Mythic Taloc

Welcome to my Mythic Guide of Taloc the Corrupted in the Uldir raid. Here I’ll do a breakdown of both general strategies and how I heal this encounter. Click on the headlines to expand and subtract the texts! I hope you can find a few tips and tricks to help you in your Mythic endeavors!

Taloc the Corrupted

The titan keepers enacted countless systems to detect and contain any breach from the facility. Their most powerful construct, Taloc, kept watch for any signs of corruption in the region and ruthlessly excised any that he found. But as thousands of years passed, its internal defenses began to decay, making it vulnerable to corruption.


Detailed List of Debuffs
Debuff: Plasma Discharge (P1) Plasma Discharge (P2) Blood Storm Fixate Hardened Arteries
Spell ID: 271224 278888 270290 275270 275189
School: Nature Nature Shadow Arcane Shadow
Dispel Type: N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Mechanic: N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Debuff: Enlarged Heart
Spell ID: 275205
School: Shadow
Dispel Type: N/A
Mechanic: N/A

Mistweaver Loot

Mythic Strategies
  • Phase One: 60-35% health
    • If affected by Plasma Discharge, run out of to a pre-designated location and drop off the Blood Storm pools (there will be several, each tick). 
    • Run away as far as possible from the impact point of Cudgel of Gore to avoid heavy damage (damage drops off with distance). Taloc will cast it at one of the tanks at 100 energy, and the impact point will clear off any nearby Blood Storm pools. 
      • Don’t stand between Taloc and his Cudgel when he runs and Retrieve Cudgel, as he knocks back everyone in his way.
    • Dodge the waves of Sanguine Static to avoid being knocked back.
    • HeroicMYTHICHardened Arteries and Enlarged Heart are two new debuffs that are applied at the same time. Hardened Arteries is applied to several non-tanks who must spread to avoid exploding on each other. Enlarged Heart is a tank debuff that deals a large amount of damage that must be split. Everyone who does not have Hardened Arteries must run to the tank and help soak the damage!
  • Elevator: 1min30sec
    • Stand clear of the edge of the elevator and don’t fall down.
    • Taloc is Powered Down during this phase and can’t be damaged.
    • Volatile Droplets fixate on random players and explode with a knock back when hitting any player due to Combustible Fuel.
    • Coalesced Blood should be tanked. They leave Blood Storm pools in their wake which forces the tank to slowly kite them around the platform to leave melee room for damaging them.
    • HeroicHEROIC: While the raid is stacked and move together around the platform, you should also keep an eye on the Uldir Defensive Beam (yellow lasers) that are placed in the elevator shaft, and make sure not to get hit as the elevator descends through them.
    • HeroicMYTHIC: The Uldir Defensive Beam has a few more beams!
    • When the elevator is close to the bottom arena, jump off it to avoid the stun when the elevator hits the floor.
  • Phase Two: 35-0% health
    • Phase two is exactly like the first phase, but in a bigger room. In addition, Volatile Droplets will also continue to spawn!
Mistweaver Notes
  • Phase One 60-35% Health
  • Elevator: 1min30sec
  • Phase Two 35%-0 Health
    • This phase is identical to the first phase except you have more room and Volatile Droplets will keep spawning. 
    • You will likely have to keep close-ish to the center of the room, so you can reach everybody. The raid can potentially be quite spread out, especially after Hardened Arteries.

Uldir, Halls of Control

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