it in the first image to give you a hint of how it looks with and without.

Tier 19 – Vestments of Enveloped Dissonance

NormalT19 Normal

HeroicT19 Heroic MythicT19 Mythic

PvP Legion Season 1

Legion PvP

Class Hall Set

Class Hall Set

And much, much more will come! There are new quest sets, dungeon sets and crafted gear. I’ll try to carve out a few images of them in the future.

Personally, I’m a big fan of the Tier 19 Normal look. Very classy and elegant, yet still very Monk. The PvP set looks also very dark and mysterious though, which is cool. I wonder if they’ll add Alliance/Horde version to the Elite look? Most likely, so we’ll have to wait and see of they’ll look.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully we’ll see even more new looks in Legion!

4 thoughts on “Legion Fashion for Monks”

  1. I think ido prefer the class hall look with the mythic waist 🐼 Monks Rule
    Great post 😉

  2. Love the normal set too! I do have a problem with the cloak though, it seems the colours don’t match that well, could it be there are different coloured versions of it? I must say I was not really excited for the tier set look, but after seeing these pictures I am looking forward to putting them on my mistweaver.

    1. I could only find one of the cloaks in the dressing room and I’m not 100% sure which set it belonged to, so it might be wrong and that we’ll get better fitting cloaks!

  3. I’m kinda happy we have transmog… really not feeling the new monk sets. The sets like those look great on Pandaran but not really the cool on other races. So as a night elf I find myself drawn to more of the druid look-a-like gear from BC and Wrath… the designers in those expansions really knew how to put together a pretty set.

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