Mythic Vectis

Welcome to my Mythic Guide of Vectis in the Uldir raid. Here I’ll do a breakdown of both general strategies and how I heal this encounter. Click on the headlines to expand and subtract the texts! I hope you can find a few tips and tricks to help you in your Mythic endeavors!


The plague of corrupted blood killed countless trolls and began one of the most terrifying periods in Zandalar’s history. The constructs within Uldir studied the disease in search of a cure, but found that only isolation and extermination was effective. Unfortunately, as the facility’s safeguards cracked apart, the plague was accidentally combined with a sample of G’huun’s blood, creating a new entity that hungered for fresh victims.


Detailed List of Debuffs
Debuff: Omega Vector Lingering Infection Evolving Affliction Immunosuppression Bursting Lesions
Spell ID: 265129 or 267160 265127 265178 265206 274999
School: Shadow Nature Nature Nature Nature
Dispel Type: N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Mechanic: N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Mistweaver Loot

Mythic Strategies
  • Omega Vector (Present the entire fight)
  • Players will be afflicted by Omega Vector, a 10 sec debuff, that jumps to another player on expiration. These will be present the entire fight. HeroicMYTHIC: In mythic, you will be dealing with 4 vectors.
    • When the debuff expires, it leaves a permanent Lingering Infection, which weakens the target and causes it to take 5% increased nature damage. This is a stacking debuff that will be active the entire fight, not even death can get rid of it.
      • HeroicMYTHIC: Additional effects will be triggered at certain stack thresholds of Lingering Infection when Contagion is cast. At 7 stacks, the player will be afflicted with Bursting Lesions and must keep 5 yards away from other player. At 12 stacks, the player will spawn an Engorged Parasite that must be killed. At 25 stacks, the player will cause a Terminal Eruption when Contagion hits, likely wiping the raid.
    • The raid should coordinate the hosts to spread the debuff evenly. Those with high stacks of Lingering Infection should avoid standing near the hosts of Omega Vector while those with few stacks should stand close to become the new hosts.
  • Phase One (1min 30sec)
    • Tanks will be hit by Evolving Affliction, which stacks. Focus heal the tanks if they take 3 or more stacks.
    • Vectis will cast Contagion, causing a pulse of nature damage to hit all players. Players with more stacks of Lingering Infection will take higher damage.
    • If targeted by Gestate, you will get stunned. The debuff will pulse shadow damage to a random player, in addition to all players within 5yds.
      • When the debuff expires after 5 seconds, a Plague Amalgam spawns.
      • Plague Amalgam casts Immunosuppression, a healing absorb that affects the entire raid and can be quite fatal if the add gets too many casts through. Kill it quickly!
  • Phase Two (35 sec)
    • Vectis will Liquefy and cannot be targeted. He will then dart to a side of the room in blood pool-form. Avoid touching the pool as it applies a stack of Lingering Infection.
      • Vectis will cast waves of blood towards players with his Blood Geyser ability. Touching the blood applies a stack of Lingering Infection. Keep an eye out for his location and dodge the waves!
    • Zones of Plague Bomb will spawn across the room, which must be soaked by a player to avoid spawning a Plague Amalgam add.
    • When Vectis de-Liquefy, Phase One starts again.
Mistweaver Notes
  • Phase One
    • There are different ways to handle the Lingering Infection stacks. My raid split in 4 groups, and each group kept one of the four Omega Vector. That way, the group of five players can micro-manage how many stacks they have and try to split it as evenly as possible.
    • The Mythic version of this fight is not that different from its heroic version, other than having to micro-manage stacks that is. It’s roughly around 8 minutes long, depending on your gear level of course. Mana will become a problem if you don’t pace yourself.
    • You will need to keep up quite high AoE healing when Contagion and Immunosuppression hits (they often overlap). Each Contagion should have its own raid cooldown assigned to it, including Revival, but you’ll need to add your normal AoE rotation to each hit as well.
    • As the fight progresses, you’ll need to focus heal the players with the Omega Vector as the high stacks of Lingering Infection will cause them to take increasing damage. Use Mana Tea if the situation calls for heavy single-target healing.
    • I really recommend that you track the players with the Omega Vectors either through weakauras or other addons. They will need special attention, especially at the end of the fight.
  • Phase Two
    • The second phase is quite tricky healing-wise. The raid is spread out and while you need to focus heal the omega vector targets, you’ll also need to dodge the Blood Geysers while you soak the Plague Bomb patches.
    • You’ll likely need a raid cooldown after the transition as well, as you often get hit by Immunosuppression around that time.
    • Pop Life Cocoon on players who have both Omega Vectors and are soaking the Plague Bomb zones.
  • General
    • Be efficient with mana at the beginning of the fight and rely on raid cooldowns to do heavy lifting. As the fight progresses, contagion and omega vectors will do more and more damage and you’ll need to fill in with more and more healing to survive. 
    • A good place to channel Potion of Replenishment is a few seconds before Liquify. It’s usually not long after Contagion, so there’s a small window of opportunity where not much is happening.

Uldir, Halls of Control

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