Legion Beta Inc!

Tomorrow (Thursday, 12th of May) Legion will finally go into Beta stage. All specs are available, including artifact acquisition quests and class hall quests. Broken Shore intro is available, all zones are open and world quests have launched. A new wave of Beta invites will come as well!

Personally, I am skeptical that I’ll get an invite because there is a physical law of cosmos that says Ashleah cannot be lucky and get stuff she actually wants, such as invites. But here’s hoping!

If you happen to be a very lucky person and get that pretty Legion: Beta tab in your Blizzard client, here are a few tips of what to do in Beta. Firstly, report all the bugs you come across so most of them have been ironed out for the launch. Secondly: feedback, feedback, feedback! Thirdly, give feedback in a constructive way. There is way too much feedback out there that’s too abstract to be of any help. Here are a few pointers:

  • Before you give feedback, try out as many of the features as possible and compare between classes. It’ll give you a broader picture of things you want to give feedback on.
  • Always anchor your arguments with real examples!
  • Try to clarify why you feel a certain way about a feature, whether that be something positive or negative.
  • Be nuanced in your critique: the negative aspects that annoy you to showcase what still needs to be polished; the positive aspects to showcase where did the developers go right (always good as a pointer).
  • Be respectful to the people in your digital surrounding, whether that be developers or other beta testers!

The more people test and give good feedback, the better the game will be at launch. I think we all long for a good launch experience, so why not work together to achieve it? There are four months left until launch, and probably around three months until the pre-patch. Lots of time to iron out the essentials and get a good polish!

Now we wait and hope for invites!

4 thoughts on “Legion Beta Inc!”

  1. I am really really hoping I get in! My friend always does and I am so jealous. I can not wait to try out new Mistweaver!

  2. Lets hope they look kingly on the European servers this time and offer more invites than they fid in Wod beta? If they do I will let you know.

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