Mythic Zul, Reborn

Welcome to my Mythic Guide of Zul, Reborn in the Uldir raid. Here I’ll do a breakdown of both general strategies and how I heal this encounter. Click on the headlines to expand and subtract the texts! I hope you can find a few tips and tricks to help you in your Mythic endeavors!

Zul, Reborn

Once the proud leader of the Zanchuli Council, highest advisors to the kings of Zandalar, Zul was praised as the greatest of prophets. Now, the dark prophet has turned on King Rastakhan and would see a true troll empire rule the world once again, even if it means submitting to the blood god: G’huun.


  • Stage One: The Forces of Blood
  • Stage Two: Zul, Awakened (40% Health)
  • Detailed List of Debuffs
    Debuff: Dark Revelation Rupturing Blood Deathwish Fixate Corrupted Blood
    Spell ID: 273365 274358 274271 276020 274195
    School: Shadow Physical Shadow Shadow Shadow
    Dispel Type: N/A N/A Magic N/A N/A
    Mechanic: N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
    Debuff: Absorbed in Darkness Shadow Barrage
    Spell ID: 272018 273359
    School: Shadow Shadow
    Dispel Type: N/A N/A
    Mechanic: N/A N/A

    Mistweaver Loot

    Mythic Strategies
    • Stage One: The Forces of Blood (100-40% health)
      • Zul requires little tanking as he casts all the time; the tanks will be occupied with dealing with the adds. He can still be damaged and should be cleaved while engaging the adds.
      • Zul: Will cast Shadow Barrage on random players and call allies with his Call of Blood ability. His most important ability is:
        • Dark Revelation: Two players will be afflicted by this and have to run out of the raid in seperate directions before they explode in a wide radius. 
        • The explosion spawn three Minion of Zul, which must be killed by ranged before they touch a player and causes them to be feared by Pit of Despair. Players can also purge their Bound by Shadow buff to kill them!
      • Call of Blood [ADDS]
        • HeroicMYTHIC: In Mythic difficulty, adds has gained the passive Blood Recall which allows them to ressurect after dying.
          • The only way to get rid of them for good is to kill them while they’re under the influence of  Decaying Flesh, which negates the effect of Blood Recall. There is only one debuff active at the start of the fight, and it jumps to another add when the affected target dies, is purged or expires.
            • If the debuff can’t jump due to lack of eligible targets – it will disappear entirely! Meaning you will not be able to kill off any of the remaining adds for the rest of the fight.
          • Kill off Bloodhexers and Crushers while theyr’e under the influence of Decaying Flesh, but let the Crawgs remain (as cleave-targets they can increase single-target damage for certain classes, like Rogues).
        • Nazmani Crusher: Before it reaches 100 energy, tanks must kite it out of the raid to avoid having it buff its allies with Thrumming Pulse. It also casts a frontal Bloody Cleave, which must be avoided by non-tanks.
        • Nazmani Bloodhexer: Casts Congeal Blood which spawns an Animated Ichor add.
          •  Animated Ichor: Although afflicted by Dripping Blood, it will try to reach Zul and heal him with Ichor Transfusion. Must be killed before that!
          • Bloodhexers also cast Bloodshard which must be interrupted.
          • HeroicHEROIC: If two bloodhexers are within 20yds, Sanguine Presence will burst and heal all enemies for 10%. CC one of them while you cleave kill the other one close to the boss. Take out the last Bloodhexer after that.
        • Bloodthirsty Crawg: Chomps on its target with Hungering Maw, which heals the Crawg for 200% of the damage inflicted. Tanks should keep up mitigation to reduce the amount the Crawg heals itself with.
          • At 100 energy, it dies in an Engorged Burst and applies a DoT to the entire raid.
      • HeroicHEROICPool of Darkness will spawn in random locations. These must be soaked by a player to avoid it pulsing Erupting Darkness on the raid. The soaking player will take damage from Absorbed in Darkness and must be spot-healed.
    • Stage Two: Zul, Awakened (40-0% Health)
      • When Zul hits 40% health remaining, he will knock back the entire raid with Locus of Corruption, consuming his energy and applying the debuff Corrupted Blood per 5 energy he generated in phase one.
      • Kill off the remaining adds from phase one.
      • Avoid standing in front of Zul as his frontal cone applies the tank debuff Rupturing Blood.
        • Tanks should swap at 3 stacks (or until it hurts too much), then the swapped out tank should run out before his debuff expires and place the spawning Ruptured Blood at the edge of the arena. This pool is permanent, but they can be stacked on top of each other.
        • If a player touches the pool, they will gain another stacks of the Corrupted Blood debuff.
      • Two random players will be afflicted with Deathwish, causing them to flee towards the closest edge of the platform. Upon expiration or when purged, they will explode in a radius, in addition to having sets of Minion of Zul spawning. 
      • HeroicHEROICPool of Darkness will spawn in random locations. These must be soaked by a player to avoid it pulsing Erupting Darkness on the raid. The soaking player will take damage from Absorbed in Darkness and must be spot-healed.
    Mistweaver Notes
    • Phase One: The Forces of Blood (100-40% health)
      • Keep a sharp eye on when and who is going to soak the next Pool of Darkness. They’ll need to be focused healed, and sometimes even a Life Cocoon is necessary if Dark Revelation is about to explode at the same time.
        • Use Mana Tea when the single-target healing becomes heavy, and finish it off with a Essence Font at the last second.
      • Dark Revelation requires healing raid cooldowns and you should designate these before the fight starts. Roughly speaking, there are about two of them before transition, depending on how strong your team is.
        • Avoid the fear-inducing Minion of Zul adds that spawn afterwards. Preferably, the Dark Revelation targets should have pre-designated markers away from the raid to run to so that you know where the adds spawn.
      • Healers don’t have to worry too much about adds at all, but make sure that you don’t break their CC with Chi Burst. It might even be pertinent to go with Mist Wrap instead, to be on the safe side.
    • Phase Two: Zul, Awakened (40-0% Health)
      • Keep focus-heal the players soaking Pool of Darkness. There will be several up at once in this phase.
      • Instead of Dark Revelation, the big damage will come from Deathwish when it expires or is dispelled. Keep an eye on the affected players and don’t Detox them until they’re at a safe distance from the raid to reduce the severity of the impact.
      • Due to the stacks of Corrupted Blood you gain as you transition to the second phase, there will be a large demand for heavy AoE healing. Make sure that you enter the second phase with enough mana reserves.
      • Players who have to traverse the Ruptured Blood zones will need extra attention. If things become messy and a Pool of Darkness spawns within the blood, move heaven and earth so that the soaking player survives. Erupting Darkness is extremly dangerous!

    Uldir, Halls of Control

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